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Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're empty nesters again!

Our sweet family of houseguests have decided to go back to thier home in West Jordan. We are missing them...and we are getting use to the "quiet".We were able to go and help them move , we did a game of switcher-roo, we traded our bunk bed and a chair for a King size bed and a lawn mower. Our trip there and back was interesting, we took Rae and 2 of thier 4 cats with us,we followed Jesse, Kim,Payton Little Jesse and Logen,and thier other 2 cats. They pulled a trailer full with all the stuff they had, plus the aquired items they have gotten since they moved to St.George. We got there( West Jordan) and they unpacked and we took a fridge to Shane's house ,then we went back to Kimi's and loaded the bed and lawn mower, and got ready to travel home. Our tarp didn't completely cover the bed, it looked like it "could" rain ,so Jesse offered us another tarp .Jeff said no it wasn't going to rain. So we headed for home, when the raindrops landed on the windshield Jeff said it doesn't count as rain unless he had to turn on the windshield wipers, the rain happened a few times, but the windshield wipers never went on.. It was a long day we got up at5:00a.m. and left St. George at 6:30 a.m., we got back to St.George at about8:30P.M. We had to put oil in Jeffs truck every 40-45 miles at 3 quarts each time ,we spent 100 dollars on just oil, we need to get his truck fixed!!!
So since we've been empty nesters again we have been rearrangeing all the rooms in our house. We had to move beds around we put the King size bed in our room and moved the 4 poster bed to the guest room. ,I think we are through with moving stuff, now we are in the process of cleaning out closets and then some drawers. I can hardly wait till everything is done...we also cleaned out the camp trailer...and got it back to normal.
So we have been blessed with another beautiful new cat. Our friends the Telfords gave us thier 1,100 dollar cat . Her name is Petal, she's gorgeous ...and she loves to talk alot like fluffy , Dolly (our dog) gets along well with both cats, the cats are not quite getting along yet, we figure it will take a few weeks, but both cats like Dolly, go figure!
On Memorial day we got to go to mDad and Dockie's for a barbecue, it was good, and fun, we don't seem to see them as much as we used to , cause they are gone so much with thier calling at the Meadows.
We finally turned on the A.C. on friday, it finally got hot like 98 degrees, it's suppose to be around the 105's for the rest of the week, so Summer is here. We are looking forward to a great summer.
That's it for now, keep smiling!!