Our Marriage!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our Daughter's

Our Grandkids, all 16 of them!!

Anngee, Shane, Braxton, and Boo

The finished Product!

Jesse working on it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Purr-fect month

Hi, our life has been exciting as you know since we have had Kimi and Jesse and family move in with us. They brought 6 animals 4 kittens and 2 cats. They are so entertaining. I adopted 1 of the kittens, we named her "Precious", we ended up calling him N.S.P. because he's not so precious.but he's sooo cute and I love him. Kimi's cats names are "Cloie",she's the cat they've had for a few years," Mow mow", the kitten they kept for Britteny, "Midge" and" Sir rena,"the 2 kittens that are precious's siblings. Thier mommy cat is "Sammy". They ended up taking Sammy to the humane society, and we ended up adopting one of Britteny's other cat "Fluffy butt", so we have 2 adult cats and 4 kittens and 1 dog, our Dolly. Now for the story of taking 4kittens and Dolly to get thier rabies shots.....first we had to catch them all and put them in the car,then we got Dolly(kimi and Jesse and family are in Salt Lake for 10 days,so they couldn't help us get them there,but they paid for all the shots) Any way we don't have pet carrier's , what fun...they yawled the whole way to Petco and were highly nervous, they tried to run through the windshild and bonked thier heads. Jeff is driving and holding Dolly,and I'm trying to keep 4 nervous cats calm. Soooo funny...they weren't calm. We finally got there and I got all the paperwork filled out...we took them in 2 at a time to get thier shots, it went okay till we got to the last 2 ,Sir rena and midge, they weren't budging...we finally got them out Jeff has the battlescars to prove it!! Any way we head for home, we get about 3 blocks from the house and we smell this awful smell...2 of the cat's have pooped in the car...Jeff goes to roll down the window, and I'm saying No! the cats will get out....we go to make a left turn on Main and !st and this lady is going the wrong way in our turn lane. Jeff and the lady are yelling at each other..Jeff explains she's in our lane ,she keeps screaming at him.... the cats are going crazy...Jeff calls the lady a not nice name. We finally get turned and get home. We got all the animals in the house , and then we cleaned the car...not a fun job. I told Jeff just wait...the next time we go to the Temple we will probbably run into that lady. Oh well, it's done. In 2 weeks it's time to take the kittens to Ivin's to get them fixed, Kimi and Jesse will be here to help, I'm sure it will be an adventure!!!
So last week we got to go to Salt Lake for our grandson's baptism, Braxton, he's Shane and Anngee's son. Shane baptised him and Jeff confermed him, it went so good!! all 16 of our grandchildren were there. I took picture's I'll post them when Kimi comes back...I don't know how.
Also Jesse fixed an overhead light for me in the dining room over our table, he took some shells from a present I got from Max and Mark a few years ago. It looks so amazing, I'll post that picture later also. I love it... it took him many hours and he did such a super job,he's so talented.
Jeff decided I've been to stressed lately so he went and asked the Bishop to release me from Relief Society. So after the R.S. B-Day party, I'll be done. I guess that will take some of the stress away.
It seems like we don't see Dad and Dockie as much as we used to...they go to the Meadow's for church now , we see them out in the yard every now and then, I miss not having them at church though.
We did have fun getting to visit with Nadine and Coy when we came back from Salt Lake, they put us up for the night, then the next morning Nadine tipped my hair for me, she's so nice,and I really like it, I gave her a trim and then we headed home. So our life has been busy this month,and it flew by...So till next time Keep Smileing!!!