Our Marriage!!


Monday, February 28, 2011


This is going to be the last time I blog....nobody reads them or ever leaves a comment....so I give up!
We reached our goals again for Feb., as far as indexing goes, we made it to the temple just a couple of times. We went to S.L.C., for a week to watch 3 of our grandchildren, we didn't make it that week, and when we came home the temle here was closed for cleaning, so we missed those 2 weeks. As far as me reading the Book of Mormon which I started January 3 ,I'm now to Alma chapter 32. so that's going pretty good.
Jeff's job is going well...I think it's hard getting a sleeping schedule down, but he trie's. He finds interesting things left in the bathrooms from college kids....kind of funny! They gave him t-shirts with the Dixie college logo on them and a mug, plus he now has a student body number...no discount for any coming events or stuff like that, but at 64 to have a student body number is kind of cool!
We had a great time watching Max and Mark's kids...they basically watch themselves, but it was fun to get to be with them, they are very well behaved kids,so our job was super easy! We got to see Britt and Ray and thier kids,Soren slept but the other 3 are really fun and entertaining! We got to see Shane and Anngee and thier kids, Braxton's B-day was on the 15th , so we got to go and have cake and icecream with them, we were able to see Anngee's parents also, they are great people ...and we enjoyed our visit with them. We got to see Pat for a split second...he's busy! We were able to get to watch Boo (little Shayne) for a few hours on thursday,she's so cute and we had fun with her. Max and Mark came home on Friday night the 18th, we visited with them for about 1/2 an hour,we enjoyed hearing about the fun times they had and they brought us a cool souviner from Can Cun. We left right after that because there was going to be a big storm and we wanted to beat it....we did beart it by about 15 minuts ,it started to snow when we got to this side of Cedar...so we did good.
We also got to visit our old ward while in S.L.C., It was great to see so many of our old friends....the ward is alot smaller now. Wayne and Jean took us out for lunh on Monday, we enjoyed them, we are a little envyous of them.. they left for a 2 week cruise...I think it's awesome that they get to do that kind of traveling. We miss them!
We were lucky that we got to spend some time with Nadine, Annette and Gary and Terry and Lorilee, all within the last 6 weeks, it's been fun to have them around and visit with them. Terry even fixed our computer's for us, we are glad he's so smart...because we aren't!