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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our life isn't boring anymore!!

Hi, this has been a busy month, we had our luau, our ward reached it's goal for indexing, we sadly lost 4 wonderful people in our ward also this month, Thanks giving, Kimi,Jessie and thier family moved in ,and my cute kitty passed away.
The Luau was a hit,everything went off well,it was a fun time,I'm glad it's over!!
Our Ward reached it's goal of indexing 250,000 names, now the names we do are icing on the cake,so far we are at 267,000 names,so it's all good.
Sadly, we have had 2 men and 2 women in our ward pass away this last month. That's alot of funerals,and alot of sadness because they were such wonderful people and will be greatly missed. We hope we are through with this for a while.
My Kitty cat Tippy passed away, we think he must have found something that he shouldn't have found and ate it,and it poisoned him, whatever it was it took him within 24hours, we came home from church 2 weeks ago,and I went in to check on him, and he had passed,I cried and cried...he was such a good cat, it was the first cat that was just mine, and I miss him big time.
Kimi, Jesse and their 4 children moved in last Wednesday, it's so much fun having them right here,and it's fun having some grandchildren really close by. They brought 3 cats and 3 kittens with them, soooo cute. I love having Kimi around to talk to, and to laugh with. Her sweet Jesse made me a leanto manger , it's so cool, I love it, we had alot of help getting Christmas decoration's up, and I'm loving it. The only thing I have to get use to is staying up later than we usally do, but it's all good. The kids have all seemed to adjust to the changes pretty well, they will go and register at school tomorrow, we'll see if they like thier new school, they were going to year round school, so I think this will be better for them.
Thanksgiving was great, we enjoyed having Kimi's family here with us. It was a good time, the holidays are just the best time of year,I love it. As far as Christmas goes everything is home made and done and sent, so I just have dad and Dockie left to figure out.
We hope everyone is doing well,and that you have a super Christmas, till next time Keep Smiling.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful for Family

Hi everyone
Our life is still going the same as always, we did our indexing Jeff did4650 names and I did 4500 names. Our ward should reach our goal by about the 15th of this month. I have been practicing my hula dance for our Luou on Friday the 13th. I'll be so happy when Sat the 14th is here,cause that activity will be over with,and I won't have to worry about it any more.
I don't recall if I have mentioned this before ,but, Dolly (our little black dog)barks at the t.v. she watches all the programs we watch, she especially barks during AFV because it has alot of animals on that program, she barks at commercials, and at cartoons, pbs has alot of childrens programs and she really barks at alot. It can get really annoying and funny at the same time.

Our Corky has lost some weight and drinks soooo much water,he loves the freedom of going in or out whenever he wants to. Our Cat thinks he's a dog, he pants and play's with the doggie toys, he constantly wants to play and bites hard, but he's still cute.
Last thursday was the anniversary of mother's death, and me and Jeff went to Joseph to put flowers on her grave, We went and stayed with Nadine and Coy. Jeff and Coy went and played 18 holes of golf, Jeff loved it ,he hadn't been golfing in a long time. Then we had a barbque ,and Terry and Lorilee came, it was fun tosee them, we exchanged some gifts. Me and Nadine gave Terry thier Christmas gifts,and Terry gave us Dad's b-day gift for Nov 26, then me and Jeff brought Christmas gifts back for those of us down here in the southern part of the state. We played a game called apples to apples with Nadine,Coy, Kenneth and Ashley, it was alot of fun, we watched movies, then went to bed, and got up Friday morning and headed back home. It was so good to get away, even for a short time.
Well sometime in the week before Thanksgiving our household will go through a little bit of change. Kimi and Jesse and children are coming to live with us for a while, I'm not sure how long,but we are looking forward to them coming. They are trying to sell thier home inWest Jordan, Jesse is not having luck in finding a job there, so I guess he'll see what happens here. So our life will get a little more exciting.
We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you have a super fun month. Till next time ....Keep Smiling!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another month is gone, October already, Wow!!

We've had a pretty good month. We have been busy with our ward callings, me and Jeff each did our indexing and did 4500 names each. I gave my lesson in Relief Society, I think I did okay,it scares me soooo bad. I'm not a good public speaker, I get super nervous, but I won't have to do it again for at least 3 to 4 months . Our R.S. is having a holiday party ,and for that I have to learn how to hula, I'm trying to learn, i'm danceing in 2 numbers, one with alot of ladies from the ward, I'm in the back so maybe i can hide, the other number is with the R.S. presidency, I don't think I can hide for that one. But i have like 6 weeks to learn them so maybe with alot of practice I can do it.
I got the flu at the beginning of last month, and I am just now getting over with it, I still have a bad cough, but at least i'm doing better, it's the pitts,try to not get it. Jeff had it for like one week, he got over it easier than I did.
We've been to kolob a quite a bit this month, Jeff and my dad are working on the Bishop's cabin, they've been plumbing for him. Me and Dockie got to go with them a couple of times, the leaves are changing and it's a nice ride. We saw wild turkeys the other day, and dad and Jeff say they've seen deer close by the cabin. It will be nice when it's done!
Dockie is still in her wheel chair alot, her knee is really giving her fits,I hope they figure out how to help her soon, she's getting tired of not being able to do the things she likes to do.
Becky and Mike invited us and dad and Dockie to thier home for dinner a couple of weeks ago, Becky fixed us a very good meal, and after that we played hand and foot(a card game), we had so much fun. They live in a really nice condo in washington by the wal-mart there, they aren't to far away and it's fun to get together with them.
Our animals are all doing good, they keep us entertained with all the crazy things they do, we try and take them for walks and they hate it when we're gone for more than a couple of hours, when we get home they go nuts when they see us come home and they act like they haven't seen us in a week. It's nice to be missed .
The weather has cooled off alot, and we were finally able to turn our a c off, we opened windows and let the house air out, and we enjoy sitting outside in the nicer days.
I really wish we could see our children and grandchildren more, we miss them so much. This economy is hard on all of us and it's hard to get the extra cash to get to travel to visit. It's been a tough time for us in that way, but hopefully things will get better.
We hope all is going good for all of you, keep smiling till next time, bye for now!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We reached our Goal!

