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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Animal Lover?

So I need to do a post to explain whats been happening around here since Easter. Anybody that knows me knows how much I really love my animals. Since we came home from Shane and Anngee's, we have had some hard and sad experiences with our pets. Seems how the first day we went to Salt Lake my sweet George died(my pom), then when we came home we would walk dolly and I would miss george to walk...so we decided to get me another dog. We went to the Humane Society and picked out scooter(a terrier mix) We had him about a month , he loved to go for walks and he loved to play, but he was to hard on Dolly(our dog, that is George's daughter)so we had to take him back, he was adopted 3 hours after we took him back. Then for mothers day I got a kitty ,we named him Tippy. We then adopted a pom from a friend in the end of june,his name was Corky. So all our animals got along well. Tippy loved to run he was a super fast cat ,he loved outside, he would come in in the middle of the night and run all over us on the bed,meow and then run back outside, I loved that kitty sooo much. Then in October he ate or drank something that poisoned him(we think it was anifreeze from one of the neighbors), he only lived 12 hours after that. I was so sad . But I decided to put my full purpose on Corky, He was doing so good until thanksgiving, he then went blind, soon after that he went deaf, he would just go in circles,by december he to passed away. We had Kimi and Jesse and cats, and kitties moved in. I adopted one of her kitties, we thought it was a girl so we named her Precious and had so much fun with all these kitties, we later decided Precious was a boy. This kitty is so cute I have loved him so much. Well on Easter Sunday we discovered one of Kimi's cats (chloie) was not moving from the rug, Kimi went to pick her up and that's when we knew she was hurt, she yawled and cried when we moved her, we figured she had either been hit by a car or fallen off from a high place. So they decided on Monday morning they would take her to the Vet.....Monday morning came, I decided to find my cat...I went and called him ,and he didn't come, so Jeff came out to help me find him. Jeff found him....he had been hit by a car...he had been drinking water out of the gutter, he died,he was still warm Jeff said it had just happened. I can not express how sad I have been ....I MISS my kitty, I wish he could somehow come back. You would think I 'm not good with animals, but I love them and I amfeeling a little picked on...what are the odds that this keeps happening to me. Kimi's cat has a broken pelvis,and the vet said that she was definatly hit by a car...she should recover but will likely have a limp. So Our daughter Britteny needed someone torake care of her cat Fluffy Butt sooo I have Fluffy,and she is doing good, we don't know how old Fluffy is ,cause Britt adopted her when someone moved and left thier cat,sooo Britt took her in. Now Britt lives with her in-laws and they are allergic to cats, so I have this cute cat, she's adjusting well. Hopefully she'll survive us, we love her, she sleeps with us,and after a couple of weeks she likes all the other animals here too.
So that's what has happened to us as of late. Take care everyone,till nex time.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi, we are having a fun spring around here. We are looking foreward to Easter this weekend,and enjoying sharing it with Kimi,Jesse and family. We are going to color eggs tomorrow, it's suppose to warm up nicely,so maybe we can do it outside. The kid's wore thier Easter clothes last week to church seem's how conferance is this weekend, they looked so cute!

I watered the lawn out front for the first time this year, Jeff has had to mow the lawn twice so far this year. Our lilac bushes are getting ready to pop, a few of them have and they smell wonderful!! I love spring!!!

Our cats got fixed, the Washinton clinic let us borrow some pet carriers, so that made it easier. Kimi and Jesse took them in early last Saturday by 7:a.m., then at around 1:00 p.m., they went and got them and brought them home. My kitty Precious still was having a little problem, his back leg didn't want to work, but, by Saturday night his leg was back to normal. We had to make sure they didn't lick thier incision's so Jesse went to see how much it would cost to get cones to put on thier heads,$22 buck's each!!! So Jesse made cone's for all of them, it cost about $3 buck's for all of them!We took the cone's off on Wednesday night,they were sooo happy to get them off. Our cat that we got from Britt has began to be nice to the other kitties around, she loves to meow, she quite the talker, we decided her name should be Chatty Cathy.

I made it through the R.S. Birthday Party, so now I guess I can focus on Indexing again, I've been slacking off and I need to get back to doing indexing regularly. And it's fun to go to Relief Society and sit on the back row,and just enjoy the meeting, I love it.

Later this month we might get to go to Salt Lake,whenever we get the call from Shane saying he's ready to be made an Elder so his dad can go and ordain him . We are so happy for him and his family, to see them expanding thier horizons, and accepting the calling's in scouts...I know they will do a super job.

We are looking forward to a fun month,I love April and May,they are the best month's of the year for me.It seem's like St.George was wetter and colder than normal this year, but it's great that we should be great for water this year. I will enjoy the warm weather when it decides to come and stay...right now it's warm for a couple of days then cool for a couple of days,so I haven't been able to open my window's yet, and keep them open for a couple of month's before we have to turn on the a.c. I guess this is it for this month...Keep Smiling till next time!