Our Marriage!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

January is gone!

This month went by soooo fast. It was a good month, we had fun when our good friends Wayne and Jean Perkins come for a visit from Midvale. Jean and me served together in many calling's while we lived in Midvale,and we became good friends. Her husband just retired and so they have more free time on thier hands. Jean is the Relief Society in her ward currently,and he's the executive secretary, so they still don't get to go places too much, but we enjoyed our day together. We went to lunch at Poncho and Lefty's and talked and talked and talked. I wish they would move here, it would be so much fun.
Kimi and Jesse and family are doing well. We've lived under the same roof for a little over 2 months,and we still are getting along. It's so much fun to have someone to talk to while Jeff is reading. We are blessed because Jesse love's to cook ,and he's very good at it, a little too good, I think I'm gaining weight again(I have to blame someone other than me). Me and Kimi get to go to the store and do window shopping and such, I love having them here, it's good. They stay up alot later than we are used too, but they also sleep in a little longer than we do, but we are adjusting to each other's schedule okay. The kids are doing good also, they love to play outside and play video games, they are so full of energy. Kimi Rae and Payton have been coming to church with us on Sunday's and Kimi is now my visiting teacher partner, plus she recieved a calling yesterday as Baby blanket assistant coordinator, she gets to help make blankets, and give them to the new mother's in our ward. One thing about Kimi is she wear's these shoes that make her like a foot taller, so she is alway's asked to help when we need someone tall to help reach thing's at church, she is so good to help with a smile.
Our Corky has had a rough time of late, he went blind then he lost his hearing, and all he could do was walk in circles, on the 25th we noticed he was really quiet and not eating, we loved him and held him, we knew he was close to dying, he passed away at 8:00 p.m., we buried him out back under our tree, he's by Cockers and Tippy, no more animals are allowed to die at my house, I'm through, it's too hard when they pass, sooo they just have to live forever, I hope Dolly is listening.
Jeff's birthday was on the 26th, he got lot's of books and movies, and Jesse baked him a cake plus Kimi and Jesse gave him a couple of really fun shirts., we went out to dinner and saw the movie Avatar(very good movie). All in all it was a good day for him .Thanks to all who made the day special for him.
So Dad and Dockie got this new calling to go to the "Meadow's " for 2 years. So they had to have thier record's moved there. The Meadows is an assisted care facillity, and they help them with Indexing and that kind of thing. We are missing them coming to church with us, we have been sitting next to them in church for 8 years, now they are helping another ward with indexing and we lost 2 of the best indexer's we've had.
We are still indexing in our ward, the goal is lower this year and things are going well for us with that calling. As for me ,I have the lesson on Fast Day,and I'm nervous, you'd think I would get use to this, but it still scares me. I'm in charge of the Birthday social in March, I think I have that under control and all is going good.
Tomorrow Annie is coming to St. George, and we are spending the day together, I am looking forward to it,we will have fun.
I hope all is well with everyone, till next time Keep Smiling!