I decided it was time to do an update on whats been going on with us.We made our goal for indexing, it was really kind od difficult to do, because we had some unexspected things happen this last month.My new calling is my old calling,I'm back to being the enrichment counselor. It's a calling that takes a little bit
more time, visiting sisters in the ward, planning activities, getting the mini classes going again,and alot of meetings,plus they said I also need to keep my calling of indexing with my honey, which is great because I love that calling.
Then there was the time I got to spend with my sister's, being together was fun, the situation that brought us together was not fun. Gary got through his surgery, and is recouping at home. Then the sickness and hospitalization of aunt Mary Jane.I'm glad we got to see her and talk to her. We had a reunion with all of her family, i haven't seen them in like 20years. We did alot of catching up with what's going on with our families.Then the passing of our aunt, it was a rough time for her family, and we will all miss her so much. Her funeral was a reunion of seeing even more cousins, and realetive's.
We get to go back to our cleaning at workforce services, which is helpful, we need it. On another note, our dog Corky is doing much better, he goes in and out the doggie door. We have noticed he snore's big time, really loud. we laugh at him, he does lots of fun things, he makes us happy.
Also , we got to have Rae for a couple of nights, she's easy to keep entertained, we put together a puzzle that Dockie gave her. She loves to play our old nintendo 64, plus when Xavy comes, she helps keep him entertained. She also leaves sweet little notes for us all over, it's fun to read them.

So that's what has been going on with us, the weather is cooling down, our life is going good, we hope your summer was fun, it's time to start getting ready for fall. Take care till next time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We've added a new member to our family

As you can see on our blog, we have a picture of our latest addition. He's a cute pom named Corky. He will be 9 yrs old in Sept. He was so unsure of us the first week, I think he was nervous, we just kept telling him it was okay, we loved him , took him for walks, fed him. Then a few days ago, he started wagging his tail when we would come home from the store or whatever, he lets me hold him and rub his chest, he loves his walks now, and he loves to eat, But, he won't use the doggie door,we've tried so many times to get him to go in and out it, but he doesn't like it at all.So I get up every morning at 5:30 to take him out, then we go for our walk at 7:00, while its still cool. I love him so much, his little face looks like George, and he is likeing us more every day.It took our kitty about a week to stop hissing at him, but now the kitty and Corky get along great, Dolly likes him too, so it's all good, and we love all our animals.
I was so happy to get to go to Annie's for the baptism of Emma. Dad and Dockie took me with them, cause Jeff went to the cabin with the Bishop, to see what he needs to plumb his cabin for him.Any way it was great to get to meet Annie,and Gary's new daughters. They are really a couple of sweet young girls.We got to spend the day there, and we had a really good lunch, we had fun talking to every one,and then Dad took us home a different way than we went to get there, it was the scenic route, and was a nice ride home.
We still love to do our indexing.But as of tomorrow I will be blessed with another calling, I'll fill you in on that after I get sustained.We have set a goal to have 10,000 names done by the end of this month, that will be the number we've done since we got our calling, that's 10,000 for each of us. It's fun to set goals ,and see if you can reach them.We do 4 batches a day, so hopefully we'll get there.
We have been enjoying eating our green seedless grapes off our vine out back, they are sweet and sooo good when we put them in the fridge and eat them when they're cold.
Gary will have his surgery next week on Tuesday, Nadine is coming from Elsinore, and me and her will go to the hospital to be there with Annie, while Gary is in surgery. Please Keep Gary and Annie in your prayers, that's one of the very best support systems there is for us to use. Nadine will be spending the night here on Tuesday, I love getting to see my sister's, the situation for seeing each other isn't the best, but we will get to be together none the less.
Dad and Dockie have been in California all this week, it's been strange not getting to go and bug dad any time I want, we miss them, but we know they are having fun visiting uncle Arnold and aunt Shirley.
Rochelle and Scott's little family is doing really well. Ivy is doing good and can sit up now and she is getting bigger and cuter every day.We are so happy that thier family is having a fun summer and getting to do fun things and go on vacations.
We know Shane and his family are doing okay, Jeff went to S.L.C. last weekend and spent the night there, he said he got to visit with Kimi and Jessie, and Max and Mark, so we know they are doing okay, he tried to see Britt and Raymond, but nobody was home, and he had lunch with Pat,so we know he is doing good. We just go to facebook, to see how Ted is doing, we don't get to talk to him to much, but we can see what he has to say on facebook, so we think he's doing alright. We love all the kids and grandkids, we wish we could see them more often, but life happens, and sometimes we don't get to do the things we really want to.
We hope everyone has had a great summer, take care till next time!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a Little Warm In St. George

Hi!Well to start out with my blog today, let's just say I try to spend alot of time indoors, a couple of days ago we hit 114 degrees, I go outside in the morning hours, but after it hits noon, I try to stay inside.Still better than the snow in the winter! I'd much rather live here.
Last weekend we got to go to Salt Lake, our Rayden was baptised, it was so great to see him, along with every one else who was there. We all went to Arctic Circle afterwards and had an ice cream cone. All of the grandchildren that were there are growing up so fast, our Jeffery now has a low voice and he is 14years old, where did all that time go?It's amazing when you don't see them daily, how much more grown up they are every time you see them.
We talked to Pat while we were in Salt Lake, he said he thought we might as well take the blue truck back to St.George with us, cause he wasn't using it. ( we had given the truck to Pat a few months ago, thinking maybe he could use it to drive back and forth to work)Me and Jeff talked it over, trying to decide what we should do. There are just the 2 of us at home and we don't need 3 vehicles, soooo after talking it over, Jeff decided he wanted to keep the truck. Then we decided that maybe Shane and Anngee could use our Durango, as you know they let us live rent free in thier basement for 6 months, so we thought it would be nice if we could kind of show our appreciation for thier kindness, by extending a kindness back to them. They seemed to like the idea, so they traveled to St.George with us, and helped us drive by taking one of the cars for us. Jeff and Shane went in the truck, and Anngee drove my car. And so they spent all last Sunday on the road going to St.George and then back to Salt lake. But they did get the Durango, I think it will help them get around on those super snowy days. And it was fun to see how happy they were to get it.
Rae(Jessie and Kimi's oldest daughter) came and spent the night with us last Tuesday, we had so much fun with her, we went to the water park, and had fun fixing some of her favorite meals , and she played nintendo(the old games, cause that's what we have) and she drew us many pictures, and left sweet little notes for us all over. The next day she was so sweet to help us keep Savey entertained, she even played nintendo with him. Rae is so good with children younger than her, Savey was disappointed when he came back on Thurs, and Rae wasn't there. On Wed me and Jeff took Rae to the dollar store,and let her pick out some things(We are such big spender's, right?) But she seemed to enjoy that, then we went to Mickey D's for lunch, we had fun getting to spend time with Rae.
Yeterday was our anniversary, we have been married for 36 years. We laughed last night at how much we have changed in those 36 years, when you consider that I'm over weight (alot) and he's got alot of gray hair, and we're sitting there laughing cause we had both taken out our teeth, and thought WOW after all these changes and all these years, we still love each other, more than ever. We are so blessed!! We went out to dinner early at 5:00 p.m., then we went to Wal-mart ans bought a movie to watch. We bought the movie "Australia". What a good movie , it's long but so good, we both liked it very much.
And so life just keeps going ,we still do alot of indexing, and I still love to play my facebook games, our animals keep us entertained, and the sun keeps shining in good old Dixie. Our love and prayers are with Gary and Annette and thier family, we KNOW he will be okay, he's a good man, he's going to get through everything with flying colors. Take care till next time!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello, it's me( I think thats a line in an old song)

