Our Marriage!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

A trip in the fall!

I am so excited.....We are actually going to get to go camping!!! We are leaving on Sept 30 around noonish, we are going to Page Arizona, Lake Powell ,and check out the surrounding area's. We will come back Monday afternoon. We are taking our tent, and we have riged up some lounge chairs to work like cot's to sleep on,so we aren't on the ground. We aren't doing the cooking over the campfire thing, we figure we'll use grandpa's ice chest and pack some food for our daytrips that we have planned,but other than that we will do fast food. We are going in the Alero, so our space is very limited. But we are so looking forward to going! Kimi is going to watch our animals for us, so I think we are set.
I figured out how to use lds.org for scripture study,so cool, the computer reads the scripture's to me while I follow along, I can keep a journal,and underline my verse's that I want to. I think this is one of the coolest feature's ever,love it!
Dad and Dockie and Dwight, are off for a week, they went to Yellowstone, I hope they have a fabulous time. Dad and Dockie have been so stressed, and I think they need a diversion from all the problems they are going through right now. I swear my dad has got shorter and lost so much weight, I can see him aging now, and I think he needs to quit working, and just get moved to Annie's, so they don't have to worry about all the stuff that is happening.....I want to see them smile and be happy again. Annie you are the BEST to come to their aid and help them, Thank you!!
Indexing right now is such a PAIN, there is nothing that we can figure out how to do, the projects they have now are too hard to understand. The new census will be out in April, then we can go back to doing the stuff we understand. I can hardly wait. I can't figure out why they made us the Stake Indexing Leader's when we are so computer and technology challenged. We do the best we can, but it really makes our heads spin around at times.
We turned off our a.c. on the 15 of Sept, cause I refuse to run it any longer than that...the house has been a little warm this week, but it should cool down signifiantly in the next couple of weeks, anyway I hope so. We were blessed this has been the coolest summer we've had since we moved here in June of 2001, and we even got quite a bit of rain in the spring,so all in all it hasn't been to bad.
We are excited for the birth of our 18 grandchild coming in November, we can hardley wait to find out the baby's name. Brit and Ray choose the most unique names, it takes us a while to figure out how to spell them and figure out how they came to choose that name and what it signafies.
Jeff is still doing good at his job, and I'm still plugging along, our animals are all doing good, Demon kitty still keeps them all on their toe's, some day's it's a circus with all the rearranging of animals ,so they can all survive. That's it for now, I'll tell you how our camping trip went when we get back...Happy Fall every one!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

September is coming!

So we have been doing okay lately ...we don't go many places,but home is a good place to be. We are finding that indexing is way harder than it use to be and not near as much fun...we are at a loss as to what to do about it.
We have several people that we dearly love going through some rough times right now, the sweet people we take to church every week, he fell and had to get stitches in his leg, later that night he complained he didn't feel well, he fainted,and because he's a rather large man, they ened up calling 911. Now he has been in the hospital for several days, then he will go to a rehab center, till he can walk and hold his own weight . Another sweet lady in our ward, one whose been having problems lifting her arms...I've been going over to her house every week now for about 6 months to roll her hair. Any way she fell also, she waited a few days to be checked at the Dr's , she banged up her leg real good it's red and swollen an the cut looks bad, when her son finally got her to go in...it turns out she has a concusion. She can't eat and can't sleep and bless her heart I feel so bad for her. She's lived in St.George for forever,she knew mother,and she's the lady that drove grandma Leany to Phoenix when Leana was born. I hate seeing all the problems these sweet people have as they age. Make's me a little nervous, we are starting to get up there in age too.
It's been a little warm here lately, but all in all it's been a mild summer. I can hardley wait for fall to arive, when it cools a little we can turn off the a.c. and open windows and air out our house and not have to pay for the high cost that it is to run the a.c. My garden this year kind of got destroyed by big honkin grasshoppers, they ate most of the tomatos and peppers, but we did get carrots.
My sweetie is still doing well at his job, strange hours, but we are adjusting. The animals are all still doing the same, Harley is such a live wire sooo much energy, Dolly is still VERY spoiled, and our 2 cats are still doing fine, they still go the rounds with Kimi's demon kitty, Kimi's other kitty is such a good cat, it's a lap cat and he's big and lovable.
Dad and Docky are having alittle bit of a rough go of late..we love them and are concerned about them , and we hope they can get some answers to some of thier issues soon, they need to have less stress in thier lives.
We are counting our blessings, we are alive and well for the most part. We are getting excited for our next grandchild to arrive in November...we can hardley wait to see what they name her,Britt and Raymond really come up with some interesting names. We hope to be able to invest in a new t.v. by the end of October. We hope that everyone is doing good..Keep Smiling!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Does any one else just get tired? I'm tired cause sleep is hard to come by for me, I never get to sleep more than an hour at a time. I'm tired of never getting to go anywhere, we are kind of stuck in a rut....we haven't been able to go camping,I miss that soooo much. Tired of never having the funds to do much of anything.Tired of wondering if we will ever get more names that our stake can do for indexing, or if we'll make the goals that have been set. Tired of hoping and wishing for all of our children to have jobs and a way to provide for thier families. Tired of wanting to be more fit...trying to figure out when I can get a grip on me to do what I need to do ,to be more healthy.Tired of trying to figure out what animals to let in the house at what time,because they don't all tolerate each other. Tired of being alone every morning until 1:30 in the afternoon,with no one to talk to ,and trying to make sure my dogs don't bark and wake up my sweetie, cause he's worked through all the early morning hours. Tired of crying cause I feel like I'm a lost cause. I miss being happy, and having friends I can talk to.
Now with all that said...I want you to know we are blessed ,we have a home, transportation, a great ward and my parents right next door. I love St.George, even though some of my children describe this town as hot as hell. I still think it's an awesome place to live, and I especially love it from Sept to June ,cause the weather is PERFECT! Being next door to Dad and Dockie makes it so we get to see my brother and sisters alot, cause they when they come to see Dad, they stop off and see us too, I love it!
I guess I'm just feeling a little down and needed to vent...I guess now I can go back to my indexing and see if there are any projects I can do!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I married the sweetest man in the whole world!!

