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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Memories

It's almost Christmas, I love this time of year! It's not the same as it was years ago when we had those mornings when we would wale up at 5 or 6 a.m. and watch our children open their gifts. There's nothing like it in the world and I so much miss those times. I miss the fun Christmas eve's we would have when the kids would open their p.j.'s and Santa would come visit them, and tell them to make sure they went to bed and go to sleep,so he could come back.
Now it's our kid's turn to do all that fun stuff. One thing I don't miss is the wrapping of all the gifts, when there is 7 children with gifts, that's alot of wrapping. I also loved taking the kids shopping to buy gifts for their brother's and sister's, the way they would pick names out of a bowl and then we would have to figure out how to seperate them when we would shop,so that they wouldn't see what they were getting each other. I remember going to Jobber's Odd Lot and be in that super crowded place and try and get to the checkers buy the gifts and get out alive, it was crazy but so much fun! So to all of you out there that are stressing and worrying about how it's ever going to come together....this is the best times of your lives and it will be fun and you'll make memories that will last a lifetime. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So this is December, the last month of 2010, this year had flown by.
We had a fun trip to S.L.C. at Thanksgiving, Maxine and Mark and family were so good to us,and we had a great time. We ate turkey and all the trimmings,soooo good. Maxine set the table with everything Chicago Bears for Mark, it was his birthday also, we even wore party hats!
Then on Friday we all went to Leana's, dad was at her house,and it was his birthday so we went to see him and wish him a happy birthday. While there we got to get to see 3 adoreable new babies, and hold them . So much fun, plus getting to see the rest of her family that was there. We got to eat some yummy birthday cake and ice cream.
Then very early on Saturday morning we got to go with Shane,Anngee,and thier children, and see them be sealed in the S.L. Temple. It was absolutely wonderful!! We were blessed to have dad and Dockie, Rochelle and Scott, Leana and Calvin,Natalie and Nathan, a couple of Shane and Anngee's bishops and Wayne Perkins. Afterwards Anngee's parents had a luncheon at Golden Corral, and they invited all the families of both Shane and Anngee's . They are such great people, we thank her parents for being so good to everyone. We are so happy that everything went so well that whole day.
We got to see our 5 children that live there in S.L. and we were so glad that all of them are doing great.
So on Sunday we headed for home. What a day. It snowed and we were on the freeway and it was like being in a parking lot!!! There were soooo many accidents and slide off's, the tow trucks had a great day I'm sure, the rest of us...not so much! We were so glad to get home....the animals were REALLY happy to see us,we had all 4 of them sleep with us.
On Monday...we slept in, and then started getting out Christmas stuff to decorate the inside of the house,we did the outside of the house before we left. Anyway the next morning when I tried to get up I couldn't move...My back was out and stayed that way till this morning. I'm so glad it's decided to let me walk and sit now.
We are looking forward to the Christmas season and love the happiness it brings. So I hope everyone has a super and happy Christmas. Keep Smiling!! See ya next year!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This is the Thankful Month soooo....

It's November,so ,I thought I would name some of the things I am thankful for,I am most thankful for my Heavenly Father, who without Him and His Son Jesus Christ I would have nothing. I love them,and all that they have done for me ,and made it possible for me to have an Eternal Family! I am thankful for the all time,most loving,highly tolerant and the BEST husband in the whole world...my Jeff! Then there are our7 wonderful children,thier spouses,and 16 amazing grandchildren, we are so blessed,and I love them all so very much. I have been blessed with the best parents ever,and 1 brother and 3 sisters that are so awesome, they also have great spouses and super children also. Family is VERY IMPORTANT to me, they are what make's my life worth living.
I am thankful for our home,I love that when we were both in our 50's we bought our first home. I love that we get to decorate it and paint it and do what we want with it,because it is ours. I am thankful for our car(it's UGLY but it runs). We enjoy getting to drive to places, and that we can get where we need to go. And then I'm thankful for our pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats, they are fun and give us unconditional love. We are thankful that we live in St.George....We absolutly love it here!!! We are blessed with a wonderful ward, they are like an extended family, they are the best.
We are also blessed with some really terriffic friends, we have some that we have known for40 years , some alittle less and some we've known for just a short time, at any rate, they are good people and we are happy to have them. And lately I decided I'm thankful that we have computer's, they help us keep in touch and play games and do church calling, and are generally something to help you pass time, when you're bored, as long as you use them wisely they can be quite useful!
And we are thankful we get to go to Maxine,and Mark's house for Thanksgiving, some wonderful things will be happening while we're there...I'll tell you about that in my next blog.
So Keep Smiling till next time!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Some great days,and some sad days!