Since the last time I've blogged, I've got to be a year older, Annette came to se ME,and we've been indexing like crazy. Our kitty has learned how to go in and out the doggie door,the 4th of july came and went, Rochelle and Scott's little Ivy went to have the surgery, that didn't happen, and summer finally has come and the 100+ degree day's are now here.
July 1 was my b-day, Jeff bought me breakfast, and we had a relaxing day at home.
Annette informed me that she had read my last blog,so when she came to St.George , she parked her car at our house and said she was visiting me, and that it was dad who would have the perk of living next to me, and that she would go say hi to him. Thanks Annie, your a good sister for making me feel loved.
Me and Jeff each indexed 2,500 names last month.For us 2 technology challenged people, that's pretty good. We actualy enjoy doing them.We are learning more and more every day, and are getting pretty effisant at figuring out the handwriting of many different people, and alot of men were alot older than thier wives, some of them are 30yrs older, and we've seen that alot of girls under the age of 17 were having babies. This one lady I did yesterday was 21 and had 4 children , the oldest was 5, it's amazing!!
Our kitty comes and goes as he wants now, I was afraid he would run away and not come home, but he stays in the yard,and he enjoys the freedom of going outside when he wants, he still loves to play and bites kind of hard,but he's still a fun kitty, I love him. Dolly tolerates him and his playful moods.
Rochelle and Scott travelled 400 miles to have thier baby operated on at Primary childrens, When they went in for the pre op tests, the doctors asked why they were there. I guess the doctors cancelled the surgery( they want to wait till Ivy is walking) and somehow didn't get around to telling Rochelle or Scott. Not a very professinal way to handle thing's and really upsetting . Ivy did go in for a procedure to make it easier for her oxygen intake, I don't understand it all, you'd have to read Chelle's blog. But at any rate, they are going to go back home with a family trip to bear lake first(Scott's family).
For the 4th of July we didn't do much of anything, we tried to get some of our kids to come, but things are tight and nobody could come, Dad and Dockie alway's spend the 4th at her sister's house, so another holiday spent with just me and Jeff, having a barbque with just the 2 of us. We love St.George, but miss getting to do things with our kids on the holidays, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place ,and it's the pitt's!!!
It's finally got hot here, this is the longest spring we've had since moving here. But the day's are hot now, it still beats snow in the winters though.
On next Friday night we will be making a trip to Salt Lake, Britt's son Rayden is going to be baptized, so we will go there for that next Sat, and come home on Sun. We are looking forward to it.
That's about all that's happening with us, we hope all is going good with everyone, till next time...Bye.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Floyd Stuff.

This has been a good week. We started last Monday by getting up, and doing the not so fun things like mowing the lawn, changeing the sheets on our bed, wash etc. Then we started hearing from different people in the ward wanting help with indexing. ( good thing we got our chores done early,so the house and yard looked good)I was mowing next door when we got a surprise visitor... Becky (our niece) came by to visit. We went to the water park and her Nayeli had alot of fun. I got to watch little Zac which was fun for me!!We walked back home and visited for a while. It's so nice to have someone come to visit us.
I was watching the animals again for the neighbors next door, thier dogs are so excited to see me coming now, they know me much better now. They came home on tues night. They had a great time. Then wed. she brought me the prettiest flower bowl to put on my table outside. She said it was for us watching thier animals, I told her I was always glad to help and didn't need to have her making sweet gifts for me. ( they provide our internet, at no cost to us) I get to start watching thier son Savy again next week. He's so cute. Last week he escaped and came to visit us with out his parents knowledge of it. When I took him home his dad had just started hunting for him, he was glad I brought him back, he didn't know that Savy could open the door and escape. He said it scared him to know that Savy would just leave. We live on Main street and there is no front fence, but Savy just decided he wanted to visit us, he knocked on the door,Jeff answered, looked all around,and then knew that Savy was alone. Savy came in the house and out our doggie door to go and swing in the back yard. Needless to say since then, they bolt all thier doors now.
Today is Fathers day, and we got up and went to church, learned some new information about indeing, we love this new calling ,so much fun!! We came home and I fixed Jeff dinner, I asked him what he wanted to do for the rest of the day...of course he wanted to read, so that's what he's done all day, except for 1 hour, when we did a batch of indexing. I hope all the dad's out there have a great Father's day!!
We did get to see Leana and Calvin for a while this week, they were out and about cause it was the week of thier anniversary,so they were just doing some traveling, they went to see Becky, and dad, then there's that perk of us living next door to dad, so we got to visit with them also.
And on another note Congrats to Jason and Leslie they are being sealed on July 11 in the Salt Lake Temple. We are happy for them. We are looking forward to being in Salt Lake on the 11 also , but we will be there for our Raydens baptism. We can hardly wait.
We hope everyone stays healthy, watch out for that swine flu, and we hope you have a super week.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Roller Coaster

I've been having an interesting, sometimes sad,and sometimes glad roller coaster ride of life the past 10 days or so.I've learned to keep my opinions to myself, cause nobody really is interested or cares what my opinion is... if it's not the same as thiers, and of course my way of thinking is wrong in thier eye's. It caused me sleepless nights,and I couldn't do any thing but cry for about a day and a half.But i got through it. My sweetie asked me if I was doubting how I felt and believed, I told him absolutely not, I felt hurt and sad, but that my convictions and beliefs were right for me and that's just the way it has to be.
Now for the glad... Terry and Lorilee came to St.George on Friday, they came to see Dad and Dockie,but we are next door, so we get to see them also. They bought a new car and was bringing it to show Dad. It's a pretty red ford focus,really nice. On Sat afternoon Terry and Lorilee treated Dad ,Dockie, me and Jeff to dinner at Chucka Rama, me and Jeff have not been out to eat since last October, it was so nice, and we had fun talking about Farmtown and family and his work and stuff. I so much enjoyed haveing fun and getting to talk to them. Then Later that night we got to play a card game called hand and foot at Dad and Dockie's.What a good time that was. It took a long time to play it, and we kept Dad up past his bedtime. I love it when family comes to visit Dad and Dockie, the perks of living next door, we get to see them too.
We are still doing indexing, I've done 1,463 names and Jeff has done 1,354 names, we enjoy it now, and we can actually teach others how to do it now. Dockie and Dad have done thousands and thousands of names, but we've only been doing this a short amount of time, we'll get there eventually.
The weater here has been fabulous, it's not been too hot, the high's have been in the upper 80's, it's been a cooler than normal June for St.George,and it's been perfect. We think it will end by Wed. of next week. but it's all good, we've loved it.
I guess I've rambeled on for long enough, keep blogging I love reading them. Till next time,have fun. Bye for now

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strolling along......

