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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A trip in the fall!

I am so excited.....We are actually going to get to go camping!!! We are leaving on Sept 30 around noonish, we are going to Page Arizona, Lake Powell ,and check out the surrounding area's. We will come back Monday afternoon. We are taking our tent, and we have riged up some lounge chairs to work like cot's to sleep on,so we aren't on the ground. We aren't doing the cooking over the campfire thing, we figure we'll use grandpa's ice chest and pack some food for our daytrips that we have planned,but other than that we will do fast food. We are going in the Alero, so our space is very limited. But we are so looking forward to going! Kimi is going to watch our animals for us, so I think we are set.
I figured out how to use lds.org for scripture study,so cool, the computer reads the scripture's to me while I follow along, I can keep a journal,and underline my verse's that I want to. I think this is one of the coolest feature's ever,love it!
Dad and Dockie and Dwight, are off for a week, they went to Yellowstone, I hope they have a fabulous time. Dad and Dockie have been so stressed, and I think they need a diversion from all the problems they are going through right now. I swear my dad has got shorter and lost so much weight, I can see him aging now, and I think he needs to quit working, and just get moved to Annie's, so they don't have to worry about all the stuff that is happening.....I want to see them smile and be happy again. Annie you are the BEST to come to their aid and help them, Thank you!!
Indexing right now is such a PAIN, there is nothing that we can figure out how to do, the projects they have now are too hard to understand. The new census will be out in April, then we can go back to doing the stuff we understand. I can hardly wait. I can't figure out why they made us the Stake Indexing Leader's when we are so computer and technology challenged. We do the best we can, but it really makes our heads spin around at times.
We turned off our a.c. on the 15 of Sept, cause I refuse to run it any longer than that...the house has been a little warm this week, but it should cool down signifiantly in the next couple of weeks, anyway I hope so. We were blessed this has been the coolest summer we've had since we moved here in June of 2001, and we even got quite a bit of rain in the spring,so all in all it hasn't been to bad.
We are excited for the birth of our 18 grandchild coming in November, we can hardley wait to find out the baby's name. Brit and Ray choose the most unique names, it takes us a while to figure out how to spell them and figure out how they came to choose that name and what it signafies.
Jeff is still doing good at his job, and I'm still plugging along, our animals are all doing good, Demon kitty still keeps them all on their toe's, some day's it's a circus with all the rearranging of animals ,so they can all survive. That's it for now, I'll tell you how our camping trip went when we get back...Happy Fall every one!