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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Animals galore...so much fun!

So as most of you know , we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The dog's names are Dolly, and Harley. The cat's name's are Fluffy and Petal. We have been taking care of Kimi's cats for her for a while until their situation change's and they can get them back. Her cat's names are Sirena,and Chloe. The cats are bigger than the dog's except for Chloe. This morning I went outside to water my garden ,and all the animals followed me outside. Our Harley is a ball of endless energy, he was running around the back yard going in circles so blasted fast, when all of a sudden our cat Petal decided she would attack Harley. Harley loved it ..and egged her on ,the 2 of them chased each other all around the yard. Kimi's cat Sirena decided to climb up the tree to get out of the way. Fluffy decided she would watch all the fun by me...Chloe was under the chair and attacked Fluffy...and Dolly just laid there and watched. Soooo funny...all these animals trying to coexist with each other when each one is so different from the other one. I love them all so much,and I love the way they keep me entertained. Our pet's are the best. I love sitting at the computer trying to do my indexing, with Fluffy laying right in front of my computer screen ,and Harley by my feet , trying to get me to play with him, Petal and Chloe hissing and growling at each other down the hall,Sirena on our bed asleep and Dolly on Jeff's lap in the front room both sleeping! My life would be totally boring if I didn't have all these fun animals!!!