September was a month full of things for us to do. The first week we worked for dad and Dockie,cleaning the w.f.s. building. Then we had Kimi and Jesse and Logen visit for a few days. Then we had Rochelle, Scott and family visit for one night. Then some freinds in our ward asked us if we would like to help them , while they were gone for a week, and clean the buildings they do, so we had a couple of training nights... then we cleaned for them. It gave us some extra cash so we could order parts to turn our wood burning fireplace into a gas one. I have never ordered anything from online,so we gave it a shot...half the order came, the other half they said would come in November! I don't think i'll ever order anything else off the internet again, what a pain!!!
Kimi, Jesse, and family are back in St.George, they are renting a home behind the mall. We are so excited that they are back in St.George. They wanted to be close to his parents to help them because of their health issues, whatever the reason ,I'm just glad they are back.
On Monday Sept.27 we got news thatJeff's brother Bob was on hospise, he had any where between 2 weeks and 2 month's to live....he passed on the 29th. We went to Salt Lake for his funeral on Tuesday. We figured we couldn't stay with any of our children, they were all busy ,or moving or didn't have room for us, so, we invaded my sister Nadine in Elsinore on Monday night, cause it was half way to Salt Lake. She was so sweet to put us up on the way up there and on the way down. Thank you Nadine. The funeral went really nice, we got to see alot of Jeff's realitives,and we got to see my sweet freind Joyce. I feel like Bob went at a good time...before he got worse,and as hard as it is to have him gone, it was probably the best way for him to go. We love him and will miss him.
While we were in Salt Lake Kimi found me a cute little black pom, his name is Harley, he's one year old and super cute. He learned how to use the doggie door quick, and he is doing better with the cat's now. He was so funny when I put a leash on him...he laid down like a cat, he didn't like the leash and he wasn't going to walk with one on. I worked with him last night and little by little he was walking. This morning I had him on the leash and I thought I would see if I could get him to walk around the yard, I didn't have shoes on cause I wasn't going anywhere but, he did soooo good ,that I ended up walking him around the whole block. He's so smart, i'm happy to have an energetic ball of fluff. I love him already...thank you my Kimi!
I also need to thank dod and Dockie for cleaning w.f.s. building for us on Monday night...they traded us so we cleaned it on Wednesday night. Plus dad came over and fed our spoiled little dolly, dolly gives dad a hard time...but he's good to put up with her. Thanks dad!
That's it for me for now. Keep Smiling,and have a great October!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Time goes by fast...even if you aren't having fun!

It hasn't even reached Sept. yet, and I'm posting a new blog!! August has been somewhat warm here, I look forward to being able to turn off the A.C. and opening windows. We should be able to do it by mid Sept. We want to turn our wood burning fireplace into a gas one. We are doing this cause it's cheaper than trying to fix our furnace that doesn't work....so if we have the gas fireplace and a space heater in our room , that should do the trick for us ,because our home is small.
Petal (the cat we got in June) has finally figured out the pet door,and goes in and out as she pleases now. She gets along great with our dog and our other cat now also,she has an anoying meow and leaves furballs where ever she goes because she is so hairy. She has some mats,we've tried everything to get them off, we think maybe we'll have to shave her. (hey girls remember when you shaved Kittan)Maybe I can get the girls to shave Petal!!
Jeff and dad went to Lander to plumb a house for a friend in the ward here,and was gone for 5 days. I was so glad when they came home. I don't enjoy being by myself for that long. Today they are up working on the Bishops cabin in the Kolob canyon area. Dad and Dockie are leaving Sunday to go on a vacation with her son Dwight...they are headed to the redwoods in California. We will clean the Workforce Services building all week for them, they should be back the following Sunday.
Kimi and Jesse and family came and spent the night last Tuesday, then left Wednesday night for Vegas, they will come back on Sat.or Sun. night and spend the night another day or two. I'm glad we are on the way to Vegas, cause we get to see our kids when they are headed to Vegas. We get Rochelle, Scott and her family in Sept. ,we can hardly wait to get to see them next.
Well I guess this is it for now, I hope everyone had a super summer..Cause i think it's almost time for Fall. Keep Smiling!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Te-aH camping trip

