Our Marriage!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Goodness September got here fast. I'm posting just cause it's been forever since the last post.Our life isn't too exciting, we haven't been on any fun camping trips, nobody seems to come here much since Dad and Dockie moved, I guess it's a good thing that me and Jeff have each other,cause we are the only people we see most of the time.
We did get to go out to dinner last Friday night with some great friends from Midvale, Wayne and Jean Perkins.They are always fun to talk to and catch up on all the people we knew in Midvale...although they just moved from there also, they are building a home in West Jordan,things are a changing!
Jeff Putnum, the people who bought Dad and Dockie's house are really changing the way the yard looks. They have decided to put new sprinkling system in, and have taken down all the sheds out back, he took out the pond also. We were asked if we would like the lamp post that Dockie's brother Deloy made that was in the front yard, and we of course said yes. It looks great in our front yard, it was a major pain to get out of the other yard,but, we love it.Also on the inside, they took out the old carpets at the back of the house and put in tile, I haven't seen it yet, i figure I'll wait till Mary is moved in...then maybe she'll invite me over.
We are waiting for a call from our Rochelle that will let us know when we can go to Boise, she is carrying our 19th grandchild...we don't know what gender the baby is yet, they are doing it the old fashioned way, wait and see who comes out. We can hardly wait.
So other than the fact we go to work every Thurs., Fri., and Sat., night,and to church every Sunday, and we do our visiting teaching and home teaching, this is what our life consist's of,we do get to do yard work too! But that's pretty much it, us in a nutshell.
We love the weather is getting a little cooler...and I can hardly wait for decorating for Christmas!! Take care, and Keep Smiling