Our Marriage!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Time goes by fast...even if you aren't having fun!

It hasn't even reached Sept. yet, and I'm posting a new blog!! August has been somewhat warm here, I look forward to being able to turn off the A.C. and opening windows. We should be able to do it by mid Sept. We want to turn our wood burning fireplace into a gas one. We are doing this cause it's cheaper than trying to fix our furnace that doesn't work....so if we have the gas fireplace and a space heater in our room , that should do the trick for us ,because our home is small.
Petal (the cat we got in June) has finally figured out the pet door,and goes in and out as she pleases now. She gets along great with our dog and our other cat now also,she has an anoying meow and leaves furballs where ever she goes because she is so hairy. She has some mats,we've tried everything to get them off, we think maybe we'll have to shave her. (hey girls remember when you shaved Kittan)Maybe I can get the girls to shave Petal!!
Jeff and dad went to Lander to plumb a house for a friend in the ward here,and was gone for 5 days. I was so glad when they came home. I don't enjoy being by myself for that long. Today they are up working on the Bishops cabin in the Kolob canyon area. Dad and Dockie are leaving Sunday to go on a vacation with her son Dwight...they are headed to the redwoods in California. We will clean the Workforce Services building all week for them, they should be back the following Sunday.
Kimi and Jesse and family came and spent the night last Tuesday, then left Wednesday night for Vegas, they will come back on Sat.or Sun. night and spend the night another day or two. I'm glad we are on the way to Vegas, cause we get to see our kids when they are headed to Vegas. We get Rochelle, Scott and her family in Sept. ,we can hardly wait to get to see them next.
Well I guess this is it for now, I hope everyone had a super summer..Cause i think it's almost time for Fall. Keep Smiling!!