We got to go camping last wenesday up on Cedar mountain by Navajo lake. We were happy that Nadine invited us to go with camping with her and Coy and a couple of their children. When we got close to the campsite it looked like it would soon be raining,so we hurried up and set up camp. It took us a good 2 hours to get set up. We got done before Nadine ,Coy,and Kenneth ,and Ashly got there. They got all set up and then it decided to rain,not alot ,it would rain for a few minutes and then stop. But it was all good,because it didn't have a downpour. We had fun visiting and the area is soooo pretty. The next day we decided we would go to the lake and watch those Christensens fish, me and Jeff don't like fish and we don't do the fishing thing. The lake was pretty and Kenneth and Coy got out to the middle of the lake and were fishing,Nadine was going to fish from the shore. Me and Jeff set up some chairs and were doing our word finds, when I decided I was too cold ,so we decided we would watch from the car.About 10 minutes later it started raining and there was thunder and lightning, needless to say Kenneth and Coy had to come to shore, and we went back to the campsite for lunch. We decided that on thursday night we would have dutch oven chicken at Nadines campsite,Pam came up for dinner that night. Nadine had a campfire going and we were getting ready to put the dutch ovens in the fire, it was a little rainy but not bad. Coy and Kenneth had gone back to the lake to try fishing again. Then at about 7:30 p.m. when we had everything on the fire we had our down por, then it started hailing, the fire went out everything was wet. We took our dutch oven to our campsite, and proceded to put it on our campstove to try and get it cooked. Ashly went to see if Coy and Kenneth were alright cause it had been a while since the storm had stopped. They found them they were fine wet,but fine. Meanwhile,we thought that our tent had held up pretty good to the storm. It looked like there were some blankets that got a little wet,but all in all it looked okay. We put our cover over the table back up. and got the food done, we decided to just stay at our camp cause it was to far to carry it back to Nadine's campsite. The dutch oven chicken tuned out fine...but our cherry cobbler didn't work,we ended up throwing it out. When we went to bed that night ,we discovered our blakets were soaked and there were places in the tent with puddles. I froze that night and told Jeff we needed to go home and dry everything out. So Friday morning we folded up camp and came home. Nadine and Coy and their kids stayed for another night, I hope it didn't rain on them again! Nadine said the down pour was worse then what happened at Elkhorn, she say's whenever she goes camping it rains. It's funny but it didn't start raining until Nadine got there. We loved the area and will go back there another time, but we decided we would do it next year in mid august after the rainy season is done!!!It was still fun right up until the hailstorm that brought 1/2 inch of rain in 35 minutes.My Kimi will post pictures for me on this blog a little later tonight, i'm not that smart I can't do it. Any way we still love camping and we will try again next year. Thanks Nadine for a fun time...we love ya.

Monday, July 19, 2010

37 Wonderful Years

So this last weekend we celebrated our 37 wedding anniversary. It gets you thinking of all that has happened in those years. In our first 7 years we moved 9 times.When we moved to Midvale we stayed in the same house for 21 years. We moved to St.George June 1 2001, then in Jan. 2002 we moved where we are right now. It's the first house we ever bought, we were both in our 50's crazy huh!
We've had 7 children and 2 miscarriage's in the first 9 years. Now we have 5 of the 7 married ,we have 1 daughter-in-law, and 4 sons-in-law, plus 16 of the most beautiful grandchildren ever!!!! We are sooooo blessed we love you all so much.
We've had a countless number of pets of every kind...when we left Midvale we said that if anybody dug up that yard,they would think it was a pet cemetary. I'm still a person who absolutely loves our pets, Jeff loves them too, even though he says he doesn't ,he has spoiled our dog Dolly beyond belief!
Jeff is the best husband ever...he has had to put up with me for all these years,and still a day doesn't pass that he doesn't tell me he loves me, he still opens the car door for me, he has always been a hands on dad....he has changed so many diapers in our baby day's . He's always been a good provider,even though we had a few rough spots when he couldn't find work, but we got through them. He has always honored his Priesthood and been able to give blessings when they were needed. He is just the best husband ever, I love him dearly..more with each passing day.
We've enjoyed many family camping outings when our kids were home, we don't go that often anymore and we both miss that. We are retired and money is tight ..but we still have each other,and that's what keeps us both going. We have become fans of jigsaw puzzels and watching some of those addictive t.v. programs ...like Bones, and all the csi's and Dancing with the stars. Jeff still reads ALOT, and I do facebook. All in all we are happy,and we look forward to our "golden" years together.

