Our Marriage!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Enjoyin Life

Our life is going along pretty good.We've been walking in the morning,and trying to eat bettet, we cut out the bread for the most part,(I love bread)and we are eating less of the sweets,and trying to cut down on our food portions. We want to see if we can loose some weight this way,we'll see how we do,we'll weigh ourselves on Wed night and see if we lost any thing.
We went with dad and Dockie on an I.C.L. trip yesterday, we went on the old spanish trail. We got to see many interesting places, we went to an old town site , it wasn't there any more, but it used to be a town called Hamblin, it was settled by Jacob Hamblin, we went to the town cemetary, and found some headstones of people that Dockie is related to. The weather was interesting, we had blue skies, then rain then hail then snow.All in all it was a fun day, I love going on back roads that require 4 wheel drive, we find the most awesome places, it was a good time.
I guess I get to see how well I can talk with these new teeth, I get to teach the young women for a couple of weeks while thier teachers are out of town. I think I sound strange ,but people say I'm doing good,It's really weird to think that you have to try and figure out how to talk again, but your tongue gets confused at where it's suppose to go ,when it's got all these teeth to manuver around.
Jeff called and talked to the people we have our mortgage with and explained that we were now living on social security, and we weren't making enough money to make our mortgage payments, they actually restructured our payments to about half of what they were. We were so grateful that they would listen and help us out. What a relief, so we get to keep our trailer, I am super happy about that.
I've been on facebook for a while now, and they have this place called Farmtown, that is so much fun and addicting to play. Who would have ever thought I could get so caught up in that site. I also have a pet in Pet Society that is alot of fun also. I do the quizes, they are entertaining.So now I actually like going on the computer. Mother would be so proud, she was so good at computers, and I could never do any thing on them. I am a very slow typer,and typing these blogs takes me forever but I do love reading them.That's all for this week , keep smiling!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We had a decision to make and it was decided that we had to take Scooter back to the animal shelter.Scooter is a fun and playful and loveable dog. The problem was...he wanted to play with Dolly constantly, and he's bigger and a bit to hard on Dolly when he plays with her. Soon Dolly was hiding or on our laps,she wouldn't go outside, she wae afraid to move for fear that Scooter would go after her to play. He was bitting her little hind legs, and she couldn't jump on our laps anymore. But on the other hand Scooter loved Sam and Sam loved Scooter, and they would play with each other outside and inside. Scooter loved me and was either on my lap or on my feet, he was for me,so I would have a dog to walk, cause Jeff always walks Dolly. Any way we decided Dolly needed to feel safe,so we took Scooter back. We explained why, and told her all of his good points and she said she thought that he would be adopted again quickly. An hour and a half lter we got a call from the animal shelter and they said Scooter had already been adopted. So now we are hoping to be able to find a small dog that will be good for Dolly as well as me. What I need is another George, I think it will be close to impossible to find another dog like him,he was the best dog ever.
On another note,we are enjoying being outside, we mowed and watered the lawn, and I pulled dandilions and our flowers are out in full bloom, they look so pretty.I love this time of year!
My friend Amy Hofer is coming to St.George to visit this next week, and she is coming to visit me on Wed. morning. I used to watch her children when she lived here. It will be fun to visit with her and the kids, Sam can meet Corbin, they are about a year apart in age, but Sam is such a good little boy ,he plays with others really good,and Corbin does too,so they can keep each other entertained while I visit with Amy.
That's about all that's happening with us, not to exciting around here. But if you find a cute little dog that needs a home ,keep me in mind, okay.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life is Good!!

