Our Marriage!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another month is gone, October already, Wow!!

We've had a pretty good month. We have been busy with our ward callings, me and Jeff each did our indexing and did 4500 names each. I gave my lesson in Relief Society, I think I did okay,it scares me soooo bad. I'm not a good public speaker, I get super nervous, but I won't have to do it again for at least 3 to 4 months . Our R.S. is having a holiday party ,and for that I have to learn how to hula, I'm trying to learn, i'm danceing in 2 numbers, one with alot of ladies from the ward, I'm in the back so maybe i can hide, the other number is with the R.S. presidency, I don't think I can hide for that one. But i have like 6 weeks to learn them so maybe with alot of practice I can do it.
I got the flu at the beginning of last month, and I am just now getting over with it, I still have a bad cough, but at least i'm doing better, it's the pitts,try to not get it. Jeff had it for like one week, he got over it easier than I did.
We've been to kolob a quite a bit this month, Jeff and my dad are working on the Bishop's cabin, they've been plumbing for him. Me and Dockie got to go with them a couple of times, the leaves are changing and it's a nice ride. We saw wild turkeys the other day, and dad and Jeff say they've seen deer close by the cabin. It will be nice when it's done!
Dockie is still in her wheel chair alot, her knee is really giving her fits,I hope they figure out how to help her soon, she's getting tired of not being able to do the things she likes to do.
Becky and Mike invited us and dad and Dockie to thier home for dinner a couple of weeks ago, Becky fixed us a very good meal, and after that we played hand and foot(a card game), we had so much fun. They live in a really nice condo in washington by the wal-mart there, they aren't to far away and it's fun to get together with them.
Our animals are all doing good, they keep us entertained with all the crazy things they do, we try and take them for walks and they hate it when we're gone for more than a couple of hours, when we get home they go nuts when they see us come home and they act like they haven't seen us in a week. It's nice to be missed .
The weather has cooled off alot, and we were finally able to turn our a c off, we opened windows and let the house air out, and we enjoy sitting outside in the nicer days.
I really wish we could see our children and grandchildren more, we miss them so much. This economy is hard on all of us and it's hard to get the extra cash to get to travel to visit. It's been a tough time for us in that way, but hopefully things will get better.
We hope all is going good for all of you, keep smiling till next time, bye for now!