Monday, July 5, 2010

June is gone!

June was a month of getting things back to normal,and rearranging rooms to fit different beds. I started by cleaning out closets,lots of them,then figuring out what to put where.We had to put our 4 poster bed in the guest room, because we traded Kimi our bunk beds for her king size bed. It was a chore, but we finally got it done. We moved around the furniture around in our frontroom so we could put our couch under the window so Dolly could see outside easier. We also were able to get out my cat decorations and put them back out. Then we needed to clean out the trailer, that took one very warm day of cleaning to get everything clean and back to normal. But if I had it to do all over again I would take Kimi's family back in a heartbeat if they needed to come back again. I love them and miss them,and thier cats.
We were saddened by the news that uncle Arnold passed away early in the month of june(june 7) we will miss him We will be going to his memorial later this week, we will be going with dad and Dockie,it will be country I haven't seen before so the ride should be nice. I've heard Solvang is in pretty country.
We went to Pam's wedding in Richfield, it was a beautiful wedding, everything went off well and the Dinner was very good,and we enjoyed getting to see family. After the dinner me and Jeff headed to West Jordan,we went to Kimi's house,and we got to see our children that live in that area. We went for the purpose of seeing Jeff's brother who was in intensive care earlier in the week, he is doing better and we hope he has a speedy recovery,when he gets out of the hospital he has to go to a rehab center to help him recover better. Penny looked tired,but she seems to be doing okay, it's alot of stress, I'm sure.
Our new addition Petal is doing really good,she's adjusted to us and our home and the two other animals we have. She loves to cuddle, she talks alot,and she is soooo hairy,she leaves pieces of her hair everywhere,but she is cute and well loved. I watch our little neighbor boy next door,his name is Xave,and he loves to chase the kitties,so they go into hiding when he is around. Petal doesn't seem interested in going outside,so she is basically our only indoor cat, Dolly and fluffy go out whenever they want through the doggie door, and Petal watche's but never follows them out.
We went and saw Eclipse for my birthday ,and we both thought it was a really good movie, it's the first time we had to wait in line to see a twilight movie, but all in all it was a good time ,the people in line were freindly ,so the wait wasn't bad. I'm now in my last year of the fifties, crazy how fast time goes by. We enjoyed the fireworks on the 3rd of July , they were pretty and it wasn't to hot outside, there was a breeze so it felt nice .
I guess that's it for me this month, so till next time "Keep Smiling"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're empty nesters again!

Our sweet family of houseguests have decided to go back to thier home in West Jordan. We are missing them...and we are getting use to the "quiet".We were able to go and help them move , we did a game of switcher-roo, we traded our bunk bed and a chair for a King size bed and a lawn mower. Our trip there and back was interesting, we took Rae and 2 of thier 4 cats with us,we followed Jesse, Kim,Payton Little Jesse and Logen,and thier other 2 cats. They pulled a trailer full with all the stuff they had, plus the aquired items they have gotten since they moved to St.George. We got there( West Jordan) and they unpacked and we took a fridge to Shane's house ,then we went back to Kimi's and loaded the bed and lawn mower, and got ready to travel home. Our tarp didn't completely cover the bed, it looked like it "could" rain ,so Jesse offered us another tarp .Jeff said no it wasn't going to rain. So we headed for home, when the raindrops landed on the windshield Jeff said it doesn't count as rain unless he had to turn on the windshield wipers, the rain happened a few times, but the windshield wipers never went on.. It was a long day we got up at5:00a.m. and left St. George at 6:30 a.m., we got back to St.George at about8:30P.M. We had to put oil in Jeffs truck every 40-45 miles at 3 quarts each time ,we spent 100 dollars on just oil, we need to get his truck fixed!!!
So since we've been empty nesters again we have been rearrangeing all the rooms in our house. We had to move beds around we put the King size bed in our room and moved the 4 poster bed to the guest room. ,I think we are through with moving stuff, now we are in the process of cleaning out closets and then some drawers. I can hardly wait till everything is done...we also cleaned out the camp trailer...and got it back to normal.
So we have been blessed with another beautiful new cat. Our friends the Telfords gave us thier 1,100 dollar cat . Her name is Petal, she's gorgeous ...and she loves to talk alot like fluffy , Dolly (our dog) gets along well with both cats, the cats are not quite getting along yet, we figure it will take a few weeks, but both cats like Dolly, go figure!
On Memorial day we got to go to mDad and Dockie's for a barbecue, it was good, and fun, we don't seem to see them as much as we used to , cause they are gone so much with thier calling at the Meadows.
We finally turned on the A.C. on friday, it finally got hot like 98 degrees, it's suppose to be around the 105's for the rest of the week, so Summer is here. We are looking forward to a great summer.
That's it for now, keep smiling!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not much is going on.

