Our Marriage!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is officially here, we've hit the century mark and above now. It's totally okay with me,because we had a long wet spring.I still absolutly love living in St.George,I just wish more of our family would move here!!(I know nobody can stand the heat,but it really isn't that bad)

We are headed up to Salt Lake and Boise again,we leave for Salt Lake July 2, and then onto Boise on the 3, for Echo's blessing, we are taking Kimi and Britteny with us, we are going to have a fun trip, I'm excited. We are happy that we get to see Rochelle, Scott, and that sweet little family. We are headed back to Salt Lake on Sunday night. We need to thank Shane and Anngee and family for putting me and Jeff up for 2 nights, the added plus is, it's always fun to get to visit with Shane and Anngee. And we also need to thank Brit for letting Kimi stay with her, otherwise we wouldn't be able to go all the way to Boise without thier help!

We had a technology meltdown at our house, my computer died last month ,so we got a new computer, then last week our t.v. died, the second t.v. to die in six months. Any way we got a second new computer,so me and Jeff both have good computers at the same time. Now we need to look into getting a new t.v., I'm not sure when that will happen, but we are learning to adjust to a little t.v. in our frontroom for now any way.

So I was watering my indoor plants this last week, and there is this one plant that Brit gave me a year and a half ago, it's a pretty plant that sits in a Rooster panter , it's about 2 feet tall. Any way when she gave me the plant she accidentally left the price tag on it, let's just say it wasn't cheap...so, i thought "I'm going to take such good care of this plant" I've watered it every week and made sure it got plenty of sunlight. This time when watering, a piece of the plant fell off, I was like "oh no" and I looked closer ...the plant is PLASTIC!! Crazy huh! I had convinced myself that the plant was growing, and that it was getting more red leaves. I called Brit about it, she thought it was real also...Kimi swears it's real,cause she say's it's grown. at any rate I'm going to stop watering it, we'll see if it goes brown, and i'm putting it where the sun don't shine!!! It did make me laugh though,it's a funny story, although I do feel a bit stupid!

I hope everyone is doing well...Keep Smiling!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally Sun and Fun

Man it seems like it was a cold spring(even for St.George)! Here it is the 3 of June and we still haven't had to turn on the A.C.,usally by now it's been over a 100 degrees and we are really warm trying to find a way to cool off.
Me and Jeff went on a little trip last weekend. We went to Elsinore on Friday. Me and Nadine and Terry and Loralee went to mother's grave and put flowers on it ,and spruced it up so it looked nice. We saw Twila while we were there, it's fun to see your cousins that you don't see too often. We spent the night at Nadine's,watched a few good movies, we had a very good meal...Nadine is so good to us. Saturday Morning we got up and went to West Jordan, we got to spend time with Shane and Anngee and family. We all went to Midvale to place flowers on Grandpa and Grandma Floyd's grave. We went back to Shane's. Later me and Anngee and Boo went to Copperton to the cemetary there, she needed to place flowers on her grandparents grave's. Then Anngee drove me around that cute little town,sooo cool I had never been there. We went back to Anngee's and we fixed dinner, and watched a movie. Shane and Anngee are good to us also. Then we got up early on Sunday morning and headed for Boise to see Chelle and Scott and family ..they welcomed a new baby to thier cute little family,and we decided we were half way to Boise when we were in Salt Lake,we might as well go see our new granddaughter Echo, she is so precious, it was great to see the Brunson family and hold that sweet little Echo. They fed us lunch,it was really good. I held Echo for a little while longer...and then we were off agin ,headed back to Shanes. We were on the road 11 hours on Sunday, we had a major case of T.B. when we were through. We got to watch another movie when we got back to Shane's. We even got to see Pat and see some picture's on the progress he's making in building his new home. We got up and Shane fixed us breakfast , they are alway's doing stuff for us. I forgot to mention we did get to see Max and Mark and family for a short visit on Sunday night. Chelle asked us if we could take Max this excersice thingy,so we did, and got to see them. Anyway, we left for Elsinore again on Monday morning. Nadine let us take a tiller, we are hopeing we can make it work for our yard. We got home about 3:30 p.m.. Thanks to our Kimi for taking such good care of our animals while we were gone, she's good to us too.
Then we were happy to get to have Annie and Gary come and see us on Tuesday night. Gary had a dr's appt early on Wednesday morning, so we were excited that they wanted to spend the night at our house We went to Chuck A Rama and ate there. Annie helped us with our computers...and we had fun visiting with them.
We had a very busy but fun week... we usally just sit around and look at each other....so this was great. We hope everone is doing good....Keep Smiling!!