It looks as though my back is finally getting back to normal,after weeks of it being out and hurting like crazy. So me and Jeff have resumed our walks. We take Dolly with us, and I decided Tippy might like to go too. So, I took our umbrella stroller and sewed a wire mesh to the stroller, we put the kitty inside and away we go. The kitten lays there for a good portion of the walk. We get alot of comments on the fact that we take our kitten for a walk with us. We also have a kiity leash, he wears it when we sit out front. He is somewhat spoiled, we've nic named him"holy terror" and "energiser bunny" he's always playing,and he bites pretty hard. But he's cute and I love him.
We've been doing pretty good on our indexing, we both do a batch or
some days 2 batches of names. We are getting better at it the more we do.Some people have the strangest handwritting and it's a little difficult to figure out thier spelling, but, it's all good.
We got new neighbors next door where the Telfords used to be. They are very nice, they have 2 little boys and 2 big black dogs, and a kitty.We are glad that house isn't empty any more. On the other side of us, our neighbors Tim and Abby went away for 4 days, and we get to take care of thier 2 dogs and a cat. They have one big black dog named boo,he like's us cause he knows us,but he's not to fond of people he don't know,so they figure he will guard the house for them. Thier other little dog is zowie, he's old and he's small and he's lost his hearing, but he's a cute little guy. The cat is black with white paws ,so pretty but scared of people. So we will have fun playing with them and making sure they are fed.
I only have 2 tomato plants , but they have alot of tomato's on them and the green pepper plantshave lots of blossems, so hopefully they will do well also. Our yard is looking so good this year, last year, we kind of let it go,cause we weren.t here much, so this year it will get better care.
We would love to go camping, but we aren't sure if we'll get to this year, I do love camping and have missed getting to go big time. I love summer, but with things the way they are, it looks like we'll be home for the most part.
I hope every one is doing well,have a super fun summer, till next time, good-bye

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just another update on us.

Just Well, it's Wednesday afternoon,and it's been a while since I've last posted, so I guess I'll tell you whats going on with us.We really have a rather boreing life. A while ago I pulled weeds,and every since then my back has been sore. It is so annoying, I just want it to go back to normal, but it's still making my life difficult.But oh well that's the way it is.
A couple of month's ago I decided I should try and do some indexing. So I downloaded a batch of names to do, poor dad had to come over and help me with it several times. I got exasperated cause I was having a hard time getting the hang of it. So I told dad I was too stupid to do indexing.Well as it turned out,me and Jeff got a new calling this week,and we are now indexing teachers, I told the Bishop we really needed a good blessing when we got set apart, because me and Jeff are not good with computers and we would need to have help to show us how to do it, so we could teach other's.As it turned out we've been indexing a couple of days and I think we are getting the hang of it.It's not as bad as I thought it would be.
Our Tippy is growing and still very playful, but he is so much fun. I have made him several toys,and he has been playing with them nonstop. Dolly and tippy get along well,and we are so glad he's with us.
Summer has brought some changes for us, we don't get to clean the buildings that we have been doing, because Kim(the guy we would work for)boy's came home for summer break, so they are doing what we used to do. Plus one of the boy's I watched is staying home for the summer,and a teenage realative is watching him for the summer so we are really going to have to pinch pennies.
The weather is warm, which is great cause,we like the heat better than the cold,so we aren't complaining. But it's going to be a little bit cooler this week.It's Memorial Day this Monday, and we have nothing planned, we will just be home doing the same thing we always do. But we hope every one has a super extended weekend, and that you enjoy each others company. Have fun!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Purr-fect Gift

Those of you that know me well, knows how much I love Cats. 2 years ago this month our cat Cockers had to be put down,soooo hard,we had our good cry,and Jeff said "no more cats". We have had cats our whole married life except for the past 2 years.Well I finally talked him into it,sort of.Mothers day was coming,we have no money, I told him that our neighbors the Sherman's had 3 kittens that they were ready to give away. It would be the purr-fect mothers day gift for me. We went to their home and I picked out a white kitty, he has light brown ears, and light brown rings on his tail, otherwise he is all white, so I named him Tippy. The Sherman's said he was the calm one,kind of lathargic, well I wanted him any way. We brought him home, our dog Dolly sniffed him out and decided he could stay. So Dolly and Tippy sleep with us in our bed. The first night no problems he cuddled up next to me and slept through the night except for the fact that Tippy was hungry at 4:30 a.m., so I fed him and we went back to bed and went to sleep. That next day our lathargic kitten decided to grow a personality. He loves to play
and be held, and loves to follow Dolly around. He wakes up at 5:00a.m. evry morning and wants to play, he can climb anything, he eats well, and has never had an accident, he has used the litter box every time,which is good, cause his mommy is an outdoor cat, and he was never inside till we brought him here.Needless to say I love my kitten, right now as I'm writting this, he's playing on my feet and bitting my toes.
Not much else is going on,same old stuff day after day. I still love St. George, even when it's hot! I pulled weed's last Monday , and my back is still complaining, it's so sore, but our yard looks so good. I went and picked about ten red roses off my rose bush for my table decoration for my lesson at church tomorrow. And if any one ask's if I got them for Mother's day, I'll say yes,cause Jeff bought the rose bush for me on Mothers day 3 years ago. It's been producing the most beautiful red roses every since then, I so much enjoy my rose bushes, I have 5,Jeff gave me 4 of them and Kimi gave me my purple one for Mothers day a few years ago.
Well I hope every one has a super Mothers day, I am so gratefull to be the mom of 7 wonderful children, I love them all so much. Take care till next time, bye.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Enjoyin Life

