Our Marriage!!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

We've added a new member to our family

As you can see on our blog, we have a picture of our latest addition. He's a cute pom named Corky. He will be 9 yrs old in Sept. He was so unsure of us the first week, I think he was nervous, we just kept telling him it was okay, we loved him , took him for walks, fed him. Then a few days ago, he started wagging his tail when we would come home from the store or whatever, he lets me hold him and rub his chest, he loves his walks now, and he loves to eat, But, he won't use the doggie door,we've tried so many times to get him to go in and out it, but he doesn't like it at all.So I get up every morning at 5:30 to take him out, then we go for our walk at 7:00, while its still cool. I love him so much, his little face looks like George, and he is likeing us more every day.It took our kitty about a week to stop hissing at him, but now the kitty and Corky get along great, Dolly likes him too, so it's all good, and we love all our animals.
I was so happy to get to go to Annie's for the baptism of Emma. Dad and Dockie took me with them, cause Jeff went to the cabin with the Bishop, to see what he needs to plumb his cabin for him.Any way it was great to get to meet Annie,and Gary's new daughters. They are really a couple of sweet young girls.We got to spend the day there, and we had a really good lunch, we had fun talking to every one,and then Dad took us home a different way than we went to get there, it was the scenic route, and was a nice ride home.
We still love to do our indexing.But as of tomorrow I will be blessed with another calling, I'll fill you in on that after I get sustained.We have set a goal to have 10,000 names done by the end of this month, that will be the number we've done since we got our calling, that's 10,000 for each of us. It's fun to set goals ,and see if you can reach them.We do 4 batches a day, so hopefully we'll get there.
We have been enjoying eating our green seedless grapes off our vine out back, they are sweet and sooo good when we put them in the fridge and eat them when they're cold.
Gary will have his surgery next week on Tuesday, Nadine is coming from Elsinore, and me and her will go to the hospital to be there with Annie, while Gary is in surgery. Please Keep Gary and Annie in your prayers, that's one of the very best support systems there is for us to use. Nadine will be spending the night here on Tuesday, I love getting to see my sister's, the situation for seeing each other isn't the best, but we will get to be together none the less.
Dad and Dockie have been in California all this week, it's been strange not getting to go and bug dad any time I want, we miss them, but we know they are having fun visiting uncle Arnold and aunt Shirley.
Rochelle and Scott's little family is doing really well. Ivy is doing good and can sit up now and she is getting bigger and cuter every day.We are so happy that thier family is having a fun summer and getting to do fun things and go on vacations.
We know Shane and his family are doing okay, Jeff went to S.L.C. last weekend and spent the night there, he said he got to visit with Kimi and Jessie, and Max and Mark, so we know they are doing okay, he tried to see Britt and Raymond, but nobody was home, and he had lunch with Pat,so we know he is doing good. We just go to facebook, to see how Ted is doing, we don't get to talk to him to much, but we can see what he has to say on facebook, so we think he's doing alright. We love all the kids and grandkids, we wish we could see them more often, but life happens, and sometimes we don't get to do the things we really want to.
We hope everyone has had a great summer, take care till next time!