Our Marriage!!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

September is coming!

So we have been doing okay lately ...we don't go many places,but home is a good place to be. We are finding that indexing is way harder than it use to be and not near as much fun...we are at a loss as to what to do about it.
We have several people that we dearly love going through some rough times right now, the sweet people we take to church every week, he fell and had to get stitches in his leg, later that night he complained he didn't feel well, he fainted,and because he's a rather large man, they ened up calling 911. Now he has been in the hospital for several days, then he will go to a rehab center, till he can walk and hold his own weight . Another sweet lady in our ward, one whose been having problems lifting her arms...I've been going over to her house every week now for about 6 months to roll her hair. Any way she fell also, she waited a few days to be checked at the Dr's , she banged up her leg real good it's red and swollen an the cut looks bad, when her son finally got her to go in...it turns out she has a concusion. She can't eat and can't sleep and bless her heart I feel so bad for her. She's lived in St.George for forever,she knew mother,and she's the lady that drove grandma Leany to Phoenix when Leana was born. I hate seeing all the problems these sweet people have as they age. Make's me a little nervous, we are starting to get up there in age too.
It's been a little warm here lately, but all in all it's been a mild summer. I can hardley wait for fall to arive, when it cools a little we can turn off the a.c. and open windows and air out our house and not have to pay for the high cost that it is to run the a.c. My garden this year kind of got destroyed by big honkin grasshoppers, they ate most of the tomatos and peppers, but we did get carrots.
My sweetie is still doing well at his job, strange hours, but we are adjusting. The animals are all still doing the same, Harley is such a live wire sooo much energy, Dolly is still VERY spoiled, and our 2 cats are still doing fine, they still go the rounds with Kimi's demon kitty, Kimi's other kitty is such a good cat, it's a lap cat and he's big and lovable.
Dad and Docky are having alittle bit of a rough go of late..we love them and are concerned about them , and we hope they can get some answers to some of thier issues soon, they need to have less stress in thier lives.
We are counting our blessings, we are alive and well for the most part. We are getting excited for our next grandchild to arrive in November...we can hardley wait to see what they name her,Britt and Raymond really come up with some interesting names. We hope to be able to invest in a new t.v. by the end of October. We hope that everyone is doing good..Keep Smiling!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Does any one else just get tired? I'm tired cause sleep is hard to come by for me, I never get to sleep more than an hour at a time. I'm tired of never getting to go anywhere, we are kind of stuck in a rut....we haven't been able to go camping,I miss that soooo much. Tired of never having the funds to do much of anything.Tired of wondering if we will ever get more names that our stake can do for indexing, or if we'll make the goals that have been set. Tired of hoping and wishing for all of our children to have jobs and a way to provide for thier families. Tired of wanting to be more fit...trying to figure out when I can get a grip on me to do what I need to do ,to be more healthy.Tired of trying to figure out what animals to let in the house at what time,because they don't all tolerate each other. Tired of being alone every morning until 1:30 in the afternoon,with no one to talk to ,and trying to make sure my dogs don't bark and wake up my sweetie, cause he's worked through all the early morning hours. Tired of crying cause I feel like I'm a lost cause. I miss being happy, and having friends I can talk to.
Now with all that said...I want you to know we are blessed ,we have a home, transportation, a great ward and my parents right next door. I love St.George, even though some of my children describe this town as hot as hell. I still think it's an awesome place to live, and I especially love it from Sept to June ,cause the weather is PERFECT! Being next door to Dad and Dockie makes it so we get to see my brother and sisters alot, cause they when they come to see Dad, they stop off and see us too, I love it!
I guess I'm just feeling a little down and needed to vent...I guess now I can go back to my indexing and see if there are any projects I can do!