Our life is going along pretty good.We've been walking in the morning,and trying to eat bettet, we cut out the bread for the most part,(I love bread)and we are eating less of the sweets,and trying to cut down on our food portions. We want to see if we can loose some weight this way,we'll see how we do,we'll weigh ourselves on Wed night and see if we lost any thing.
We went with dad and Dockie on an I.C.L. trip yesterday, we went on the old spanish trail. We got to see many interesting places, we went to an old town site , it wasn't there any more, but it used to be a town called Hamblin, it was settled by Jacob Hamblin, we went to the town cemetary, and found some headstones of people that Dockie is related to. The weather was interesting, we had blue skies, then rain then hail then snow.All in all it was a fun day, I love going on back roads that require 4 wheel drive, we find the most awesome places, it was a good time.
I guess I get to see how well I can talk with these new teeth, I get to teach the young women for a couple of weeks while thier teachers are out of town. I think I sound strange ,but people say I'm doing good,It's really weird to think that you have to try and figure out how to talk again, but your tongue gets confused at where it's suppose to go ,when it's got all these teeth to manuver around.
Jeff called and talked to the people we have our mortgage with and explained that we were now living on social security, and we weren't making enough money to make our mortgage payments, they actually restructured our payments to about half of what they were. We were so grateful that they would listen and help us out. What a relief, so we get to keep our trailer, I am super happy about that.
I've been on facebook for a while now, and they have this place called Farmtown, that is so much fun and addicting to play. Who would have ever thought I could get so caught up in that site. I also have a pet in Pet Society that is alot of fun also. I do the quizes, they are entertaining.So now I actually like going on the computer. Mother would be so proud, she was so good at computers, and I could never do any thing on them. I am a very slow typer,and typing these blogs takes me forever but I do love reading them.That's all for this week , keep smiling!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We had a decision to make and it was decided that we had to take Scooter back to the animal shelter.Scooter is a fun and playful and loveable dog. The problem was...he wanted to play with Dolly constantly, and he's bigger and a bit to hard on Dolly when he plays with her. Soon Dolly was hiding or on our laps,she wouldn't go outside, she wae afraid to move for fear that Scooter would go after her to play. He was bitting her little hind legs, and she couldn't jump on our laps anymore. But on the other hand Scooter loved Sam and Sam loved Scooter, and they would play with each other outside and inside. Scooter loved me and was either on my lap or on my feet, he was for me,so I would have a dog to walk, cause Jeff always walks Dolly. Any way we decided Dolly needed to feel safe,so we took Scooter back. We explained why, and told her all of his good points and she said she thought that he would be adopted again quickly. An hour and a half lter we got a call from the animal shelter and they said Scooter had already been adopted. So now we are hoping to be able to find a small dog that will be good for Dolly as well as me. What I need is another George, I think it will be close to impossible to find another dog like him,he was the best dog ever.
On another note,we are enjoying being outside, we mowed and watered the lawn, and I pulled dandilions and our flowers are out in full bloom, they look so pretty.I love this time of year!
My friend Amy Hofer is coming to St.George to visit this next week, and she is coming to visit me on Wed. morning. I used to watch her children when she lived here. It will be fun to visit with her and the kids, Sam can meet Corbin, they are about a year apart in age, but Sam is such a good little boy ,he plays with others really good,and Corbin does too,so they can keep each other entertained while I visit with Amy.
That's about all that's happening with us, not to exciting around here. But if you find a cute little dog that needs a home ,keep me in mind, okay.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life is Good!!

Well we left Friday afternoon to go to Shane and Anngee's house. We got there at about 4:30p.m., we visited with them and had a yummy pork chop dinner, we visited some more, retired for the night. We got up at 6:30a.m.,got ready, and left at 7:00a.m. for Boise. We waved as we went through Burley area, cause we know that's where Nate and Nat live. We got to Boise around 12:15p.m. We followed the instructions that we got off google earth, we found it pretty easily, we only had to back track a couple of times. Chelle and Scott have a really nice home, it was our first time there,it was great to see all of them. Baby Ivy looks soooo good,her brothers are so good with her. We walked to the park and watched the kids play. We got up early to go to church for Ivy's blessing( their Sac.mtg. starts at 8:30a.m) Chelle made a breakfast afterwards, every thing went real nice. It was fun. We left at 11:00a.m. to go back to Shanes, We got there at 4:30p.m. Shane was sick and so was home alone, cause Anngee and kids went to the Easter Party that Britt was having for the kids. We stayed with Shane, we ate with him and watched t.v. and Dolly was so happy to see us (Shane and Anngee took care of her while we were at Chelle's) We got up early the next morning and headed back for St. George, we got here at about 11:30a.m. Scooter was happy to see us,dad had been watching scooter for us, I guess he's an escape artist,dad had to put him back in the yard,and figure out how he got out ,and then fix it for us. Thanks dad! All in all it was a great trip, we logged close to 1400 miles.
I got my teeth just befor we left Friday, I had no time to get use to them, they didn't fit quite right and hurt like crazy. They left sores in my mouth,and I thought, man I wanted these teeth so bad, and they hurt so bad I can't wear them. When we got home I asked Jeff to work on them. He got out his wood working kit that he got a couple of years ago, for making small wood ornaments and such. Anyway he was able to fix them so they didn't hurt any more after about 20 times of me putting them in telling him where they hurt,and him fixing them, he's sooo good with me. So today I am actually wearing them. So now I have to learn how to eat with them, and learn how to talk right. But my teeth look normal again.
So thanks to everyone that made our weekend so much fun. We hope everyone had a super Easter.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun weekend ahead

Tomorrow at 9:00a.m. I have an appointment to get my Teeth!!!!!I can hardly wait. After that we are packing our car, and Dolly and we are headed up to S.L.C. Shane and Anngee are letting us stay with them tomorrow night. They are taking care of Dolly for us till Sunday night.Our dog Scooter just wants to play constantly with Dolly, and he gets a little bit to rough for her, we are afraid if we leave them alone he will never stop and we can't do that to Dolly.Dad will watch out for Scooter for us, we are leaving him outside, we'll see how that goes.Saturday morning we are headed to Boise for the baby blessing of Ivy. We have never been to Chelle and Scott's home,so this will be a fun time. Then Sunday we are headed back to S.L.C. to spend the night with Shane and Anngee, We look forward to getting to visit them also. Then Monday we will come back to St.George.It's kind of alot of driving, but it will be fun.We haven't been able to do much, and this is a trip we are looking so much forward to.
I didn't ever let you know how the Going away party went. For as unsure as we were of how things would go, it went good. Jeff got to see alot of his family that he hadn't seen in a while, although the circumstances weren't for a fun reason, he did enjoy visiting with them.
I will post when we get back, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

8 Things

8 Favorite Television Shows

1. Danceing with the Stars
2. The Biggest Looser
3. C.S.I.
4. C.S.I. Miami
5. Private Practice
6. E.R.
7. America's Favorite Video's
8. Castle

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. A batch of laundry
2. Watched Sam for a couple of hours
3. Did one batch of Index names
4. Made dinner
5. Cleaned the house
6. Computer
7. Played with the dogs
8. Watched T.V.

8 Things I am Looking Forward To.

1. Going camping.
2. Selling our trailer.
3. TEETH!!!
4. Jeff to finish reading this book,so he'll talk to me.
5. L.D.S. Conferance.
6. Our daily walks.
7. 10:30 P.M. every night
8. Finishing my afghan I started a while back.

