Our Marriage!!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Some great days,and some sad days!

September was a month full of things for us to do. The first week we worked for dad and Dockie,cleaning the w.f.s. building. Then we had Kimi and Jesse and Logen visit for a few days. Then we had Rochelle, Scott and family visit for one night. Then some freinds in our ward asked us if we would like to help them , while they were gone for a week, and clean the buildings they do, so we had a couple of training nights... then we cleaned for them. It gave us some extra cash so we could order parts to turn our wood burning fireplace into a gas one. I have never ordered anything from online,so we gave it a shot...half the order came, the other half they said would come in November! I don't think i'll ever order anything else off the internet again, what a pain!!!
Kimi, Jesse, and family are back in St.George, they are renting a home behind the mall. We are so excited that they are back in St.George. They wanted to be close to his parents to help them because of their health issues, whatever the reason ,I'm just glad they are back.
On Monday Sept.27 we got news thatJeff's brother Bob was on hospise, he had any where between 2 weeks and 2 month's to live....he passed on the 29th. We went to Salt Lake for his funeral on Tuesday. We figured we couldn't stay with any of our children, they were all busy ,or moving or didn't have room for us, so, we invaded my sister Nadine in Elsinore on Monday night, cause it was half way to Salt Lake. She was so sweet to put us up on the way up there and on the way down. Thank you Nadine. The funeral went really nice, we got to see alot of Jeff's realitives,and we got to see my sweet freind Joyce. I feel like Bob went at a good time...before he got worse,and as hard as it is to have him gone, it was probably the best way for him to go. We love him and will miss him.
While we were in Salt Lake Kimi found me a cute little black pom, his name is Harley, he's one year old and super cute. He learned how to use the doggie door quick, and he is doing better with the cat's now. He was so funny when I put a leash on him...he laid down like a cat, he didn't like the leash and he wasn't going to walk with one on. I worked with him last night and little by little he was walking. This morning I had him on the leash and I thought I would see if I could get him to walk around the yard, I didn't have shoes on cause I wasn't going anywhere but, he did soooo good ,that I ended up walking him around the whole block. He's so smart, i'm happy to have an energetic ball of fluff. I love him already...thank you my Kimi!
I also need to thank dod and Dockie for cleaning w.f.s. building for us on Monday night...they traded us so we cleaned it on Wednesday night. Plus dad came over and fed our spoiled little dolly, dolly gives dad a hard time...but he's good to put up with her. Thanks dad!
That's it for me for now. Keep Smiling,and have a great October!!