Hi, This is May...can you believe it.This year is flying by! This has been a month where not much has happened. We are still doing indexing,and I have done a little with New Family Search, I think it's kind of confusing,but interesting. I think I like indexing a whole lot more!!!
Our yard has had alot of flowers blooming,it smells so pretty outside,we've had sunny wonderful weather for a day or two,then it changes to windy and cold again...It's been a roller coaster ride,but at least we haven't had to put up with the snow that many of you have had to do. This week should be nice in the 80's, I'm looking forward to it.
Kimi and Jesse and family are doing good...the girls did a hula dance, they did a super job.Kimi has been making baby blankets for the ward,she does well. She is also my visiting teaching companion. I have been so blessed Kimi keeps me company and helps me with my computer, and my cell phone,she's so gadget oriented she can figure out anything. I don't know what we are going to do when she leaves, we hope that thier home in West Jordan will sell so that they can move to St.George permantly.
The cat's are doing good Cloe (the one who got hit by a car) is doing better,she walks with a limp now,but she is making great progress. The rest of the cats are enjoying thier freedom,and they are getting big and fun to watch.
Jeff fell backwards and something snapped at the back of his knee, he has been on crutches for a couple of days, he say's it's starting to feel better...It gives him a good excuse to read and read and read,he's read 4 books this week. He also has been visiting and helping one of our families that we home teach(before he fell) and helping him with anything he might need. He's very great to help people in the ward, he's a good man,and I'm so glad he's mine!!
We are trying to go to Elkhorn in July...We haven't been camping for a long time,I can hardly wait,I love camping. We will take our tent, because our truck isn't working good enough to pull our trailer, it will still be fun, we've only been camping with our trailer once, we've used tents all our married life,so it won't be anything new!
Shane was made an Elder the first part of April,and Jeff was able to ordain him,it was a nice day, he had a brother in law and some people from our old ward in Midvale,and some people from the ward he's in now. Shane is blessed that he has such a special wife and kids that are so supportive. We thank Britt and Raymond and thier family who came and Wayne and Jean Perkins,and Randy Oliver,it was great that they could come.
I guess that's all that's going on for now,we hope that all of you are doing good. Keep Smiling!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Animal Lover?

