Our Marriage!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This is the Thankful Month soooo....

It's November,so ,I thought I would name some of the things I am thankful for,I am most thankful for my Heavenly Father, who without Him and His Son Jesus Christ I would have nothing. I love them,and all that they have done for me ,and made it possible for me to have an Eternal Family! I am thankful for the all time,most loving,highly tolerant and the BEST husband in the whole world...my Jeff! Then there are our7 wonderful children,thier spouses,and 16 amazing grandchildren, we are so blessed,and I love them all so very much. I have been blessed with the best parents ever,and 1 brother and 3 sisters that are so awesome, they also have great spouses and super children also. Family is VERY IMPORTANT to me, they are what make's my life worth living.
I am thankful for our home,I love that when we were both in our 50's we bought our first home. I love that we get to decorate it and paint it and do what we want with it,because it is ours. I am thankful for our car(it's UGLY but it runs). We enjoy getting to drive to places, and that we can get where we need to go. And then I'm thankful for our pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats, they are fun and give us unconditional love. We are thankful that we live in St.George....We absolutly love it here!!! We are blessed with a wonderful ward, they are like an extended family, they are the best.
We are also blessed with some really terriffic friends, we have some that we have known for40 years , some alittle less and some we've known for just a short time, at any rate, they are good people and we are happy to have them. And lately I decided I'm thankful that we have computer's, they help us keep in touch and play games and do church calling, and are generally something to help you pass time, when you're bored, as long as you use them wisely they can be quite useful!
And we are thankful we get to go to Maxine,and Mark's house for Thanksgiving, some wonderful things will be happening while we're there...I'll tell you about that in my next blog.
So Keep Smiling till next time!