Our Marriage!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We've had a busy month...we've been to Alamo and back several times with dad and Dockie. The basement at Annette's home, looks more like an apartment now. Dad,Jeff, Gary and Aaron have worked hard on getting them a kitchen, and it's coming together really nicely! Their home in St.George is for the most part empty...they have one small amount of stuff left. It seems strange to look over there and not see either one of their vehicles....I miss them soooo much. Me and Jeff helped dad and Dockie clear out the rest of their house, they stayed with us from Sunday till Friday, we were over there every day doing more packing,putting stuff in their shed(it's filled all the way up) many loads to the D.I. and a couple of loads to the dump. They have a lot of stuff between them and stuff from earlier in their lives and collections galore. Now they just have to figure out what to do with all the "stuff" they took to Annette and Gary's home. I think it will take a while.
We get to travel to West Jordan for the blessing of little Monty (Britteny and Raymond's little girl) We will leave after work on Saturday night ,we will take Kimi with us and demon kitty,and off we'll go.We will be coming home on Monday. We will stop off at my siblings homes to drop off some stuff for them.
Tomorrow Dad and Dockie are coming to St.George and we are all going out to dinner for Dockie and Jeff's birthday, we are looking forward to it.They will pick up the last of their stuff and maybe a kitchen sink for their kitchen in Alamo.
It has rained the last couple of days and we had some good gusts of wind with it. Kimi got snow where she lives, but we didn't get any snow on our side of St.George. That's it for me this time except to say We are going to be blessed with another grandchild, our Chelle and Scott are expecting a new baby on Sept 6. Sort of an unexpected blessing but we are really happy,they just had a baby last May. Number 19 is on the way!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bring on 2012

Lets see, I'm hoping 2012 is better than 2011...I don't want to say "it can't get any worse" because it always does get worse. September and October last year were the worst month's of my life, except for maybe November of 1997 when mother died. We wanted to just crawl in a hole and stay there. But, we got through it, we had help from awesome children,and a couple of very special friends,as well as Heavenly Father, who we needed big time. All I can say is I NEVER want to go through any thing like this again for as long as I live!!!

The BEST part of our year was enjoying the arrival of 2 new beautiful granddaughters. Being able to hold them soon after their birth meant the world to us! We don't get to see them near enough, but we are blessed with 18 of the most wonderful grandchildren ever.
Thanksgiving was fun,Maxine and Mark and family came down,and we so much enjoyed having them come and visit for a few days. Mark is so good to help us out with installing our new t.v. and fixing our computer problems. We wished they could come more often! Harley really loved having them here,they played with him nonstop while they were here, he was sad when they left. We love just getting to hang out with them and sit and talk and get caught up with what's going on in their lives.
As most of you know dad and Dockie are moving, we have gone to Alamo with them a couple of times to help them get things ready for the big move. It makes me so sad, another thing that has caused me to cry and feel picked on...an d it isn't even me that's being picked on. I guess I just need to get use to the idea that they are leaving and live with it! It doesn't mean I have to like it though. Annette and Gary are awesome to let them move in their basement, I guess we'll be traveling to Alamo a lot more now. It's about the same distance as going from here to Elsinore,so when I need a family fix i guess those are the 2 closest family members I can get to,Nadine's or Annette's.
We get to start a new job this week...we are cleaning the St.George Library on Thurs,Fri, and Sat. nights. It will help us to have some extra cash to be able to do a little bit of something I guess. So the New year is starting...we were happy to get to start it off with dad and Dockie, they came over and we had dinner and played cards it was fun,dad and Jeff beat me and Dockie big time ,but it was still fun!
So here's to wishing everyone a super great year!!!!