Our Marriage!!


Friday, February 27, 2009

New addition to our family.

Last FridayI went to the dentist to have one more tooth pulled---he pulled three. I am so ugly, it's very depressing. I don't go any where. I try not to talk to any one,if I do I keep my head down. I do go for walks with dolly and Jeff, and I go to help clean the building that we clean on Monday nights. The children I watch still like me even though I look bad. So Jeff finally caved in today and agreed to take me to the animal shelter,so I could pick out a dog. I've been missing George, and when we go for walks Jeff walks Dolly and I just tag along.So I picked out a 3 year old yorkie terrier, I've decided to call him "Scooter". He didn't have a name, he was a stray. So we've had him almost 3 hours,and he still can't figure out the doggie door, but he follows me around, and he follows Dolly, she's not sure what to think yet, she used to all the attention, so she has her nose bent out of shape. On Monday he has an appointment at the vet to be fixed and get his shots. Tomorrow he will get a trim and bath, me and Jeff will do that here,we'll see how that goes.I can tell he hasn't been in a house alot, but I think he likes it.
I think next week we will have to do some yard work, the weather is soooo nice and I think we need to turn the water on outside and mow the lawn ,and then start watering the lawn. If this nice weather keeps up, we should be able to turn off the heater, which would be great.
Well tomorrow will be interesting , our home teachers have asked us to go to thier house to play card games( I think they feel bad for us cause we have been such homebodies because of my toothless situation), so we are going to learn a new card game,and hang out with someone other than family,which hasn't happened for about 7 years. They are nice people, pretty close to our age, they've been married 1 year longer than us. It should be fun.
I hope every one has a great weekend, and keep blogging, I love reading them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some memories of mother.

Today is mothers birthday,she would have been 79.So I thought I would write some of the memories I have of her. I remember how I loved to watch her get ready for church when I was a little girl. I would watch her put on her makeup,I thought she looked so pretty when she would put on her lipstick. She would comb her hair,and make pretty waves in the front. I loved to sit next to her at church, I would listen to her sing, she sang good.
She had sooo many talents, it's quite amazing all the things she could do. She used to sew all our clothes. As school was getting ready to start, she would go to sewing, and made all our dresses. Crocheting, knitting,quilting, she could do it all. Painting pictures,any kind of craft,she was good at them all.Musically she could play the piano, guitar, acordian, and some instraments I don't recall the names of. Drawing, writing,doing hair. She could do anything she put her mind to.
She used to draw us paper dolls, and draw the clothes to put on them. Do little girls even play with paper dolls any more? She made barbie doll clothes for our barbies. She loved to play card games, she was so competitive, she would show no mercy, she played to win,her and Terry would play them alot. She watched Lawrence Welk, and loved Norma Zimmer on his show. She watch the soap As the World Turns. When she couldn't sleep at night,she would listen to those talk shows on the radio.She loved to go camping.
I remember Sat. nights all us girls would take our bath's, then she would sit us down in front of her,and curl our hair in those sponge rollers, and then we would get a pair of our undies and put them on our heads over the rollers to help the curlers stay in our hair when we went to bed. All this so we could have pretty hair for church. Mother would do canning, alot of canning, she would do bussels of peaches, or tomato's or what ever was in season. When it would come to baking pies, she would do 16 to 20 pies at a time and freeze them.
There was this one time when I was a senior in high school, and me and mother were driving somewhere, and the car we were in died on 39th south and highland drive.She got out of the car, took off her high heel opened the hood of the car,and banges something in there. she came back to the car and it started, she went back shut the hood of the car, got back in, and away we went. If it would have been me, I don't think I would have been as cool about it as she was. When I was in beauty college, she let me bleach her hair blonde, and let me use her as my model, and I did some strange hairdos on her, she was such a good sport.
I know I was her #1 problem child, and I'm sure I caused her more grief then any of her other children. I love her so much, and miss her daily. I dream about her alot, and I wish I had been a better daughter to her. All that being said...Happy Birthday Mother!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just another update on us.

Well,I've had a strange week. I've been twice to the college to get my teeth cleaned,Wow, what a long time to have your teeth worked on.But my teeth look alot prettier. Now on Friday I go and have more teeth pulled,and get fitted for my flipper. Then I will look like me again. I can go back to church and stay for the whole block, instead of leaving right after the Sacrament meeting. I have stayed home and not gone any where cause I look so bad. So I am looking forward to being able to go places again.
My awesome neighbor Tim has helped us get the internet, he is so good to us.I get to watch his sweet little boy a couple of times each week,he's two and keeps me busy when he's here, I get to take him for walks and play outside with him,he loves popcorn.
Me and Jeff do our daily walks with Dolly, and go to work on Monday nights, Jeff reads alot and I am crocheting, we are home most of the time,and we are doing okay. We have had alot of people look at the trailor, but no one has bought it yet. It has been a rainy week,and I miss the sunshine, but this afternoon it looks like maybe we are in for some sunshine, I love to sit outside and soak in all the sun. I can hardly wait for the new flowers to come up, my tulips are starting to come up through the ground, so cool, I love it.
We miss all of you, we look foreward to seeing Kimi this weekend. Every one take care,bye for now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay-here's how this works
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I'm supposed to thank Kimi for tagging me.

6 things about me.

1.I love pictures on my walls. They are covered. My honey says he needs to add a room to our house so I have more walls to hang pictures on. I have Picture's that my mother painted, pictures of L.D.S. temples and a picture of Christ in every room of our home, plus pictures of cowboys and Indians, and pictures of all our children and grandchildren. Kitties, and scenery.

2.Camping, I love to go camping,I miss getting to go as often as we used to . It was so much fun when we would take the kids and go every year. There's nithing like being out in the wilderness,and enjoying nature, and watching a roaring fire and roasting marshmellows.

3.I love animals. We have always had lots of animals.All kinds,a turtle(Pats) a rabbit, birds, aquarium s full of fish, dogs, and lots of cats. Cockers was my favorite cat. I still miss her, she had alot of personality, she was beautiful, and so loved. This last year my pom George passed away, I still tear up whenever I think of him. He was the best dog ever!!!Words can't express how much I miss him. Now we have just Dolly left, she's George's daughter, she is soooo cute and so spoiled and very much loved, I think she misses George too.

4.I love to rearange furniture, and do so alot. It's so much fun, I love to do this while Jeff is at work. When he gets home he just shakes his head and laughs at me . He thinks that's how I cure my boredom.

5.I like to crochet, thanks to Raymond for teaching me how, it's fun, I try to make blankets and try new things, but I'm not good at reading instructions. Someone has to show me how to do new stitches. But I do enjoy it.

6.My son Mark says I'm a collector of collections. I collect Kitties, Cowboys and Indians, birds,plates, and pictures . My yard and home have all these collections displayed, I love having these things all around me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Smiling

Well, things are going okay,we are alive. I did have to pull another tooth last Sat. It was one of my top front teeth, so right now I kind of resemble goofy.I am going to the college to have them work on my teeth ,they are going to have to put me under, to clean my teeth, they have to do it twice for three hours each time. Then the dentist is going to make me a flipper for my front teeth, the other tooth next to the one I pulled is broke,so they have to extract that tooth also. All of this will take 6 to 8 weeks ,I'm guessing. at any rate it will be good to have it done.
We are looking forward to Pat and Shane coming to visit and bring us another water heater this weekend, we will have 2 water heaters so we can fill our tub without running out of hot water.
I guess we are in for colder weather this weekend,we need the rain,so we will take it.We are still doing the cleaning the buildings thing, and it is a way to help us earn a little bit of money, and it helps. We hope every one is doing well .Take care till next time.