Our Marriage!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

I married the sweetest man in the whole world!!

Today is our 38th wedding Anniversary. I am so blessed to call him my eternal companion,partner,best friend,better half,husband! He is my world,I would be lost without him.We have had our up's and down's, but we always had each other, and made it through them.He makes me laugh and sometimes cry. He's supportive, and lovable,he's versitle, he sometimes has a beard, sometimes he doesn't...it goes from general conference,Oct-April beard, Apr-Oct, no beard, It's been like that our whole married life. He loves me even though through the years I have got "fluffy", he still loves me as much as ever, he stil opens doors for me ,holds my hand whenever we walk anywhere. We still argue over who loves the other one the most, we tell each other many times a day "I love you". We have 7 Awesome children,we gained 5 more through the mariages ,and 17 of the cutest granchildren ever. We are truly still happy and so much in love. We are blessed, I married the sweetest man in the whole world. Happy Anniversary my Jeff, I DO love you the MOST!!!!


kimi said...

Awe how sweet! Happy Anniversary you two! Love ya!

beggertsen said...

Happy anniversary, love you guys!