Our Marriage!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not much is going on.

Hi, This is May...can you believe it.This year is flying by! This has been a month where not much has happened. We are still doing indexing,and I have done a little with New Family Search, I think it's kind of confusing,but interesting. I think I like indexing a whole lot more!!!
Our yard has had alot of flowers blooming,it smells so pretty outside,we've had sunny wonderful weather for a day or two,then it changes to windy and cold again...It's been a roller coaster ride,but at least we haven't had to put up with the snow that many of you have had to do. This week should be nice in the 80's, I'm looking forward to it.
Kimi and Jesse and family are doing good...the girls did a hula dance, they did a super job.Kimi has been making baby blankets for the ward,she does well. She is also my visiting teaching companion. I have been so blessed Kimi keeps me company and helps me with my computer, and my cell phone,she's so gadget oriented she can figure out anything. I don't know what we are going to do when she leaves, we hope that thier home in West Jordan will sell so that they can move to St.George permantly.
The cat's are doing good Cloe (the one who got hit by a car) is doing better,she walks with a limp now,but she is making great progress. The rest of the cats are enjoying thier freedom,and they are getting big and fun to watch.
Jeff fell backwards and something snapped at the back of his knee, he has been on crutches for a couple of days, he say's it's starting to feel better...It gives him a good excuse to read and read and read,he's read 4 books this week. He also has been visiting and helping one of our families that we home teach(before he fell) and helping him with anything he might need. He's very great to help people in the ward, he's a good man,and I'm so glad he's mine!!
We are trying to go to Elkhorn in July...We haven't been camping for a long time,I can hardly wait,I love camping. We will take our tent, because our truck isn't working good enough to pull our trailer, it will still be fun, we've only been camping with our trailer once, we've used tents all our married life,so it won't be anything new!
Shane was made an Elder the first part of April,and Jeff was able to ordain him,it was a nice day, he had a brother in law and some people from our old ward in Midvale,and some people from the ward he's in now. Shane is blessed that he has such a special wife and kids that are so supportive. We thank Britt and Raymond and thier family who came and Wayne and Jean Perkins,and Randy Oliver,it was great that they could come.
I guess that's all that's going on for now,we hope that all of you are doing good. Keep Smiling!