Well we left Friday afternoon to go to Shane and Anngee's house. We got there at about 4:30p.m., we visited with them and had a yummy pork chop dinner, we visited some more, retired for the night. We got up at 6:30a.m.,got ready, and left at 7:00a.m. for Boise. We waved as we went through Burley area, cause we know that's where Nate and Nat live. We got to Boise around 12:15p.m. We followed the instructions that we got off google earth, we found it pretty easily, we only had to back track a couple of times. Chelle and Scott have a really nice home, it was our first time there,it was great to see all of them. Baby Ivy looks soooo good,her brothers are so good with her. We walked to the park and watched the kids play. We got up early to go to church for Ivy's blessing( their Sac.mtg. starts at 8:30a.m) Chelle made a breakfast afterwards, every thing went real nice. It was fun. We left at 11:00a.m. to go back to Shanes, We got there at 4:30p.m. Shane was sick and so was home alone, cause Anngee and kids went to the Easter Party that Britt was having for the kids. We stayed with Shane, we ate with him and watched t.v. and Dolly was so happy to see us (Shane and Anngee took care of her while we were at Chelle's) We got up early the next morning and headed back for St. George, we got here at about 11:30a.m. Scooter was happy to see us,dad had been watching scooter for us, I guess he's an escape artist,dad had to put him back in the yard,and figure out how he got out ,and then fix it for us. Thanks dad! All in all it was a great trip, we logged close to 1400 miles.
I got my teeth just befor we left Friday, I had no time to get use to them, they didn't fit quite right and hurt like crazy. They left sores in my mouth,and I thought, man I wanted these teeth so bad, and they hurt so bad I can't wear them. When we got home I asked Jeff to work on them. He got out his wood working kit that he got a couple of years ago, for making small wood ornaments and such. Anyway he was able to fix them so they didn't hurt any more after about 20 times of me putting them in telling him where they hurt,and him fixing them, he's sooo good with me. So today I am actually wearing them. So now I have to learn how to eat with them, and learn how to talk right. But my teeth look normal again.
So thanks to everyone that made our weekend so much fun. We hope everyone had a super Easter.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun weekend ahead

Tomorrow at 9:00a.m. I have an appointment to get my Teeth!!!!!I can hardly wait. After that we are packing our car, and Dolly and we are headed up to S.L.C. Shane and Anngee are letting us stay with them tomorrow night. They are taking care of Dolly for us till Sunday night.Our dog Scooter just wants to play constantly with Dolly, and he gets a little bit to rough for her, we are afraid if we leave them alone he will never stop and we can't do that to Dolly.Dad will watch out for Scooter for us, we are leaving him outside, we'll see how that goes.Saturday morning we are headed to Boise for the baby blessing of Ivy. We have never been to Chelle and Scott's home,so this will be a fun time. Then Sunday we are headed back to S.L.C. to spend the night with Shane and Anngee, We look forward to getting to visit them also. Then Monday we will come back to St.George.It's kind of alot of driving, but it will be fun.We haven't been able to do much, and this is a trip we are looking so much forward to.
I didn't ever let you know how the Going away party went. For as unsure as we were of how things would go, it went good. Jeff got to see alot of his family that he hadn't seen in a while, although the circumstances weren't for a fun reason, he did enjoy visiting with them.
I will post when we get back, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

8 Things

8 Favorite Television Shows

1. Danceing with the Stars
2. The Biggest Looser
3. C.S.I.
4. C.S.I. Miami
5. Private Practice
6. E.R.
7. America's Favorite Video's
8. Castle

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. A batch of laundry
2. Watched Sam for a couple of hours
3. Did one batch of Index names
4. Made dinner
5. Cleaned the house
6. Computer
7. Played with the dogs
8. Watched T.V.

8 Things I am Looking Forward To.

1. Going camping.
2. Selling our trailer.
3. TEETH!!!
4. Jeff to finish reading this book,so he'll talk to me.
5. L.D.S. Conferance.
6. Our daily walks.
7. 10:30 P.M. every night
8. Finishing my afghan I started a while back.

8 Favorite Resturants

1. Olive Garden
2. Appleby
3. Outback
4. Poncho and Lefty's
5. Sylvestres
6. Denny's
7. Village Inn
8. Texas Roadhouse

8 Things on my Wish List.

1. To be completely out of Debt!!!!
2. To go on a church history tour.
3. Thin
4. I would like to be more attractive.
5. To go to Hawaii
6. To know that all my children are Happy, and debt free.
7. To understand,and be good at computers.
8. To be able to go where I want, when I want.

8 people to tag
1. Annette
2. Andrea Jorgensen
3. Evey one else has already been tagged.