So I need to do a post to explain whats been happening around here since Easter. Anybody that knows me knows how much I really love my animals. Since we came home from Shane and Anngee's, we have had some hard and sad experiences with our pets. Seems how the first day we went to Salt Lake my sweet George died(my pom), then when we came home we would walk dolly and I would miss george to walk...so we decided to get me another dog. We went to the Humane Society and picked out scooter(a terrier mix) We had him about a month , he loved to go for walks and he loved to play, but he was to hard on Dolly(our dog, that is George's daughter)so we had to take him back, he was adopted 3 hours after we took him back. Then for mothers day I got a kitty ,we named him Tippy. We then adopted a pom from a friend in the end of june,his name was Corky. So all our animals got along well. Tippy loved to run he was a super fast cat ,he loved outside, he would come in in the middle of the night and run all over us on the bed,meow and then run back outside, I loved that kitty sooo much. Then in October he ate or drank something that poisoned him(we think it was anifreeze from one of the neighbors), he only lived 12 hours after that. I was so sad . But I decided to put my full purpose on Corky, He was doing so good until thanksgiving, he then went blind, soon after that he went deaf, he would just go in circles,by december he to passed away. We had Kimi and Jesse and cats, and kitties moved in. I adopted one of her kitties, we thought it was a girl so we named her Precious and had so much fun with all these kitties, we later decided Precious was a boy. This kitty is so cute I have loved him so much. Well on Easter Sunday we discovered one of Kimi's cats (chloie) was not moving from the rug, Kimi went to pick her up and that's when we knew she was hurt, she yawled and cried when we moved her, we figured she had either been hit by a car or fallen off from a high place. So they decided on Monday morning they would take her to the Vet.....Monday morning came, I decided to find my cat...I went and called him ,and he didn't come, so Jeff came out to help me find him. Jeff found him....he had been hit by a car...he had been drinking water out of the gutter, he died,he was still warm Jeff said it had just happened. I can not express how sad I have been ....I MISS my kitty, I wish he could somehow come back. You would think I 'm not good with animals, but I love them and I amfeeling a little picked on...what are the odds that this keeps happening to me. Kimi's cat has a broken pelvis,and the vet said that she was definatly hit by a car...she should recover but will likely have a limp. So Our daughter Britteny needed someone torake care of her cat Fluffy Butt sooo I have Fluffy,and she is doing good, we don't know how old Fluffy is ,cause Britt adopted her when someone moved and left thier cat,sooo Britt took her in. Now Britt lives with her in-laws and they are allergic to cats, so I have this cute cat, she's adjusting well. Hopefully she'll survive us, we love her, she sleeps with us,and after a couple of weeks she likes all the other animals here too.
So that's what has happened to us as of late. Take care everyone,till nex time.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi, we are having a fun spring around here. We are looking foreward to Easter this weekend,and enjoying sharing it with Kimi,Jesse and family. We are going to color eggs tomorrow, it's suppose to warm up nicely,so maybe we can do it outside. The kid's wore thier Easter clothes last week to church seem's how conferance is this weekend, they looked so cute!

I watered the lawn out front for the first time this year, Jeff has had to mow the lawn twice so far this year. Our lilac bushes are getting ready to pop, a few of them have and they smell wonderful!! I love spring!!!

Our cats got fixed, the Washinton clinic let us borrow some pet carriers, so that made it easier. Kimi and Jesse took them in early last Saturday by 7:a.m., then at around 1:00 p.m., they went and got them and brought them home. My kitty Precious still was having a little problem, his back leg didn't want to work, but, by Saturday night his leg was back to normal. We had to make sure they didn't lick thier incision's so Jesse went to see how much it would cost to get cones to put on thier heads,$22 buck's each!!! So Jesse made cone's for all of them, it cost about $3 buck's for all of them!We took the cone's off on Wednesday night,they were sooo happy to get them off. Our cat that we got from Britt has began to be nice to the other kitties around, she loves to meow, she quite the talker, we decided her name should be Chatty Cathy.

I made it through the R.S. Birthday Party, so now I guess I can focus on Indexing again, I've been slacking off and I need to get back to doing indexing regularly. And it's fun to go to Relief Society and sit on the back row,and just enjoy the meeting, I love it.

Later this month we might get to go to Salt Lake,whenever we get the call from Shane saying he's ready to be made an Elder so his dad can go and ordain him . We are so happy for him and his family, to see them expanding thier horizons, and accepting the calling's in scouts...I know they will do a super job.

We are looking forward to a fun month,I love April and May,they are the best month's of the year for me.It seem's like St.George was wetter and colder than normal this year, but it's great that we should be great for water this year. I will enjoy the warm weather when it decides to come and stay...right now it's warm for a couple of days then cool for a couple of days,so I haven't been able to open my window's yet, and keep them open for a couple of month's before we have to turn on the a.c. I guess this is it for this month...Keep Smiling till next time!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our Daughter's

Our Grandkids, all 16 of them!!

Anngee, Shane, Braxton, and Boo

The finished Product!

