Our Marriage!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a Little Warm In St. George

Hi!Well to start out with my blog today, let's just say I try to spend alot of time indoors, a couple of days ago we hit 114 degrees, I go outside in the morning hours, but after it hits noon, I try to stay inside.Still better than the snow in the winter! I'd much rather live here.
Last weekend we got to go to Salt Lake, our Rayden was baptised, it was so great to see him, along with every one else who was there. We all went to Arctic Circle afterwards and had an ice cream cone. All of the grandchildren that were there are growing up so fast, our Jeffery now has a low voice and he is 14years old, where did all that time go?It's amazing when you don't see them daily, how much more grown up they are every time you see them.
We talked to Pat while we were in Salt Lake, he said he thought we might as well take the blue truck back to St.George with us, cause he wasn't using it. ( we had given the truck to Pat a few months ago, thinking maybe he could use it to drive back and forth to work)Me and Jeff talked it over, trying to decide what we should do. There are just the 2 of us at home and we don't need 3 vehicles, soooo after talking it over, Jeff decided he wanted to keep the truck. Then we decided that maybe Shane and Anngee could use our Durango, as you know they let us live rent free in thier basement for 6 months, so we thought it would be nice if we could kind of show our appreciation for thier kindness, by extending a kindness back to them. They seemed to like the idea, so they traveled to St.George with us, and helped us drive by taking one of the cars for us. Jeff and Shane went in the truck, and Anngee drove my car. And so they spent all last Sunday on the road going to St.George and then back to Salt lake. But they did get the Durango, I think it will help them get around on those super snowy days. And it was fun to see how happy they were to get it.
Rae(Jessie and Kimi's oldest daughter) came and spent the night with us last Tuesday, we had so much fun with her, we went to the water park, and had fun fixing some of her favorite meals , and she played nintendo(the old games, cause that's what we have) and she drew us many pictures, and left sweet little notes for us all over. The next day she was so sweet to help us keep Savey entertained, she even played nintendo with him. Rae is so good with children younger than her, Savey was disappointed when he came back on Thurs, and Rae wasn't there. On Wed me and Jeff took Rae to the dollar store,and let her pick out some things(We are such big spender's, right?) But she seemed to enjoy that, then we went to Mickey D's for lunch, we had fun getting to spend time with Rae.
Yeterday was our anniversary, we have been married for 36 years. We laughed last night at how much we have changed in those 36 years, when you consider that I'm over weight (alot) and he's got alot of gray hair, and we're sitting there laughing cause we had both taken out our teeth, and thought WOW after all these changes and all these years, we still love each other, more than ever. We are so blessed!! We went out to dinner early at 5:00 p.m., then we went to Wal-mart ans bought a movie to watch. We bought the movie "Australia". What a good movie , it's long but so good, we both liked it very much.
And so life just keeps going ,we still do alot of indexing, and I still love to play my facebook games, our animals keep us entertained, and the sun keeps shining in good old Dixie. Our love and prayers are with Gary and Annette and thier family, we KNOW he will be okay, he's a good man, he's going to get through everything with flying colors. Take care till next time!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello, it's me( I think thats a line in an old song)

Since the last time I've blogged, I've got to be a year older, Annette came to se ME,and we've been indexing like crazy. Our kitty has learned how to go in and out the doggie door,the 4th of july came and went, Rochelle and Scott's little Ivy went to have the surgery, that didn't happen, and summer finally has come and the 100+ degree day's are now here.
July 1 was my b-day, Jeff bought me breakfast, and we had a relaxing day at home.
Annette informed me that she had read my last blog,so when she came to St.George , she parked her car at our house and said she was visiting me, and that it was dad who would have the perk of living next to me, and that she would go say hi to him. Thanks Annie, your a good sister for making me feel loved.
Me and Jeff each indexed 2,500 names last month.For us 2 technology challenged people, that's pretty good. We actualy enjoy doing them.We are learning more and more every day, and are getting pretty effisant at figuring out the handwriting of many different people, and alot of men were alot older than thier wives, some of them are 30yrs older, and we've seen that alot of girls under the age of 17 were having babies. This one lady I did yesterday was 21 and had 4 children , the oldest was 5, it's amazing!!
Our kitty comes and goes as he wants now, I was afraid he would run away and not come home, but he stays in the yard,and he enjoys the freedom of going outside when he wants, he still loves to play and bites kind of hard,but he's still a fun kitty, I love him. Dolly tolerates him and his playful moods.
Rochelle and Scott travelled 400 miles to have thier baby operated on at Primary childrens, When they went in for the pre op tests, the doctors asked why they were there. I guess the doctors cancelled the surgery( they want to wait till Ivy is walking) and somehow didn't get around to telling Rochelle or Scott. Not a very professinal way to handle thing's and really upsetting . Ivy did go in for a procedure to make it easier for her oxygen intake, I don't understand it all, you'd have to read Chelle's blog. But at any rate, they are going to go back home with a family trip to bear lake first(Scott's family).
For the 4th of July we didn't do much of anything, we tried to get some of our kids to come, but things are tight and nobody could come, Dad and Dockie alway's spend the 4th at her sister's house, so another holiday spent with just me and Jeff, having a barbque with just the 2 of us. We love St.George, but miss getting to do things with our kids on the holidays, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place ,and it's the pitt's!!!
It's finally got hot here, this is the longest spring we've had since moving here. But the day's are hot now, it still beats snow in the winters though.
On next Friday night we will be making a trip to Salt Lake, Britt's son Rayden is going to be baptized, so we will go there for that next Sat, and come home on Sun. We are looking forward to it.
That's about all that's happening with us, we hope all is going good with everyone, till next time...Bye.