Our Marriage!!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Te-aH camping trip

We got to go camping last wenesday up on Cedar mountain by Navajo lake. We were happy that Nadine invited us to go with camping with her and Coy and a couple of their children. When we got close to the campsite it looked like it would soon be raining,so we hurried up and set up camp. It took us a good 2 hours to get set up. We got done before Nadine ,Coy,and Kenneth ,and Ashly got there. They got all set up and then it decided to rain,not alot ,it would rain for a few minutes and then stop. But it was all good,because it didn't have a downpour. We had fun visiting and the area is soooo pretty. The next day we decided we would go to the lake and watch those Christensens fish, me and Jeff don't like fish and we don't do the fishing thing. The lake was pretty and Kenneth and Coy got out to the middle of the lake and were fishing,Nadine was going to fish from the shore. Me and Jeff set up some chairs and were doing our word finds, when I decided I was too cold ,so we decided we would watch from the car.About 10 minutes later it started raining and there was thunder and lightning, needless to say Kenneth and Coy had to come to shore, and we went back to the campsite for lunch. We decided that on thursday night we would have dutch oven chicken at Nadines campsite,Pam came up for dinner that night. Nadine had a campfire going and we were getting ready to put the dutch ovens in the fire, it was a little rainy but not bad. Coy and Kenneth had gone back to the lake to try fishing again. Then at about 7:30 p.m. when we had everything on the fire we had our down por, then it started hailing, the fire went out everything was wet. We took our dutch oven to our campsite, and proceded to put it on our campstove to try and get it cooked. Ashly went to see if Coy and Kenneth were alright cause it had been a while since the storm had stopped. They found them they were fine wet,but fine. Meanwhile,we thought that our tent had held up pretty good to the storm. It looked like there were some blankets that got a little wet,but all in all it looked okay. We put our cover over the table back up. and got the food done, we decided to just stay at our camp cause it was to far to carry it back to Nadine's campsite. The dutch oven chicken tuned out fine...but our cherry cobbler didn't work,we ended up throwing it out. When we went to bed that night ,we discovered our blakets were soaked and there were places in the tent with puddles. I froze that night and told Jeff we needed to go home and dry everything out. So Friday morning we folded up camp and came home. Nadine and Coy and their kids stayed for another night, I hope it didn't rain on them again! Nadine said the down pour was worse then what happened at Elkhorn, she say's whenever she goes camping it rains. It's funny but it didn't start raining until Nadine got there. We loved the area and will go back there another time, but we decided we would do it next year in mid august after the rainy season is done!!!It was still fun right up until the hailstorm that brought 1/2 inch of rain in 35 minutes.My Kimi will post pictures for me on this blog a little later tonight, i'm not that smart I can't do it. Any way we still love camping and we will try again next year. Thanks Nadine for a fun time...we love ya.

Monday, July 19, 2010

37 Wonderful Years

So this last weekend we celebrated our 37 wedding anniversary. It gets you thinking of all that has happened in those years. In our first 7 years we moved 9 times.When we moved to Midvale we stayed in the same house for 21 years. We moved to St.George June 1 2001, then in Jan. 2002 we moved where we are right now. It's the first house we ever bought, we were both in our 50's crazy huh!
We've had 7 children and 2 miscarriage's in the first 9 years. Now we have 5 of the 7 married ,we have 1 daughter-in-law, and 4 sons-in-law, plus 16 of the most beautiful grandchildren ever!!!! We are sooooo blessed we love you all so much.
We've had a countless number of pets of every kind...when we left Midvale we said that if anybody dug up that yard,they would think it was a pet cemetary. I'm still a person who absolutely loves our pets, Jeff loves them too, even though he says he doesn't ,he has spoiled our dog Dolly beyond belief!
Jeff is the best husband ever...he has had to put up with me for all these years,and still a day doesn't pass that he doesn't tell me he loves me, he still opens the car door for me, he has always been a hands on dad....he has changed so many diapers in our baby day's . He's always been a good provider,even though we had a few rough spots when he couldn't find work, but we got through them. He has always honored his Priesthood and been able to give blessings when they were needed. He is just the best husband ever, I love him dearly..more with each passing day.
We've enjoyed many family camping outings when our kids were home, we don't go that often anymore and we both miss that. We are retired and money is tight ..but we still have each other,and that's what keeps us both going. We have become fans of jigsaw puzzels and watching some of those addictive t.v. programs ...like Bones, and all the csi's and Dancing with the stars. Jeff still reads ALOT, and I do facebook. All in all we are happy,and we look forward to our "golden" years together.

Monday, July 5, 2010

June is gone!

June was a month of getting things back to normal,and rearranging rooms to fit different beds. I started by cleaning out closets,lots of them,then figuring out what to put where.We had to put our 4 poster bed in the guest room, because we traded Kimi our bunk beds for her king size bed. It was a chore, but we finally got it done. We moved around the furniture around in our frontroom so we could put our couch under the window so Dolly could see outside easier. We also were able to get out my cat decorations and put them back out. Then we needed to clean out the trailer, that took one very warm day of cleaning to get everything clean and back to normal. But if I had it to do all over again I would take Kimi's family back in a heartbeat if they needed to come back again. I love them and miss them,and thier cats.
We were saddened by the news that uncle Arnold passed away early in the month of june(june 7) we will miss him We will be going to his memorial later this week, we will be going with dad and Dockie,it will be country I haven't seen before so the ride should be nice. I've heard Solvang is in pretty country.
We went to Pam's wedding in Richfield, it was a beautiful wedding, everything went off well and the Dinner was very good,and we enjoyed getting to see family. After the dinner me and Jeff headed to West Jordan,we went to Kimi's house,and we got to see our children that live in that area. We went for the purpose of seeing Jeff's brother who was in intensive care earlier in the week, he is doing better and we hope he has a speedy recovery,when he gets out of the hospital he has to go to a rehab center to help him recover better. Penny looked tired,but she seems to be doing okay, it's alot of stress, I'm sure.
Our new addition Petal is doing really good,she's adjusted to us and our home and the two other animals we have. She loves to cuddle, she talks alot,and she is soooo hairy,she leaves pieces of her hair everywhere,but she is cute and well loved. I watch our little neighbor boy next door,his name is Xave,and he loves to chase the kitties,so they go into hiding when he is around. Petal doesn't seem interested in going outside,so she is basically our only indoor cat, Dolly and fluffy go out whenever they want through the doggie door, and Petal watche's but never follows them out.
We went and saw Eclipse for my birthday ,and we both thought it was a really good movie, it's the first time we had to wait in line to see a twilight movie, but all in all it was a good time ,the people in line were freindly ,so the wait wasn't bad. I'm now in my last year of the fifties, crazy how fast time goes by. We enjoyed the fireworks on the 3rd of July , they were pretty and it wasn't to hot outside, there was a breeze so it felt nice .
I guess that's it for me this month, so till next time "Keep Smiling"