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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Demon kitty

As you might know we have 2 cats that we really love and enjoy,Fluffy and Petal. They are great with each other,and even our dogs. Then last Feb. our daughter Kimi asked us if we would care for thier 2 cats till they found them another place to live( they are staying with Jesse's parents until their luck changes) At first they said it would be a month or two. The 2 cats they brought are Serina and Chloe. At first they stayed hidden in the middle room under the bed...it took them a couple of weeks to come out and wander around. They were both lovable at first... then something changed Chloe decided she didn't want the other cats around her(even Serena,who she's been with ever since he was born) At first she would just attack our Fluffy(fluffy is the sweetest kitty) then she started going after Petal ,Petal tried to hold her own ground but Chloe was just too mean ...pretty soon my cats just try to stay out of her way. This meant they would stay outside, they would only venture to come in when they were hungry. Soon Chloe(Demon kitty) figured out how to get outside ,she would go on the attack every time she saw them,inside or outside. We finally decided we would have to put Demon kitty in the middle room all by herself, so our other cats could come inside. Then that Demon kitty figured out how to open the door. Totally frustrated we just had to keep an eye on Demon Kitty ,and when we would hear an attack happening,we would grab her and put her in her room. Then she decided it was time to attack the dogs, ....you ought to see her run when the dogs go after her. The dogs DON'T like her now. Well a couple of days ago demon came up with another way to go after our cats... we have a doggie door, now she sits by it and waits for one of our kitties to come in that doggie door,and she runs and hits that door and it hits the cat's trying to come in. She hisses at them, and doesn't let them in. Now our cats won't use the doggie door, they meow at the front door to be let in. When Demon kitty wants out of her room and she can't get the door to open she hits the door over and over again, we try to ignore her , but at 2a.m. it really gets annoying.
Now this is our dillema Chloe when she is with you on a one to one basis...she is so lovable she head butts you and purrs and it so sweet and it's hard to believe this is the same kitty that is causing all the grief that she does. She's Kimi's kitty we love our children and grandchildren sooo much,and we want them to be able to have both their kitties when life turns around for them. It's just somewhat frustrating...and we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I guess I just needed to vent. I feel much better now!!!


Rochelle Brunson said...

I think that sounds like a problem kimi needs to solve!

Anngee and Shane said...

It's hard when you have animals that don't get along but ours seems like nothing compared to what your dealing with! Good luck:)

Jackson Family said...

If it were Calvin I can just imagine that the Demon Kitty would go for a ride and not find it's way back home or something. I think you are way, way patient.