8 Favorite Resturants

1. Olive Garden
2. Appleby
3. Outback
4. Poncho and Lefty's
5. Sylvestres
6. Denny's
7. Village Inn
8. Texas Roadhouse

8 Things on my Wish List.

1. To be completely out of Debt!!!!
2. To go on a church history tour.
3. Thin
4. I would like to be more attractive.
5. To go to Hawaii
6. To know that all my children are Happy, and debt free.
7. To understand,and be good at computers.
8. To be able to go where I want, when I want.

8 people to tag
1. Annette
2. Andrea Jorgensen
3. Evey one else has already been tagged.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Going Away Party

For those of you who may not know this, Jeff's mom passed away on March 17th. She was creamated soon after.This weekend there is a memorial for her. It's being called a "going away party". I'm not sure how it will go, but it will be a first for me and Jeff. I guess it's a nontraditional&unconventional way to have a memorial.All I know is that they will place her ashes either next to or with her husband,who passed away a year before me and Jeff were married. Then afterward they are meeting at a park, across from the cemetary, then I guess people will tell some of thier memories of her. Jeff's mom didn't have life insurance,and everyone is either not working or having a rough time financially so this is the way it's going to be done. Sowe'll see how it goes.
We will be spending Saturday night at Kimi's house,and she will be coming to St.George with her family,and they will be spending the night at our house. That way she can keep take care of our dog's for us, and we can take care of her cat's for her. We will take our time coming home from S.L.C.,we will stop off in Elsinore to see Nadine, I'm looking forward to that, cause it's been quite a while since we've seen her. She invited us to have dinner with her and Coy, it will be fun to chat with them. We should be home sometime Sunday night.
I hope every one has a super weekend!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forget the last blog

The deal fell through, The man who said he would buy it, had a call from a daughter in Denver,who needs thier help.He said that someone now has cancer,and they are needed there. He felt bad that he had to back out. We hope that everything goes good for him and his family. Does anyone want to buy a trailer?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good News

Today,we sold our trailer. That means we can make the Feb. and Mar. mortgage payments that we are behind on,and that means we can keep our home. I was beginning to think we would have to move in our trailer.We will miss it when we go camping,but, we still have our tent, I love camping we will still go,we just won't be as spoiled!
The other good thing is we can go to Boise for little Ivy's blessing on Easter. We haven't ever seen Scott and Rochelles house yet, so it will be a fun trip. Plus we can get our fridge fixed,it hasn't worked right for a couple of weeks. There's light at the end of the tunnel.
On another note I should have my new teeth soon,my Pat paid for me to get my teeth, they wouldn't make them till they had the money,so thanks to Pat,maybe by next week I will have teeth again.
I have had alot of fun with Facebook.It's kind of addicting. I never thought I would enjoy having a computer so much.
I guess that's it for this week,Keep Smiling!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sad and Glad at the same time.

Tonight at around 8:00 P.M. Jeffs mom passed away. She hasn't been well for a long time, so maybe it's a blessing. We haven't seen her much,for that I feel bad. Jeff says she's in a better place, and she is having a family reunion. She is going to be creamated, and I think Jeffs family is planning a memorial service for her sometime,not this weekend ,but the one after this.Our Daughters Brit and Kimi went to see her last night, so they got to say goodbye to her.We are glad they got to be with her.We had planned to go to Salt Lake tomorrow to say goodbye, and Jeff was going to give her a blessing, but, she went before we could get there. That's what happens when you prograstinate, we should have tried to go earlier. We just haven't had the funds to go, now it's to late.
She was a sweet lady, she got her endowments the same day that me and Jeff got ours.She had a fun laugh,she enjoyed watching t.v. and doing the t.v. guide crossword puzzels. There was a time while we lived in Midvale,that mom,laura,and Denise would come over on Saturdays and do thier wash, and we would visit with them.Mom loved to tell us stories about things her and her husband used to do. Jeffs dad passed away before we were married, so that's how we knew him was by the stories we heard from Jeff's family.
We are happy she has gone home to be with her family, and we know she is having a great time seeing all her loved ones again. We love you, and we'll see you when it's our turn.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good times

Today and the rest of this week is going to be great.The weather is going to be fantastic.And the boys I watch love to play outside, and I love to be outside,so this will make my week easy.
We've been working out in the yard, we mowed our grass, we are now watering the grass and flowers. Our lilac bushes are getting ready to pop,and they are full of blossoms. I can hardly wait, I love the smell of lilacs. We can go and take our dogs for walks and not have to wear jackets, I'm so happy. Awesome weather helps you feel good!!
My Kimi set me up on face book. This is such a fun site' so much better than My Space. I've had so much fun, I really enjoy writing on peoples wall, it's so cool!!
Yesterday I got to go clean this sweet little old mans house, He's like 90 years old. He's such a nice guy. He had us dust his walls, he took down all the pictures on his walls, then he had us wash his base boards, and clean his kitchen cabinets. He had moved all his furniture to the middle of the room, so we could vacume where his furniture used to be. We washed his windows and blinds,scoured his tub, everything was deep cleaned. When we were done we helped him hang his pictures back up on the walls, and move the furniture back.
His house was so clean, and it wasn't bad to clean in the first place. He asked us to come back in 3 months and do it all again. I don't know how often any body does this kind of cleaning, but I don't think I do it as much as he does.
I read Chelle's blog about some of her favorite things. I'm thinking what are my favorite things.Things this means other than the wonderful husband and family, so things would be my home, we waited till we were in our 50's before we bought our first home. Next would be our cars, that transport us when we need to go some where. I love having my collections all around us. I love having a dishwasher, I hate doing dishes, so this makes my life easier,even though it is loud, we turn it on when we go to bed and let the noice lull us to sleep. And I enjoy this computer that Pat gave us.
So this is all for this blog. Keep smiling!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time is scooting by.

It's been a week since I wrote my last blog, so I decided it's time to do another one.My new dog Scooter is adjusting really well. He's figured out how to use the doggie door,he got fixed last Monday,and he recovered from that well. He follows me every where I go, when I sit on a chair if he isn't on my lap then he's at my feet resting his head right on my feet. He loves to go for walks, and he loves to tease Dolly.He chases the little boys I watch,he loves to play with them, and he eats nonstop. I love him, he's agood dog.
Jeff has had a week of fixing things, he fixed the pressure reducing valve on the water heater,he had no choice we woke up to a flooded laundry room., then we decided to turn on the water outside so we could water the lawn and turn our water fountain back on. Well he ended up digging up around where we turn the sprinklers on and of,cause it wasn't working right,he wasn't happy. Then our fridge is acting wierd, so he's been trying to figure out what's wrong with it. We are hoping it keeps working till we can afford to have someone come and fix it.
Tonight is the time change and we lose that hour,and it always takes my brain and body a while to adjust, and I'm not looking forward to it. We have already changed all our clocks to the new time.We start church at 9a.m.,so it's going to feel like 8a.m., oh well that's life.
I get to go get the impressions done for my new teeth on Friday, I can hardly wait. It will be so nice to be able to talk to people again.
Kimi set me up on My face page, so it's something new I can look at on the computer. We will see if I can figure it out.I'm not to good at this kind of stuff.
I hope every one is doing well, and just so you crafty people know, I'm not talented enough to do that pay it forward thing, plus I don't have the funds to do that sort of thing now, but I know all you people that are doing it are super people. Any way take care, and have a super week. Bye for now.

