Our Marriage!!


Monday, January 31, 2011

January recap

This month has gone pretty good. We made goals that we felt were attainable, and for the most part we are sticking to them. I don't make the goal of loosing weight cause I know if I do ..I'll just gain it back. We haven't been able to be any more frugal than we already are, so that wasn't a goal. We just try to be happy with staying home,and being with each other. We made a goal to index 150 names a day,as of now we are each at 4,650 names indexed, and we decided to go to the temple every Wednesday morning for the 8 am session, we missed one time cause I was sick.
My Jeff got a part time job at Dixie college cleaning the Gardner building, he works from 1a.m. till 7a.m. 5 days a week. He will get paid monthly. We are glad to have some extra money so maybe we can do something really fun once in a while!
We had a good time on Jeff's birthday,we went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner, first time in a couple of years that we have been able to go out there for dinner. It was so good,Jeff got new slacks and a shirt and a tie for his Birthday from me,and he got a movie from Dad and Dockie,and the Reeves in our ward gave him a card with some money inside and he got lots of good wishes from our children, he had a great birthday.
We were able to have fun with Annie and Gary on thier visit here. We love it when family comes to see us!
Our cats and dogs are doing well... they keep us on our toes, they are our entertainment most of the time. We love them. Melinda Telford who gave us 1 dog and 1 cat, came by today to visit Jeff and wish him a belated happy birthday, they brought us twinkies and ding dongs. She loves to visit the animals and see how they are doing once in a while.We miss them and we wish they still lived next door...but at least we get to see them every now and again.
That's it for us this last month, we hope you all are doing good..till next time, keep smiling!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Beginning

Here we are in 2011,time is passing quickly. We were able to start this year off rather well, thanks to Annette, Gary and Angela and Aaron. Angela and Aaron bought our trailer,plus they did part of the payment with a car as part of the transaction. It was a great deal for us, we were able to fix our heater,that hasn't worked for over a year,so now we're warm and cozy in our home. We were able to buy a vacume, ours died 6 month's ago, we didn't know how bad our rugs were until we used a really good vacume on them,let's just say I'm really happy that this new one works so well. Then there's the car...it's a 1999 Alero it's white and looks good and runs good. Jeff is out getting new tire's on it as I'm writting this blog. We were able to let Kimi drive the Honda until thier situation improve's and she in turn brought the truck back to her dad,and he is happy to be driving the truck again. I get to dive the Alero, life is good, I hope the rest of the year keeps going as well as it started.
We had a very great Christmas. Our ward did the 12 days of Christmas for us ..they left us many wonderful gifts,we live in the best ward ever! They left a turkey on our doorstep one night,we fixed the turkey for Christmas dinner. We invited dad and Dockie and her daughter-in-law and her son(who was home on leave) . We got to see Kimi and kids,and visit with them for a while. It was a good day
We started the New Year with dad and Dockie,we played cards and had some pizza and chips and dip and goodies,chatted awhile, and at midnight we watched the fireworks. So now the holidays are over, and I'm happy to say that we had so much fun,when we thought they would be totally average, thanks for all of you being soooo good to us.
Here's to a a prosperous and great new year! May all your resolutions be carried out,and goals reached. Keep Smiling!!