Our Marriage!!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just another update

Life is going okay for us. We got to go clean 3 different buildings this week. We work for the same guy that dad and Dockie work for, his name is Kim. He says he will use us when he needs to go out of town or something. We will work every Monday night cleaning the same building that dad and Dockie clean Tuesday through Thursday. I also watch a couple of children for a few hours a week. But every little bit helps.
The weather here has been a little cold,but,all in all, I would rather be here than Salt Lake in the cold and the inversion. We walk Dolly everyday, so that gives us some exercise. We have been cleaning out closets,and trying to figure out what to do with all our junk. We have had a few people call and come look at our trailer, we cleaned the trailer out also, we got it all clean on the inside ,so we could feel good about showing it to people.
We haven't been doing any thing else, Our life is pretty boring, but we are alive and well. We miss the kids and grandkids, we know they are all trying to hang in there, life is a little hard right now. We love you guys,bye for now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Same stuff different weel.

Hi to every one.
We still haven't found jobs, but I do get to watch some children, and that helps out a little bit. Pat is still suppoting us, he is always there and we can't thank him enough for his love and concern.
We took out our pomegranite tree out front, it was sort of a pain, but the front yard looks better we think. Then Jeff cleaned out the shed out back, now he can find things. We take Dolly for a walk daily, and we sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.
We went to church today, it was so good to be back in our ward. People are so nice they all welcomed us back ,it was great.
We got a digital reciever from the neighbor next door, so now we can watch the news on 2 different stations, it's really great.
Well that's all thats going on with us, I still enjoy reading the blogs, I get to read them on Sundays, so keep smiling1

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jobless in St. George

So, it's Sunday and dad is letting me use his computer again.We've had a week of job searching, and are still jobless.We are trying but nothing is out there that we can do. I,ve been a few places and filled out applications, but no call backs.So all we can do is just keep trying and hope and pray that something will work out for us.
We got to go with Dad and Dockie on an I.C.L trip ysterday. It was alot of fun, we got to travel Whitney Pockets,somewhere south of Mesquite,it's all on backroads and some of the roads are a little bit rough, but it is fun and we enjoyed the day. Dad and Dockie are so good to try and help keep us entertained.
We have found that if we go out to the trailer and turn on the T.V. out there that we can watch the news on a St. George channel so we can know whats going on in the world. It gets 4 channels out there, we just get the retro channel in the house.
Today we went to Stake Conferance ,and we got a nwe Stake Presidency, the new stake presidency will be super, they are all very good men ,and I'm sure they will do a fantastic job. Stake Conferance started at 10:00 we went at 8:30 to get good seats. It worked we got good seats we were comfortable.
We hope every one is doing well, Leana we hope you are all better soon. We love all of you. Take care till next time

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back in St. George, Yippy!!

We got home at 2:15p.m. on Wednesday December31. We got up early that morning and finished packing our cars, I mean they were full to the brim, and off we traveled, till we got home. It's so much warmer and we absolutely love it. Dolly knew where we were when we got off the freeway, she was so excited, I had a hard time holding her down till we pulled in the drive way.She loves her freedom, and loves to bark at her friends next door. After we got unpacked and got everything put away, it was about 8:00, we watched a movie,(we don't have regular t.v. yet,we won't till April) then we went to bed. At midnight when the fireworks were going off, we rolled over gave each other a kiss,we said happy new year,rolled over and went back to sleep. On Thursday we got our yard work done,mowed and racked leaves, hung up all our chimes again brought out our lawn furniture,and all our fun decorations,so now things are back to the way they were before we left.
On Friday Jeff helped out the Telfords(super neighbors) at thier old house and thier new one,and they paid him, so that helped us. On Monday we go job hunting. When we checked our mail ,we found we had Christmas cards here, and we were reading them, when I came across one from my good friend Margaret Nielson. I worked with her at Research Medical for nine years, she was my lunch buddy ,we both worked in Q.A., she's an awesome person. She wrote that this was a strange Christmas, she just found out she has stomach and liver cancer, and that she is in the late stages of it, she doesn't have long to live. I was so sad, I called her and talked to her, she said she was good with dieing, she had everything all arranged and that she was all organized for once in her life. I told her I loved her,and that she was one of my most favorite people in th world, and that I would miss her. She's only 72, and that seems younger to me, the older I get.But she is the best and she will be so missed. She has about 3 weeks left, hospice and her children are taking care of her.
Last night we watched "The Dark Knight" Shane and Anngee gave Jeff for Christmas, it kept us entertained till bedtime. Today we bathed and clipped Dolly,she looks so much better. It's been fun being able to see Dad and Dockie. On Sunday we get to go with them to Cedar City for Becky's baby's blessing, it will be good to get to be with the Jackson family again, they are so much fun, we are looking forward to it.
Gosh I've rambled on far to much. We miss our Children and grandchildren,especially Shane and Anngee, Brax and Boo. We call them daily and talk to them, we really have enjoyed them and miss not getting to see them every day. Take care, we love you guys!