Today is our 38th wedding Anniversary. I am so blessed to call him my eternal companion,partner,best friend,better half,husband! He is my world,I would be lost without him.We have had our up's and down's, but we always had each other, and made it through them.He makes me laugh and sometimes cry. He's supportive, and lovable,he's versitle, he sometimes has a beard, sometimes he doesn't...it goes from general conference,Oct-April beard, Apr-Oct, no beard, It's been like that our whole married life. He loves me even though through the years I have got "fluffy", he still loves me as much as ever, he stil opens doors for me ,holds my hand whenever we walk anywhere. We still argue over who loves the other one the most, we tell each other many times a day "I love you". We have 7 Awesome children,we gained 5 more through the mariages ,and 17 of the cutest granchildren ever. We are truly still happy and so much in love. We are blessed, I married the sweetest man in the whole world. Happy Anniversary my Jeff, I DO love you the MOST!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Demon kitty

As you might know we have 2 cats that we really love and enjoy,Fluffy and Petal. They are great with each other,and even our dogs. Then last Feb. our daughter Kimi asked us if we would care for thier 2 cats till they found them another place to live( they are staying with Jesse's parents until their luck changes) At first they said it would be a month or two. The 2 cats they brought are Serina and Chloe. At first they stayed hidden in the middle room under the bed...it took them a couple of weeks to come out and wander around. They were both lovable at first... then something changed Chloe decided she didn't want the other cats around her(even Serena,who she's been with ever since he was born) At first she would just attack our Fluffy(fluffy is the sweetest kitty) then she started going after Petal ,Petal tried to hold her own ground but Chloe was just too mean ...pretty soon my cats just try to stay out of her way. This meant they would stay outside, they would only venture to come in when they were hungry. Soon Chloe(Demon kitty) figured out how to get outside ,she would go on the attack every time she saw them,inside or outside. We finally decided we would have to put Demon kitty in the middle room all by herself, so our other cats could come inside. Then that Demon kitty figured out how to open the door. Totally frustrated we just had to keep an eye on Demon Kitty ,and when we would hear an attack happening,we would grab her and put her in her room. Then she decided it was time to attack the dogs, ....you ought to see her run when the dogs go after her. The dogs DON'T like her now. Well a couple of days ago demon came up with another way to go after our cats... we have a doggie door, now she sits by it and waits for one of our kitties to come in that doggie door,and she runs and hits that door and it hits the cat's trying to come in. She hisses at them, and doesn't let them in. Now our cats won't use the doggie door, they meow at the front door to be let in. When Demon kitty wants out of her room and she can't get the door to open she hits the door over and over again, we try to ignore her , but at 2a.m. it really gets annoying.
Now this is our dillema Chloe when she is with you on a one to one basis...she is so lovable she head butts you and purrs and it so sweet and it's hard to believe this is the same kitty that is causing all the grief that she does. She's Kimi's kitty we love our children and grandchildren sooo much,and we want them to be able to have both their kitties when life turns around for them. It's just somewhat frustrating...and we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I guess I just needed to vent. I feel much better now!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is officially here, we've hit the century mark and above now. It's totally okay with me,because we had a long wet spring.I still absolutly love living in St.George,I just wish more of our family would move here!!(I know nobody can stand the heat,but it really isn't that bad)

