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Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Back" to normal again

Goodness February went by fast! We were able to start that month off with going to Brit's for a baby blessing.Monty looked sooo pretty,and we enjoyed the luncheon at Suzan's afterword. Anngee and Shane put us up for a couple of nights while we were there. They fed us some awesome pulled pork,so good! When it was time to come home,I felt like my back was going out....it did! Stupid back, I was down for a week. Finally when i got it feeling better...we were able to change the furniture around in our guest bedroom. We got a dresser and nightstand from dad and dockie,so we needed to reconfigure that room so everything would fit. It turned out pretty good!

Then a few days later i decided my house needed a deep cleaning...the house looked great, but it put my back out again. We had decided we wanted to go to Alamo to visit Dad and Dockie,and Annie and Gary. We wanted to see how dad and dockie's kitchen turned out. It looks Awesome, their whole space turned out really nice.We enjoyed visiting all our visit,it's always fun to hang out with Annie. She's so nice...she gave me a sewing machine. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to sew! Anyway the whole visit my back was out,and it stayed that way till this morning,it finally feels like its "back" to normal!! So for the month of Feb. my back was out for 3 weeks.It's the pits when that happens!!!
We are excited to have dad and dockie visiting us this time, they came Tuesday and will be here till after church on Sunday. We went to chuck-a-rama one night, and we played cards Jeff and Dockie won...but it was fun!! We (me and Jeff) have to go to work for tonight and tomorrow night and the next night..but it's for only 2-2 1/2 hours,then we'll be back to harass them.They are going to church with us on Sunday so they can say good bye to the ward,cause they didn't get a chance to before they moved to Alamo! Then after church some friend's in the ward invited us to their house for dinner. Then they are headed back home. We still are having a hard time with the fact that they moved,but we do enjoy the visit's we get to have with them.
So that's it for us this month...Keep smiling!


Rochelle Brunson said...

You're nuts for moving furniture all the time. That's what causes all your back problems. CHill out and relax once in a while and you'll be fine.