Friday, February 27, 2009

New addition to our family.

Last FridayI went to the dentist to have one more tooth pulled---he pulled three. I am so ugly, it's very depressing. I don't go any where. I try not to talk to any one,if I do I keep my head down. I do go for walks with dolly and Jeff, and I go to help clean the building that we clean on Monday nights. The children I watch still like me even though I look bad. So Jeff finally caved in today and agreed to take me to the animal shelter,so I could pick out a dog. I've been missing George, and when we go for walks Jeff walks Dolly and I just tag along.So I picked out a 3 year old yorkie terrier, I've decided to call him "Scooter". He didn't have a name, he was a stray. So we've had him almost 3 hours,and he still can't figure out the doggie door, but he follows me around, and he follows Dolly, she's not sure what to think yet, she used to all the attention, so she has her nose bent out of shape. On Monday he has an appointment at the vet to be fixed and get his shots. Tomorrow he will get a trim and bath, me and Jeff will do that here,we'll see how that goes.I can tell he hasn't been in a house alot, but I think he likes it.
I think next week we will have to do some yard work, the weather is soooo nice and I think we need to turn the water on outside and mow the lawn ,and then start watering the lawn. If this nice weather keeps up, we should be able to turn off the heater, which would be great.
Well tomorrow will be interesting , our home teachers have asked us to go to thier house to play card games( I think they feel bad for us cause we have been such homebodies because of my toothless situation), so we are going to learn a new card game,and hang out with someone other than family,which hasn't happened for about 7 years. They are nice people, pretty close to our age, they've been married 1 year longer than us. It should be fun.
I hope every one has a great weekend, and keep blogging, I love reading them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some memories of mother.

Today is mothers birthday,she would have been 79.So I thought I would write some of the memories I have of her. I remember how I loved to watch her get ready for church when I was a little girl. I would watch her put on her makeup,I thought she looked so pretty when she would put on her lipstick. She would comb her hair,and make pretty waves in the front. I loved to sit next to her at church, I would listen to her sing, she sang good.
She had sooo many talents, it's quite amazing all the things she could do. She used to sew all our clothes. As school was getting ready to start, she would go to sewing, and made all our dresses. Crocheting, knitting,quilting, she could do it all. Painting pictures,any kind of craft,she was good at them all.Musically she could play the piano, guitar, acordian, and some instraments I don't recall the names of. Drawing, writing,doing hair. She could do anything she put her mind to.
She used to draw us paper dolls, and draw the clothes to put on them. Do little girls even play with paper dolls any more? She made barbie doll clothes for our barbies. She loved to play card games, she was so competitive, she would show no mercy, she played to win,her and Terry would play them alot. She watched Lawrence Welk, and loved Norma Zimmer on his show. She watch the soap As the World Turns. When she couldn't sleep at night,she would listen to those talk shows on the radio.She loved to go camping.
I remember Sat. nights all us girls would take our bath's, then she would sit us down in front of her,and curl our hair in those sponge rollers, and then we would get a pair of our undies and put them on our heads over the rollers to help the curlers stay in our hair when we went to bed. All this so we could have pretty hair for church. Mother would do canning, alot of canning, she would do bussels of peaches, or tomato's or what ever was in season. When it would come to baking pies, she would do 16 to 20 pies at a time and freeze them.
There was this one time when I was a senior in high school, and me and mother were driving somewhere, and the car we were in died on 39th south and highland drive.She got out of the car, took off her high heel opened the hood of the car,and banges something in there. she came back to the car and it started, she went back shut the hood of the car, got back in, and away we went. If it would have been me, I don't think I would have been as cool about it as she was. When I was in beauty college, she let me bleach her hair blonde, and let me use her as my model, and I did some strange hairdos on her, she was such a good sport.
I know I was her #1 problem child, and I'm sure I caused her more grief then any of her other children. I love her so much, and miss her daily. I dream about her alot, and I wish I had been a better daughter to her. All that being said...Happy Birthday Mother!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just another update on us.

Well,I've had a strange week. I've been twice to the college to get my teeth cleaned,Wow, what a long time to have your teeth worked on.But my teeth look alot prettier. Now on Friday I go and have more teeth pulled,and get fitted for my flipper. Then I will look like me again. I can go back to church and stay for the whole block, instead of leaving right after the Sacrament meeting. I have stayed home and not gone any where cause I look so bad. So I am looking forward to being able to go places again.
My awesome neighbor Tim has helped us get the internet, he is so good to us.I get to watch his sweet little boy a couple of times each week,he's two and keeps me busy when he's here, I get to take him for walks and play outside with him,he loves popcorn.
Me and Jeff do our daily walks with Dolly, and go to work on Monday nights, Jeff reads alot and I am crocheting, we are home most of the time,and we are doing okay. We have had alot of people look at the trailor, but no one has bought it yet. It has been a rainy week,and I miss the sunshine, but this afternoon it looks like maybe we are in for some sunshine, I love to sit outside and soak in all the sun. I can hardly wait for the new flowers to come up, my tulips are starting to come up through the ground, so cool, I love it.
We miss all of you, we look foreward to seeing Kimi this weekend. Every one take care,bye for now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay-here's how this works
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5.Go to each persons blog and leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged.
I'm supposed to thank Kimi for tagging me.

6 things about me.

1.I love pictures on my walls. They are covered. My honey says he needs to add a room to our house so I have more walls to hang pictures on. I have Picture's that my mother painted, pictures of L.D.S. temples and a picture of Christ in every room of our home, plus pictures of cowboys and Indians, and pictures of all our children and grandchildren. Kitties, and scenery.

2.Camping, I love to go camping,I miss getting to go as often as we used to . It was so much fun when we would take the kids and go every year. There's nithing like being out in the wilderness,and enjoying nature, and watching a roaring fire and roasting marshmellows.

