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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Floyd Stuff.

This has been a good week. We started last Monday by getting up, and doing the not so fun things like mowing the lawn, changeing the sheets on our bed, wash etc. Then we started hearing from different people in the ward wanting help with indexing. ( good thing we got our chores done early,so the house and yard looked good)I was mowing next door when we got a surprise visitor... Becky (our niece) came by to visit. We went to the water park and her Nayeli had alot of fun. I got to watch little Zac which was fun for me!!We walked back home and visited for a while. It's so nice to have someone come to visit us.
I was watching the animals again for the neighbors next door, thier dogs are so excited to see me coming now, they know me much better now. They came home on tues night. They had a great time. Then wed. she brought me the prettiest flower bowl to put on my table outside. She said it was for us watching thier animals, I told her I was always glad to help and didn't need to have her making sweet gifts for me. ( they provide our internet, at no cost to us) I get to start watching thier son Savy again next week. He's so cute. Last week he escaped and came to visit us with out his parents knowledge of it. When I took him home his dad had just started hunting for him, he was glad I brought him back, he didn't know that Savy could open the door and escape. He said it scared him to know that Savy would just leave. We live on Main street and there is no front fence, but Savy just decided he wanted to visit us, he knocked on the door,Jeff answered, looked all around,and then knew that Savy was alone. Savy came in the house and out our doggie door to go and swing in the back yard. Needless to say since then, they bolt all thier doors now.
Today is Fathers day, and we got up and went to church, learned some new information about indeing, we love this new calling ,so much fun!! We came home and I fixed Jeff dinner, I asked him what he wanted to do for the rest of the day...of course he wanted to read, so that's what he's done all day, except for 1 hour, when we did a batch of indexing. I hope all the dad's out there have a great Father's day!!
We did get to see Leana and Calvin for a while this week, they were out and about cause it was the week of thier anniversary,so they were just doing some traveling, they went to see Becky, and dad, then there's that perk of us living next door to dad, so we got to visit with them also.
And on another note Congrats to Jason and Leslie they are being sealed on July 11 in the Salt Lake Temple. We are happy for them. We are looking forward to being in Salt Lake on the 11 also , but we will be there for our Raydens baptism. We can hardly wait.
We hope everyone stays healthy, watch out for that swine flu, and we hope you have a super week.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Roller Coaster

I've been having an interesting, sometimes sad,and sometimes glad roller coaster ride of life the past 10 days or so.I've learned to keep my opinions to myself, cause nobody really is interested or cares what my opinion is... if it's not the same as thiers, and of course my way of thinking is wrong in thier eye's. It caused me sleepless nights,and I couldn't do any thing but cry for about a day and a half.But i got through it. My sweetie asked me if I was doubting how I felt and believed, I told him absolutely not, I felt hurt and sad, but that my convictions and beliefs were right for me and that's just the way it has to be.
Now for the glad... Terry and Lorilee came to St.George on Friday, they came to see Dad and Dockie,but we are next door, so we get to see them also. They bought a new car and was bringing it to show Dad. It's a pretty red ford focus,really nice. On Sat afternoon Terry and Lorilee treated Dad ,Dockie, me and Jeff to dinner at Chucka Rama, me and Jeff have not been out to eat since last October, it was so nice, and we had fun talking about Farmtown and family and his work and stuff. I so much enjoyed haveing fun and getting to talk to them. Then Later that night we got to play a card game called hand and foot at Dad and Dockie's.What a good time that was. It took a long time to play it, and we kept Dad up past his bedtime. I love it when family comes to visit Dad and Dockie, the perks of living next door, we get to see them too.
We are still doing indexing, I've done 1,463 names and Jeff has done 1,354 names, we enjoy it now, and we can actually teach others how to do it now. Dockie and Dad have done thousands and thousands of names, but we've only been doing this a short amount of time, we'll get there eventually.
The weater here has been fabulous, it's not been too hot, the high's have been in the upper 80's, it's been a cooler than normal June for St.George,and it's been perfect. We think it will end by Wed. of next week. but it's all good, we've loved it.
I guess I've rambeled on for long enough, keep blogging I love reading them. Till next time,have fun. Bye for now

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strolling along......

It looks as though my back is finally getting back to normal,after weeks of it being out and hurting like crazy. So me and Jeff have resumed our walks. We take Dolly with us, and I decided Tippy might like to go too. So, I took our umbrella stroller and sewed a wire mesh to the stroller, we put the kitty inside and away we go. The kitten lays there for a good portion of the walk. We get alot of comments on the fact that we take our kitten for a walk with us. We also have a kiity leash, he wears it when we sit out front. He is somewhat spoiled, we've nic named him"holy terror" and "energiser bunny" he's always playing,and he bites pretty hard. But he's cute and I love him.
We've been doing pretty good on our indexing, we both do a batch or
some days 2 batches of names. We are getting better at it the more we do.Some people have the strangest handwritting and it's a little difficult to figure out thier spelling, but, it's all good.
We got new neighbors next door where the Telfords used to be. They are very nice, they have 2 little boys and 2 big black dogs, and a kitty.We are glad that house isn't empty any more. On the other side of us, our neighbors Tim and Abby went away for 4 days, and we get to take care of thier 2 dogs and a cat. They have one big black dog named boo,he like's us cause he knows us,but he's not to fond of people he don't know,so they figure he will guard the house for them. Thier other little dog is zowie, he's old and he's small and he's lost his hearing, but he's a cute little guy. The cat is black with white paws ,so pretty but scared of people. So we will have fun playing with them and making sure they are fed.
I only have 2 tomato plants , but they have alot of tomato's on them and the green pepper plantshave lots of blossems, so hopefully they will do well also. Our yard is looking so good this year, last year, we kind of let it go,cause we weren.t here much, so this year it will get better care.
We would love to go camping, but we aren't sure if we'll get to this year, I do love camping and have missed getting to go big time. I love summer, but with things the way they are, it looks like we'll be home for the most part.
I hope every one is doing well,have a super fun summer, till next time, good-bye