We are headed up to Salt Lake and Boise again,we leave for Salt Lake July 2, and then onto Boise on the 3, for Echo's blessing, we are taking Kimi and Britteny with us, we are going to have a fun trip, I'm excited. We are happy that we get to see Rochelle, Scott, and that sweet little family. We are headed back to Salt Lake on Sunday night. We need to thank Shane and Anngee and family for putting me and Jeff up for 2 nights, the added plus is, it's always fun to get to visit with Shane and Anngee. And we also need to thank Brit for letting Kimi stay with her, otherwise we wouldn't be able to go all the way to Boise without thier help!

We had a technology meltdown at our house, my computer died last month ,so we got a new computer, then last week our t.v. died, the second t.v. to die in six months. Any way we got a second new computer,so me and Jeff both have good computers at the same time. Now we need to look into getting a new t.v., I'm not sure when that will happen, but we are learning to adjust to a little t.v. in our frontroom for now any way.

So I was watering my indoor plants this last week, and there is this one plant that Brit gave me a year and a half ago, it's a pretty plant that sits in a Rooster panter , it's about 2 feet tall. Any way when she gave me the plant she accidentally left the price tag on it, let's just say it wasn't cheap...so, i thought "I'm going to take such good care of this plant" I've watered it every week and made sure it got plenty of sunlight. This time when watering, a piece of the plant fell off, I was like "oh no" and I looked closer ...the plant is PLASTIC!! Crazy huh! I had convinced myself that the plant was growing, and that it was getting more red leaves. I called Brit about it, she thought it was real also...Kimi swears it's real,cause she say's it's grown. at any rate I'm going to stop watering it, we'll see if it goes brown, and i'm putting it where the sun don't shine!!! It did make me laugh though,it's a funny story, although I do feel a bit stupid!

I hope everyone is doing well...Keep Smiling!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally Sun and Fun

