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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Post This Year!

Life is going by so fast...I can't believe that 2012 is almost gone! For the most part it's been an okay year.Dad and Dockie moved, that's been the biggest change in our life here in St.George. We were blessed with another grandchild on September 21 Malcolm Rocco. He is such a cutie...he seems to be a really happy little guy...of course we aren't around him a whole lot,but when we have been,he doesn't hardly ever cry. He's always smiling! He's our 19th grandchild. We got to go to Boise when he was born and then we went back in December for his blessing and Corbin's baptism...good times.
Me and Jeff are still working at the Library, we will probably put in for my Social Security on my 62 b-day, at that time we will quit work and live on our S.S. That is if the goverment is still going by then, or if the world don't end on Dec.21,Ha Ha!
We enjoyed Max and Marks visit in July,they made my birthday so much fun.We also had a brief visit from Britt and Kimi in early June, they were good to come and help their dad,even if things didn't work out like we thought they would...it's all good, and we're through with that...yippy!
We see a lot of Dad and Dockie...they come quite often for visits, we love it when they come.They sold the other side of their property,so they've had to come and empty out the 2 sheds they had there, they got 1 done, 1 more to go! They are finding it difficult to decide what to do with all the stuff they left over there!
In October we took Harley to Dockie's grand daughter, she found him a home...he now lives with James and Wendy,Dockie's grandson. I hear he's loving it there with them ...I'm so  glad someone has enough energy to take care of that hyper dog, he's cute but man he never quits, he has so much energy, he wore us out!
Dolly is still as spoiled as ever, we really don't know what we would do without her, she's 8 1/2 years old now, she rules the the whole household. We still have our cats Fluffy and Petal, they are doing good, they look so pretty with their winter coats on!
We didn't get to go camping even once this year! So sad...but we will next summer, we will be done with work so we can get away,I can hardly wait! We want to do something fun for our Anniversary...it will be our 40th one, that's a pretty good milestone,we want to get to do something fun!
We are looking forward to 2013...we hope it will be a good year for every one. that's it for this post..Keep smiling!!