Jesse working on it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Purr-fect month

Hi, our life has been exciting as you know since we have had Kimi and Jesse and family move in with us. They brought 6 animals 4 kittens and 2 cats. They are so entertaining. I adopted 1 of the kittens, we named her "Precious", we ended up calling him N.S.P. because he's not so precious.but he's sooo cute and I love him. Kimi's cats names are "Cloie",she's the cat they've had for a few years," Mow mow", the kitten they kept for Britteny, "Midge" and" Sir rena,"the 2 kittens that are precious's siblings. Thier mommy cat is "Sammy". They ended up taking Sammy to the humane society, and we ended up adopting one of Britteny's other cat "Fluffy butt", so we have 2 adult cats and 4 kittens and 1 dog, our Dolly. Now for the story of taking 4kittens and Dolly to get thier rabies shots.....first we had to catch them all and put them in the car,then we got Dolly(kimi and Jesse and family are in Salt Lake for 10 days,so they couldn't help us get them there,but they paid for all the shots) Any way we don't have pet carrier's , what fun...they yawled the whole way to Petco and were highly nervous, they tried to run through the windshild and bonked thier heads. Jeff is driving and holding Dolly,and I'm trying to keep 4 nervous cats calm. Soooo funny...they weren't calm. We finally got there and I got all the paperwork filled out...we took them in 2 at a time to get thier shots, it went okay till we got to the last 2 ,Sir rena and midge, they weren't budging...we finally got them out Jeff has the battlescars to prove it!! Any way we head for home, we get about 3 blocks from the house and we smell this awful smell...2 of the cat's have pooped in the car...Jeff goes to roll down the window, and I'm saying No! the cats will get out....we go to make a left turn on Main and !st and this lady is going the wrong way in our turn lane. Jeff and the lady are yelling at each other..Jeff explains she's in our lane ,she keeps screaming at him.... the cats are going crazy...Jeff calls the lady a not nice name. We finally get turned and get home. We got all the animals in the house , and then we cleaned the car...not a fun job. I told Jeff just wait...the next time we go to the Temple we will probbably run into that lady. Oh well, it's done. In 2 weeks it's time to take the kittens to Ivin's to get them fixed, Kimi and Jesse will be here to help, I'm sure it will be an adventure!!!
So last week we got to go to Salt Lake for our grandson's baptism, Braxton, he's Shane and Anngee's son. Shane baptised him and Jeff confermed him, it went so good!! all 16 of our grandchildren were there. I took picture's I'll post them when Kimi comes back...I don't know how.
Also Jesse fixed an overhead light for me in the dining room over our table, he took some shells from a present I got from Max and Mark a few years ago. It looks so amazing, I'll post that picture later also. I love it... it took him many hours and he did such a super job,he's so talented.
Jeff decided I've been to stressed lately so he went and asked the Bishop to release me from Relief Society. So after the R.S. B-Day party, I'll be done. I guess that will take some of the stress away.
It seems like we don't see Dad and Dockie as much as we used to...they go to the Meadow's for church now , we see them out in the yard every now and then, I miss not having them at church though.
We did have fun getting to visit with Nadine and Coy when we came back from Salt Lake, they put us up for the night, then the next morning Nadine tipped my hair for me, she's so nice,and I really like it, I gave her a trim and then we headed home. So our life has been busy this month,and it flew by...So till next time Keep Smileing!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

January is gone!