Man it seems like it was a cold spring(even for St.George)! Here it is the 3 of June and we still haven't had to turn on the A.C.,usally by now it's been over a 100 degrees and we are really warm trying to find a way to cool off.
Me and Jeff went on a little trip last weekend. We went to Elsinore on Friday. Me and Nadine and Terry and Loralee went to mother's grave and put flowers on it ,and spruced it up so it looked nice. We saw Twila while we were there, it's fun to see your cousins that you don't see too often. We spent the night at Nadine's,watched a few good movies, we had a very good meal...Nadine is so good to us. Saturday Morning we got up and went to West Jordan, we got to spend time with Shane and Anngee and family. We all went to Midvale to place flowers on Grandpa and Grandma Floyd's grave. We went back to Shane's. Later me and Anngee and Boo went to Copperton to the cemetary there, she needed to place flowers on her grandparents grave's. Then Anngee drove me around that cute little town,sooo cool I had never been there. We went back to Anngee's and we fixed dinner, and watched a movie. Shane and Anngee are good to us also. Then we got up early on Sunday morning and headed for Boise to see Chelle and Scott and family ..they welcomed a new baby to thier cute little family,and we decided we were half way to Boise when we were in Salt Lake,we might as well go see our new granddaughter Echo, she is so precious, it was great to see the Brunson family and hold that sweet little Echo. They fed us lunch,it was really good. I held Echo for a little while longer...and then we were off agin ,headed back to Shanes. We were on the road 11 hours on Sunday, we had a major case of T.B. when we were through. We got to watch another movie when we got back to Shane's. We even got to see Pat and see some picture's on the progress he's making in building his new home. We got up and Shane fixed us breakfast , they are alway's doing stuff for us. I forgot to mention we did get to see Max and Mark and family for a short visit on Sunday night. Chelle asked us if we could take Max this excersice thingy,so we did, and got to see them. Anyway, we left for Elsinore again on Monday morning. Nadine let us take a tiller, we are hopeing we can make it work for our yard. We got home about 3:30 p.m.. Thanks to our Kimi for taking such good care of our animals while we were gone, she's good to us too.
Then we were happy to get to have Annie and Gary come and see us on Tuesday night. Gary had a dr's appt early on Wednesday morning, so we were excited that they wanted to spend the night at our house We went to Chuck A Rama and ate there. Annie helped us with our computers...and we had fun visiting with them.
We had a very busy but fun week... we usally just sit around and look at each other....so this was great. We hope everone is doing good....Keep Smiling!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My honey has been lucky enough to get to go to the Verterans clinic for some health issues he's had. The first thing that really caught their attention was Jeff's blood pressure. They asked him if he had a headache, he said no, they asked if he had been having any recently ,again he said no. They were shocked and told him his blood pressure was dangerously high. He told them he hadn't been on blood pressure pills for 3 years cause we couldn't afford to go to the doctor in order to get a perscription. They put him on blood pressure pills on the spot and gave him a perscription to get more pills, he was there 3 hours, they wouldn't let him leave until his blood pressure came down. One of the side affects of the pills is that it makes him drowsy, they also put him on some pain killer for his knee, the side affect of that pill is drowsiness also. So needless to say he is constantly falling asleep. Church has been a real struggle for him to stay awake. They ended up putting him on different pills for his blood pressure, and he quit taking the pain killers,and now he can stay awake. They also checked his ears...he's getting hearing aids, I guess it wasn't a case of selective hearing! So now he has to go back in May so they can make sure these blood pressure pills are working. And by the way his job is working out great, the extra cash is really helpful. We have had fun working in the yard , spring flowers are coming out and the grass is green. The weather has been crazy... but my garden is still growing for the most part, i have one plant that looks dead, but the rest are doing good. I love spring and I love getting to walk and enjoy the scenery. We bought a couple of dvd's Tangled, and Tron , they were both good. It's cheaper to buy the dvd's, then to go and see the movies in the theater.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Animals galore...so much fun!

So as most of you know , we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The dog's names are Dolly, and Harley. The cat's name's are Fluffy and Petal. We have been taking care of Kimi's cats for her for a while until their situation change's and they can get them back. Her cat's names are Sirena,and Chloe. The cats are bigger than the dog's except for Chloe. This morning I went outside to water my garden ,and all the animals followed me outside. Our Harley is a ball of endless energy, he was running around the back yard going in circles so blasted fast, when all of a sudden our cat Petal decided she would attack Harley. Harley loved it ..and egged her on ,the 2 of them chased each other all around the yard. Kimi's cat Sirena decided to climb up the tree to get out of the way. Fluffy decided she would watch all the fun by me...Chloe was under the chair and attacked Fluffy...and Dolly just laid there and watched. Soooo funny...all these animals trying to coexist with each other when each one is so different from the other one. I love them all so much,and I love the way they keep me entertained. Our pet's are the best. I love sitting at the computer trying to do my indexing, with Fluffy laying right in front of my computer screen ,and Harley by my feet , trying to get me to play with him, Petal and Chloe hissing and growling at each other down the hall,Sirena on our bed asleep and Dolly on Jeff's lap in the front room both sleeping! My life would be totally boring if I didn't have all these fun animals!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011


