Our Marriage!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My honey has been lucky enough to get to go to the Verterans clinic for some health issues he's had. The first thing that really caught their attention was Jeff's blood pressure. They asked him if he had a headache, he said no, they asked if he had been having any recently ,again he said no. They were shocked and told him his blood pressure was dangerously high. He told them he hadn't been on blood pressure pills for 3 years cause we couldn't afford to go to the doctor in order to get a perscription. They put him on blood pressure pills on the spot and gave him a perscription to get more pills, he was there 3 hours, they wouldn't let him leave until his blood pressure came down. One of the side affects of the pills is that it makes him drowsy, they also put him on some pain killer for his knee, the side affect of that pill is drowsiness also. So needless to say he is constantly falling asleep. Church has been a real struggle for him to stay awake. They ended up putting him on different pills for his blood pressure, and he quit taking the pain killers,and now he can stay awake. They also checked his ears...he's getting hearing aids, I guess it wasn't a case of selective hearing! So now he has to go back in May so they can make sure these blood pressure pills are working. And by the way his job is working out great, the extra cash is really helpful. We have had fun working in the yard , spring flowers are coming out and the grass is green. The weather has been crazy... but my garden is still growing for the most part, i have one plant that looks dead, but the rest are doing good. I love spring and I love getting to walk and enjoy the scenery. We bought a couple of dvd's Tangled, and Tron , they were both good. It's cheaper to buy the dvd's, then to go and see the movies in the theater.