3.I love animals. We have always had lots of animals.All kinds,a turtle(Pats) a rabbit, birds, aquarium s full of fish, dogs, and lots of cats. Cockers was my favorite cat. I still miss her, she had alot of personality, she was beautiful, and so loved. This last year my pom George passed away, I still tear up whenever I think of him. He was the best dog ever!!!Words can't express how much I miss him. Now we have just Dolly left, she's George's daughter, she is soooo cute and so spoiled and very much loved, I think she misses George too.

4.I love to rearange furniture, and do so alot. It's so much fun, I love to do this while Jeff is at work. When he gets home he just shakes his head and laughs at me . He thinks that's how I cure my boredom.

5.I like to crochet, thanks to Raymond for teaching me how, it's fun, I try to make blankets and try new things, but I'm not good at reading instructions. Someone has to show me how to do new stitches. But I do enjoy it.

6.My son Mark says I'm a collector of collections. I collect Kitties, Cowboys and Indians, birds,plates, and pictures . My yard and home have all these collections displayed, I love having these things all around me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Smiling

Well, things are going okay,we are alive. I did have to pull another tooth last Sat. It was one of my top front teeth, so right now I kind of resemble goofy.I am going to the college to have them work on my teeth ,they are going to have to put me under, to clean my teeth, they have to do it twice for three hours each time. Then the dentist is going to make me a flipper for my front teeth, the other tooth next to the one I pulled is broke,so they have to extract that tooth also. All of this will take 6 to 8 weeks ,I'm guessing. at any rate it will be good to have it done.
We are looking forward to Pat and Shane coming to visit and bring us another water heater this weekend, we will have 2 water heaters so we can fill our tub without running out of hot water.
I guess we are in for colder weather this weekend,we need the rain,so we will take it.We are still doing the cleaning the buildings thing, and it is a way to help us earn a little bit of money, and it helps. We hope every one is doing well .Take care till next time.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just another update

Life is going okay for us. We got to go clean 3 different buildings this week. We work for the same guy that dad and Dockie work for, his name is Kim. He says he will use us when he needs to go out of town or something. We will work every Monday night cleaning the same building that dad and Dockie clean Tuesday through Thursday. I also watch a couple of children for a few hours a week. But every little bit helps.
The weather here has been a little cold,but,all in all, I would rather be here than Salt Lake in the cold and the inversion. We walk Dolly everyday, so that gives us some exercise. We have been cleaning out closets,and trying to figure out what to do with all our junk. We have had a few people call and come look at our trailer, we cleaned the trailer out also, we got it all clean on the inside ,so we could feel good about showing it to people.
We haven't been doing any thing else, Our life is pretty boring, but we are alive and well. We miss the kids and grandkids, we know they are all trying to hang in there, life is a little hard right now. We love you guys,bye for now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Same stuff different weel.

Hi to every one.
We still haven't found jobs, but I do get to watch some children, and that helps out a little bit. Pat is still suppoting us, he is always there and we can't thank him enough for his love and concern.
We took out our pomegranite tree out front, it was sort of a pain, but the front yard looks better we think. Then Jeff cleaned out the shed out back, now he can find things. We take Dolly for a walk daily, and we sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.
We went to church today, it was so good to be back in our ward. People are so nice they all welcomed us back ,it was great.
We got a digital reciever from the neighbor next door, so now we can watch the news on 2 different stations, it's really great.
Well that's all thats going on with us, I still enjoy reading the blogs, I get to read them on Sundays, so keep smiling1

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jobless in St. George

So, it's Sunday and dad is letting me use his computer again.We've had a week of job searching, and are still jobless.We are trying but nothing is out there that we can do. I,ve been a few places and filled out applications, but no call backs.So all we can do is just keep trying and hope and pray that something will work out for us.
We got to go with Dad and Dockie on an I.C.L trip ysterday. It was alot of fun, we got to travel Whitney Pockets,somewhere south of Mesquite,it's all on backroads and some of the roads are a little bit rough, but it is fun and we enjoyed the day. Dad and Dockie are so good to try and help keep us entertained.
We have found that if we go out to the trailer and turn on the T.V. out there that we can watch the news on a St. George channel so we can know whats going on in the world. It gets 4 channels out there, we just get the retro channel in the house.
Today we went to Stake Conferance ,and we got a nwe Stake Presidency, the new stake presidency will be super, they are all very good men ,and I'm sure they will do a fantastic job. Stake Conferance started at 10:00 we went at 8:30 to get good seats. It worked we got good seats we were comfortable.
We hope every one is doing well, Leana we hope you are all better soon. We love all of you. Take care till next time

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back in St. George, Yippy!!

We got home at 2:15p.m. on Wednesday December31. We got up early that morning and finished packing our cars, I mean they were full to the brim, and off we traveled, till we got home. It's so much warmer and we absolutely love it. Dolly knew where we were when we got off the freeway, she was so excited, I had a hard time holding her down till we pulled in the drive way.She loves her freedom, and loves to bark at her friends next door. After we got unpacked and got everything put away, it was about 8:00, we watched a movie,(we don't have regular t.v. yet,we won't till April) then we went to bed. At midnight when the fireworks were going off, we rolled over gave each other a kiss,we said happy new year,rolled over and went back to sleep. On Thursday we got our yard work done,mowed and racked leaves, hung up all our chimes again brought out our lawn furniture,and all our fun decorations,so now things are back to the way they were before we left.
On Friday Jeff helped out the Telfords(super neighbors) at thier old house and thier new one,and they paid him, so that helped us. On Monday we go job hunting. When we checked our mail ,we found we had Christmas cards here, and we were reading them, when I came across one from my good friend Margaret Nielson. I worked with her at Research Medical for nine years, she was my lunch buddy ,we both worked in Q.A., she's an awesome person. She wrote that this was a strange Christmas, she just found out she has stomach and liver cancer, and that she is in the late stages of it, she doesn't have long to live. I was so sad, I called her and talked to her, she said she was good with dieing, she had everything all arranged and that she was all organized for once in her life. I told her I loved her,and that she was one of my most favorite people in th world, and that I would miss her. She's only 72, and that seems younger to me, the older I get.But she is the best and she will be so missed. She has about 3 weeks left, hospice and her children are taking care of her.
Last night we watched "The Dark Knight" Shane and Anngee gave Jeff for Christmas, it kept us entertained till bedtime. Today we bathed and clipped Dolly,she looks so much better. It's been fun being able to see Dad and Dockie. On Sunday we get to go with them to Cedar City for Becky's baby's blessing, it will be good to get to be with the Jackson family again, they are so much fun, we are looking forward to it.
Gosh I've rambled on far to much. We miss our Children and grandchildren,especially Shane and Anngee, Brax and Boo. We call them daily and talk to them, we really have enjoyed them and miss not getting to see them every day. Take care, we love you guys!