Our Marriage!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We reached our Goal!

I decided it was time to do an update on whats been going on with us.We made our goal for indexing, it was really kind od difficult to do, because we had some unexspected things happen this last month.My new calling is my old calling,I'm back to being the enrichment counselor. It's a calling that takes a little bit
more time, visiting sisters in the ward, planning activities, getting the mini classes going again,and alot of meetings,plus they said I also need to keep my calling of indexing with my honey, which is great because I love that calling.
Then there was the time I got to spend with my sister's, being together was fun, the situation that brought us together was not fun. Gary got through his surgery, and is recouping at home. Then the sickness and hospitalization of aunt Mary Jane.I'm glad we got to see her and talk to her. We had a reunion with all of her family, i haven't seen them in like 20years. We did alot of catching up with what's going on with our families.Then the passing of our aunt, it was a rough time for her family, and we will all miss her so much. Her funeral was a reunion of seeing even more cousins, and realetive's.
We get to go back to our cleaning at workforce services, which is helpful, we need it. On another note, our dog Corky is doing much better, he goes in and out the doggie door. We have noticed he snore's big time, really loud. we laugh at him, he does lots of fun things, he makes us happy.
Also , we got to have Rae for a couple of nights, she's easy to keep entertained, we put together a puzzle that Dockie gave her. She loves to play our old nintendo 64, plus when Xavy comes, she helps keep him entertained. She also leaves sweet little notes for us all over, it's fun to read them.

So that's what has been going on with us, the weather is cooling down, our life is going good, we hope your summer was fun, it's time to start getting ready for fall. Take care till next time.