This is going to be the last time I blog....nobody reads them or ever leaves a comment....so I give up!
We reached our goals again for Feb., as far as indexing goes, we made it to the temple just a couple of times. We went to S.L.C., for a week to watch 3 of our grandchildren, we didn't make it that week, and when we came home the temle here was closed for cleaning, so we missed those 2 weeks. As far as me reading the Book of Mormon which I started January 3 ,I'm now to Alma chapter 32. so that's going pretty good.
Jeff's job is going well...I think it's hard getting a sleeping schedule down, but he trie's. He finds interesting things left in the bathrooms from college kids....kind of funny! They gave him t-shirts with the Dixie college logo on them and a mug, plus he now has a student body number...no discount for any coming events or stuff like that, but at 64 to have a student body number is kind of cool!
We had a great time watching Max and Mark's kids...they basically watch themselves, but it was fun to get to be with them, they are very well behaved kids,so our job was super easy! We got to see Britt and Ray and thier kids,Soren slept but the other 3 are really fun and entertaining! We got to see Shane and Anngee and thier kids, Braxton's B-day was on the 15th , so we got to go and have cake and icecream with them, we were able to see Anngee's parents also, they are great people ...and we enjoyed our visit with them. We got to see Pat for a split second...he's busy! We were able to get to watch Boo (little Shayne) for a few hours on thursday,she's so cute and we had fun with her. Max and Mark came home on Friday night the 18th, we visited with them for about 1/2 an hour,we enjoyed hearing about the fun times they had and they brought us a cool souviner from Can Cun. We left right after that because there was going to be a big storm and we wanted to beat it....we did beart it by about 15 minuts ,it started to snow when we got to this side of Cedar...so we did good.
We also got to visit our old ward while in S.L.C., It was great to see so many of our old friends....the ward is alot smaller now. Wayne and Jean took us out for lunh on Monday, we enjoyed them, we are a little envyous of them.. they left for a 2 week cruise...I think it's awesome that they get to do that kind of traveling. We miss them!
We were lucky that we got to spend some time with Nadine, Annette and Gary and Terry and Lorilee, all within the last 6 weeks, it's been fun to have them around and visit with them. Terry even fixed our computer's for us, we are glad he's so smart...because we aren't!

Monday, January 31, 2011

January recap

This month has gone pretty good. We made goals that we felt were attainable, and for the most part we are sticking to them. I don't make the goal of loosing weight cause I know if I do ..I'll just gain it back. We haven't been able to be any more frugal than we already are, so that wasn't a goal. We just try to be happy with staying home,and being with each other. We made a goal to index 150 names a day,as of now we are each at 4,650 names indexed, and we decided to go to the temple every Wednesday morning for the 8 am session, we missed one time cause I was sick.
My Jeff got a part time job at Dixie college cleaning the Gardner building, he works from 1a.m. till 7a.m. 5 days a week. He will get paid monthly. We are glad to have some extra money so maybe we can do something really fun once in a while!
We had a good time on Jeff's birthday,we went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner, first time in a couple of years that we have been able to go out there for dinner. It was so good,Jeff got new slacks and a shirt and a tie for his Birthday from me,and he got a movie from Dad and Dockie,and the Reeves in our ward gave him a card with some money inside and he got lots of good wishes from our children, he had a great birthday.
We were able to have fun with Annie and Gary on thier visit here. We love it when family comes to see us!
Our cats and dogs are doing well... they keep us on our toes, they are our entertainment most of the time. We love them. Melinda Telford who gave us 1 dog and 1 cat, came by today to visit Jeff and wish him a belated happy birthday, they brought us twinkies and ding dongs. She loves to visit the animals and see how they are doing once in a while.We miss them and we wish they still lived next door...but at least we get to see them every now and again.
That's it for us this last month, we hope you all are doing good..till next time, keep smiling!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Beginning

Here we are in 2011,time is passing quickly. We were able to start this year off rather well, thanks to Annette, Gary and Angela and Aaron. Angela and Aaron bought our trailer,plus they did part of the payment with a car as part of the transaction. It was a great deal for us, we were able to fix our heater,that hasn't worked for over a year,so now we're warm and cozy in our home. We were able to buy a vacume, ours died 6 month's ago, we didn't know how bad our rugs were until we used a really good vacume on them,let's just say I'm really happy that this new one works so well. Then there's the car...it's a 1999 Alero it's white and looks good and runs good. Jeff is out getting new tire's on it as I'm writting this blog. We were able to let Kimi drive the Honda until thier situation improve's and she in turn brought the truck back to her dad,and he is happy to be driving the truck again. I get to dive the Alero, life is good, I hope the rest of the year keeps going as well as it started.
We had a very great Christmas. Our ward did the 12 days of Christmas for us ..they left us many wonderful gifts,we live in the best ward ever! They left a turkey on our doorstep one night,we fixed the turkey for Christmas dinner. We invited dad and Dockie and her daughter-in-law and her son(who was home on leave) . We got to see Kimi and kids,and visit with them for a while. It was a good day
We started the New Year with dad and Dockie,we played cards and had some pizza and chips and dip and goodies,chatted awhile, and at midnight we watched the fireworks. So now the holidays are over, and I'm happy to say that we had so much fun,when we thought they would be totally average, thanks for all of you being soooo good to us.
Here's to a a prosperous and great new year! May all your resolutions be carried out,and goals reached. Keep Smiling!!