This month went by soooo fast. It was a good month, we had fun when our good friends Wayne and Jean Perkins come for a visit from Midvale. Jean and me served together in many calling's while we lived in Midvale,and we became good friends. Her husband just retired and so they have more free time on thier hands. Jean is the Relief Society in her ward currently,and he's the executive secretary, so they still don't get to go places too much, but we enjoyed our day together. We went to lunch at Poncho and Lefty's and talked and talked and talked. I wish they would move here, it would be so much fun.
Kimi and Jesse and family are doing well. We've lived under the same roof for a little over 2 months,and we still are getting along. It's so much fun to have someone to talk to while Jeff is reading. We are blessed because Jesse love's to cook ,and he's very good at it, a little too good, I think I'm gaining weight again(I have to blame someone other than me). Me and Kimi get to go to the store and do window shopping and such, I love having them here, it's good. They stay up alot later than we are used too, but they also sleep in a little longer than we do, but we are adjusting to each other's schedule okay. The kids are doing good also, they love to play outside and play video games, they are so full of energy. Kimi Rae and Payton have been coming to church with us on Sunday's and Kimi is now my visiting teacher partner, plus she recieved a calling yesterday as Baby blanket assistant coordinator, she gets to help make blankets, and give them to the new mother's in our ward. One thing about Kimi is she wear's these shoes that make her like a foot taller, so she is alway's asked to help when we need someone tall to help reach thing's at church, she is so good to help with a smile.
Our Corky has had a rough time of late, he went blind then he lost his hearing, and all he could do was walk in circles, on the 25th we noticed he was really quiet and not eating, we loved him and held him, we knew he was close to dying, he passed away at 8:00 p.m., we buried him out back under our tree, he's by Cockers and Tippy, no more animals are allowed to die at my house, I'm through, it's too hard when they pass, sooo they just have to live forever, I hope Dolly is listening.
Jeff's birthday was on the 26th, he got lot's of books and movies, and Jesse baked him a cake plus Kimi and Jesse gave him a couple of really fun shirts., we went out to dinner and saw the movie Avatar(very good movie). All in all it was a good day for him .Thanks to all who made the day special for him.
So Dad and Dockie got this new calling to go to the "Meadow's " for 2 years. So they had to have thier record's moved there. The Meadows is an assisted care facillity, and they help them with Indexing and that kind of thing. We are missing them coming to church with us, we have been sitting next to them in church for 8 years, now they are helping another ward with indexing and we lost 2 of the best indexer's we've had.
We are still indexing in our ward, the goal is lower this year and things are going well for us with that calling. As for me ,I have the lesson on Fast Day,and I'm nervous, you'd think I would get use to this, but it still scares me. I'm in charge of the Birthday social in March, I think I have that under control and all is going good.
Tomorrow Annie is coming to St. George, and we are spending the day together, I am looking forward to it,we will have fun.
I hope all is well with everyone, till next time Keep Smiling!

Monday, January 4, 2010


It's a new year,I am hoping things get better...but, I'm not going to hold my breath! We had a super fun Christmas, It's so much fun watching children open gifts!!! Jesse and Kimi brought in thier air mattress and slept on the frontroom floor, so they could make sure Santa didn't wake the kids when he came in, I'll post a picture, it was crowded but sooo much fun! We exchanged names with Jesse and Kimi's family, so on Christmas eve ,we had our Christmas dinner and told the Christmas story from the bible ,and opened our gifts that we drew names for. ...This was the latest i've ever slept in for Christmas, we opened presents at 8:30 a.m. We got awesome gifts from our children, lots of pictures of our beautiful grandchildren, everyone knows how much we love picture's. Kimi and Jesse gave us tickets for a dinner and a movie,plus cute picture's, Max and Mark made us a levi quilt, plus pictures, Shane and Anngee gave us a movie a book and a fingernail conditioning kit, plus a picture of Brax. Chelle and Scott gave us beautiful framed picture's of thier children, and Britt and Raymond gave us picture's of thier children.Dad and Dockie gave us money and we gave them money, so all in all we were super spoiled. And I might add we have the most beautiful grandchildren ever, just come to our house and look at all thier picture's.
On New year's we watched a bunch of good movies, with Kimi and Jesse, and then went outside and watched the fireworks at Midnight, and yelled happy New Year to everyone, then went to bed. The next day we had to throw out everything in our freezer, cause somehow the freezer got turned off, and everything it there was thawed and warm. I thought this is a great start to the new year. Our furnace quit working a couple of weeks before Christmas, we spent $132.00 on a part to fix it.... it still doesn't work, soooo thank heavens for the space heaters we have, and the fact we live in St. George, we manage to keep the house at at least 70 degree's , so it's all good.
Our dog Corky is having issue's, he went blind a couple of weeks before Christmas, we think he has cateracts, we can't afford to take him to the vet to have his eye's fixed, he was still doing okay untill a couple of day's ago, I think we may have to put him down, I'm not sure yet.
We are loving having Kimi's family live with us, we don't have to worry about thing's being too quiet. The girls are doing good in school, and little Jesse loves to play nintendo 64, the kids play outside alot, and they have alot of energy. We have kittens and cat's everywhere, and needless to say I have a new kitty, Precious. Kimi and Jesse inherited Britts cat mow mow, and it loves to hop in the dryer when we take clothes out of it, he's a strange silly but pretty cat. He's totally little Jesse's cat, they love each other and sleep by each other. The kittens are fun to watch play with each other.
Our ward indexing ended at 281,065 names, so we exceeded our goal,the bishop was very pleased, we don't know the goal for this year yet, we will find out this week at ward conferance, i'm sure.
We hope all is well with everyone and that you all have a prosperous new year, till next time,Keep Smiling!!