Our Marriage!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summertime is here!!

We try every year to not turn on the A.C. till June 1, well this year it went on April 7, it's been a bit warm...it hasn't hit 100 degrees yet,but it's got close a couple of times!!! Jeff has made our yard look so good this year,he's worked hard on it,he even installed a couple of more sprinklers out front.
We had the Ironman in St.George May 5. It was interesting,they ran part of the marathon in front of our house. We moved our porch swing up close to the road,under our tree and cheered everybody on. We clapped so much that my hands started to swell, so I took off my rings so I could keep clapping. It was really kind of fun. We even moved our sprinkler out to the street so the runners could run through it and cool off,it was so warm...a lot of the runners gave us a thumbs up and others thanked us. It entertained us all day long.
We were able to work for the Thomas's in our ward while they went on a weekend trip, we cleaned the Health Department for them on Thursday and Friday, it gave us a little extra cash. They have arranged for us to be able to fill in for them whenever they go out of town...the next time is in late June. It works out okay with our other part time job at the library, seems how there we work for their son.
On Friday Dad and Dockie are coming to stay with us for a week,we always look forward to their visits. On Tuesday we are all traveling to Richfield area (Joseph,actually) to put flowers on mothers grave, and come back that same day. While they are here in St.George they are going to show us where G&G Eyre's graves are so we can decorate them. Dockie has some medical tests to be done while she's here, I think they are planning to go back to Alamo on Friday afternoon. They had to come this Friday because Saturday they have a funeral to go to.
We will be traveling up north on July 10 so we can be there on the 11 for our little Ivy's heart surgery. We will be staying with Shane and Anngee, we figure while we are there we can see where Kimi will have moved to seems how she's leaving St. George on May 26. I think she is super excited to be near her sisters again...plus they will be on their own again and I know that will make them really happy.
I guess on the 20th of May we are going to try and see an eclipse...we didn't even know it was happening till Chelle texted us, so we'll try and see how it looks.
I had an awesome Mothers day...everyone was so good to me, thank you to my family for being so good to me. It was a lovely day!
That's it for now...Keep Smiling!